Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look At This; It's (Finally) An Outfit Post!

Autumn is slowly creeping up on us here in little Denmark. I don't mind at all though; Autumn is my absolute favorite season of the year.
When it starts to get chillier and the leaves are turning and the evenings are darker earlier. I so love that; when you sit inside in a candlelit apartment and the rain is pouring down outside. Soothes me so much :)
Anyway, here's finally a new outfit for you. I know it's been a long time since I've done an outfit post, but with school starting up again and all, I find it hard to take photos of my outfits - which, btw, haven't been all that thrilling lately. But today I finally felt like taking photos. I took them at 7 this morning while the rain was pouring down outside while the thunder was roaring. But here's todays outfit. It's such a shame you can't see my feet in this picture; I'm wearing the cutest little ballerinas with bows which matches the bag and cardigan. Oh well, I sure am going to wear them a lot before the cold weather really kicks in.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Easy Tip For An Easy HairDo

A lot of different stores such as Glitter (a Scandinavian jewellery and accessories store) and H&M sell Hair Donuts for almost no money.
A Hair Donut or a Hair Rat is a kind of ring made for making a bun in your hair. However, did you know that you can cut the donut up into a "sausage" and use it to do faux bangs and neck rolls? I did so today.

It's very simple, and here's how you do it:

First of all, make sure to buy the donut in a colour similar to your own hair colour. That way, if you can't quite cover all of the roll, then it won't stand out as much as if you bought it in for example black and you're a blond. Anyway, take the donut and a scissor... 

... and cut it in half so it becomes a roll.You should stretch it out a bit, and then you can sew the ends if it starts to unravel in the edges.

And then you just use it to style your hair. Today I made a neck roll, which is very simple and easy.
So that's it; easy peasy pie :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Summary

So sorry for the late Sunday Summary today. I'd actually forgotten all about it and only just remembered.
I've been very productive today and have had other things on my mind - but I'll get to that a bit further down.
It's been a very busy week for me, and I've gotten a lot of things done. Last week school started again, and even though I had a bit of a rough start, I finally feel that I'm slowly getting back on track. But it sure is different now than it was a couple of weeks back. I find it hard to get a moment to myself where I can just sit on the couch and relax; there's always something to do now. Don't get me wrong; I love it! But I won't lie; it was a bit overwhelming at first. But now, as I said, I'm back on track and have gotten a nice rhythm to my days.

Tuesday was pretty nice. Last year, Maria and I had a weekly tradition of meeting at my place in the morning before History class, where we would drink coffee and smoke ciggys. This year's no different - well, a little different. Now we meet at Tuesdays before chem. Last week I wasn't at all thrilled about having to endure chem, but after last weekends hard work, I find myself getting there - slowly. But I do understand some of it better now. Anyway, we went to school to have chem, where we actually got off a couple hours early. Not quite though. We had the opportunity to stay or go home and work on our individual chem presentations. Maria, Kasper and I went home to my place, where we managed to get a lot of work done and have a few laughs. After they went home and I'd cleaned up a bit, I sat down and finished my presentation. Then I did a little net shopping (ooops!) while drinking coffee and Skyping with Kasper.

Wednesday was my day off, though I didn't relax much. I took the opportunity of cleaning the whole apartment while I actually had the time for it. In the evening I cut my hair. I thought it looked pretty good, but now, a couple of days later, I've kind of regretted it, haha. But oh well, it'll grow back.

Thursdays are good days. Even though I have early classes - and believe me, they're a bitch - I already get off from school at 11. So after a quick meeting with the guidance chancellor and a bit of grocery shopping, I went home and had some time to myself. I did my homework, and then finally had some free time. I spend a bit of time dreaming of things I want for my birthday, and in the evening I relaxed with a pot of tea and some apples from my grandmothers apple tree.  

Friday, however, I was a bit of a fool and over slept - quite a bit actually. After going back and forth, I finally decided not to go to classes, and instead I stayed home. I did some more grocery shopping and watched two Harry Potter movies, and then I printed out my reading material and assignments for German E-Learning. I actually managed to read a couple of texts and do a few assignments, before taking the rest of the night of and enjoy my evening.

Yesterday I spend most of the day reading and writing German texts and assignments. I take the subject as an E-Learning course, so there's quite a bit to do if you don't start a reasonable time before the due date. Well, now I know :) In the evening I watched more Potter movies and enjoyed staying inside in the candlelit apartment, while the rain was pouring down outside.

