Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Summary

I can't beleive it's already Sunday again - no no, I can't believe the first month of 2013 is almost over already. I mean, where does the time go? Anyway, this week has kind of passed in a blur, I almost don't even remember what happened. Well, I'll give it a try:
Monday was the same old song: Psychology and then the weekly grocery shopping. Nothing much to report there. However, there was a little treat in my mailbox when I came home, and I blogged about it the very next day.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are actually not worth mentioning either.Wednesday I did a post on my new pillows I got in the mail from H&M - you can find the post here.

Now Friday I remember! I didn't quite feel well that morning, so I went to school two hours late. When I arrived, I found out that most of my classmates weren't feeling all that well either, so something must be going around. Oh yeah, before I forget; I bought these awesome pillows in the lunch break. Anyway, last hour of class (and the only hour I ended up attending) we watched a pretty interesting movie, and then we all packed our things and went out for a smoke. Most of us are writing a paper called SSO (in Danish: Større Skriftelig Opgave) which is a paper everyone must write to pass. You have the option to chose when you want to write this paper, but a lot of my friends are, as me, writing it this year. Anyway, so's Maria, and so she came by Psychology and picked me up. Together we went to the school's canteen, where everybody's paper assignment would be handed out. We had a quick ciggy before heading inside, where we met up with most of the old gang. So lovely to see Marie and Simon again; I almost never see them any more. Anyway, everything was absolute chaos when the assignments were handed out, but after some time the crowd parted a bit, and I had the chance to read mine. You might remember me telling you that I chose to study the teenage rebellion in the American 1950's - I can't think of a better subject for me to write a paper on - and my teacher had written me the absolute best assignment ever. Turned out that all of us (and by that I meant the old gang and my other friends) were really happy about our assignments, so smiles all around.
Anyway, Simon disappeared to somewhere, but me, Maria, Marie and Kasper went to the schools library to print out some notes, and then it was onwards with the day. After saying goodbye to the others, I biked home, made myself a pot of coffee and started thinking about my paper.

Saturday, however, I had a bit of a hard time getting started. I did, in the end, manage to write a couple of pages during the day, before I took a long break and went for an evening walk in the brisk winter weather. In the evening I ate a microwave pizza (ooops!) and watched the classic 50's movie "Blackboard Jungle". I'd decided to watch it, so that I might be able to use some of it for my paper. I really didn't have high expectations, but boy oh boy, it was a fantastic movie! I was hooked from the very first second, and a hundred minutes later, when the movie had ended, I grabbed my computer and wrote loads more for my paper. It really got me inspired for a long passage, so that's pretty great.

And yes, here we are again; Sunday.
I'm planning on writing a lot more for my paper, drink lots of coffee and just workworkwork!
I hope you all are gonna have a lovely Sunday, and I'll see ya when I see ya

This is pretty much how I looked like when I started writing the paper!

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