And finally today. I got up early which actually was a great idea. After a quick breakfast and an episode of True Blood, I started on my German homework once again. And after 4 hours I can finally say: done! Well, almost anyway. I've finished all the reading and writing assignments, and now I only have to meet up with my teacher and do a presentation, then I'm all done :) I also read my Psychology homework for tomorrow, and now I'm about to do a little cleaning while watching the final Potter movie.

All in all it's been a little hectic this week, but not in a bad way.
This is exactly what I looked forward to when I was on holiday,
so all in all I would say that this week has been great :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soft Saturday

Right now I'm taking a break after hours of writing on my German essay. I was kind of dreading German, but it's not as hard as I thought.
Don't get me wrong; it is hard, but fortunately I still remember a lot of it from High School. There's still a great deal left, but the essay is due in September, so I still got time.

In between reading and writing, I've taken a couple of breaks; smoking a ciggy and listening to some Patsy Cline.

And finally, it looks like Autumn is slowly coming to Denmark. I love this kind of weather, and I'm really looking forward to the trees turning :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Evening Delight

This evening I'm enjoying life after a long and stressful day.
As I always do when it gets darker, I've lit a bunch of candles,
and furthermore I've made a pot of PepperGinger Tea
and I'm eating freshly plucked apples from my grandmothers apple tree.
It's nice with evenings like this, and I definitely see more of them in the upcoming weekend :)

Birthday Wishes

There are always things I dream about, but never quite get - haven't we all been there?
But my birthday is coming up soon, and my family always asks me to do a list of things I want. Some might call it a tad childish, but I actually love spending time looking things up on the internet and writing them down on a piece of paper, and then hope I get some of it. Anyway, this years list is quite boring - wow, I feel old when I look at it. So I thought I'd do a list of some of the things I really want, but never write down on the list:

Besides world peace, I would love to have a bigger kitchen. I've never been one for making grand meals, but my kitchen is rather on the small side
- no, minimal side might be a better word.

Now that we're on kitchen stuff, I would love love love to own a baby blue Smeg refrigerator. I've always thought they were super cool, and there's just something about that baby blue version that makes me crave it for my small kitchen.

I would also love to have more money - but then again; who wouldn't? Money is not the answer to all problems, but if I had a bit more of it, there would be so many new parcels arriving at my door, that the postman would have to set up camp at my front door, haha.

Further more, if I had more money, I would get a lot of new tattoos. It's been ages since I've felt the needle, and I'm just itching to get back in the chair. However things go though, I'm planning on getting my next tattoo(s) in October. I have a really neat idea of a mum//dad tattoo; one on each arm, written on a little banner over a heart. It's gonna be really cool and oldschool, and I'm so so so exited.

And then I would also get myself a new laptop. Nothing fancy - nothing Mac - but just a new one. My "old" one is really starting to act up and gets so easily overheated... it's ridiculous. So a new computer would be nice.

And last but not least, I would love to take out 6 months of my calender and live in Camden, London. London is my absolute favorite city in the world, and Camden is my absolute favorite place in the world. But I'll get there; my future plans have living abroad in them, so let's hope London will have me, haha.

That's some of the things I don't put on my wish list. Especially the tattoo thing; it drives my family absolutely mad that I have tattoos,
so it might not be the best idea to write it on a piece of paper and hand it over to them, haha :)

Have a lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bob Is Back

So last night, I took a long look in the mirror and just got so fed up with my hair. I would love love love to have long and luscious hair, but I really don't think it's in the cards for me - at least not right now. Last time I got my hair cut (by a hairdresser) was at the start of April, and then afterwards I've cut it a bit myself - but only the fringe. I get bored with my hair so often, and I'm really impulsive sometimes, so I often find myself with a scissor in hand and locks on the bathroom floor. Last night was one of those nights. I always cut my own fringe, cause I find that hairdressers never cut it the way I want them to. But I never never never cut the rest of my hair. I don't know; I just can't get it right. Anyway, as I said, last night I looked in the mirror and really didn't like what I saw. So I cut my hair - all of my hair. I took a chance and cut a lot of it. I felt a bit weird afterwards, but now I like it. Of course it's not a super clean cut, but as I always have big hair, you don't really see the not-so-straight lines. I also trimmed my fringe again. I always want to grow it out, but then it gets this weird length and just doesn't work. So now I have a little more personality to my hairstyle I think.
And luckily it still has a good length, so I can wear it up if I want to :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Four Things Right Now

After a very short day, where we had the opportunity to go home early and do a chem presentation, I traveled home to my place with Kasper and Maria where we worked on our presentations and shared a few laughs. After they went home, I made myself a pot of coffee...

... and worked some more on my presentation. I actually think chem was way better today than last Thursday. I don't get it completely, but I'm starting to get a vague idea of how things are done. I did, by the way, finish my presentation :)
Then it was time for a little R'n'R and just enjoy the rest of the day. Tomorrow I have the day of, so I'm allowed to take the rest of the day and just relax and enjoy myself. But not alone; I'm Skyping with Kasper...

... while doing a bit of net shopping. Actually I'm not really supposed to spend any money right now, since I'm saving up for a new tattoo. But I've been looking for a bag and matching shoes just like these - I didn't buy the dress, by the way. I did, however, buy the bag and shoes. Afterwards I felt a bit bad, but hey; I saved like 17£ total, so that's something. But also, sometimes you slip. I'm definitely not the first one to spend money when they're not really supposed to, haha :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Summary

It's been a bit quiet here at the blog for the past week, and I'm so sorry for that. But guys, this week has been crazy! I've started school again, and I've just been bombed with new stuff constantly, so I've had no energy for blogging. I will try to be a better blogger next week, and maybe come up with some new outfits. I'm not sure how exhausted I'll be, but I'll definitely try to blog a bit more :)

Well anyway, Monday and Thuesday nothing much happened. I tried to gear up for school again, but found myself suddenly craving more vacation time, haha. But no matter how much you wish for it, summer's got to end at some point. Well, technically summer's not over yet, but vacation time is.

So Wednesday I got up, did my hair and makeup and went to school. Very last minute I figured out that I wanted to take an additional course this year, and decided on German. So I met up with the gang, who, luckily, all were at school at the same time. We smoked a ciggy or two before parting to attend our different classes. Then I headed for German, where only 10 other people sat. Well, long story short, the course got canceled! Fortunately I have the opportunity to take German as an E-Learning course over the next year, so I grabbed that chance and now I just need to brush up on my German, haha.

Thursday was Chem day; a course I haven't dreaded that much - but that's only because Maria, Kasper and I are taking it together. Turns out I suck at chem, haha. Luckily it's only for 5 months and then there's an exam, where I hope to pass. Another good thing is, that I do have Kasper and Maria there, and they're pretty good and have a calm overlook when it comes to chem. So I can always ask for help :)

Friday was Friday, and I looked forward to having a nice and relaxing weekend. But first I had to go to school and take Psychology. I think psychology is a fascinating subject, and turns out I know a couple of the people in class. The day ended up being pretty good, but I'll have to admit that I was very happy at 2 o' clock when the weekend ticked in.

Yesterday was very low key. I needed a relaxing day where I could walk around the apartment in my jammies and with bed head and no makeup.
I was however, a bit productive. I sat down and looked up some videos on Youtube on how to understand (for example) The Periodic Table.
I spend 1½ hours taking notes, and ended up understanding a bit more of Chem than I did before :)  

So that's my week. I'm totally exhausted, but tomorrow it all starts again.
But I don't mind; it does require a bit of effort getting back to school,
and I really can't wait to get settled in and have a normal school week once again :)

This is not the usual type of Sunday Summary picture, but I haven't had time to take any new ones lately, so this'll have to do ;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Grotesque Burlesque - Some Pictures From Saturday

As you all know by now, I attended a burlesque party in Copenhagen on Saturday. It was a fantastic evening filled with drinks, dancing, cigarettes and fantastic costumes. The dresscode was pretty strict, and I even heard that some people were sent away due to the lack of the right ensemble. I thought I looked pretty good, however not as far out and special as the other ladies I attended the party with.
Well, now I know, and next time I'm going all out, haha :)
Anyway, here are some pictures from Saturday - enjoy!

This was what I wore; my new dress from the "Swan by Clements Riberio" line done for Evans. As I said, I did feel very pretty and certainly more overdressed than normal. However, it turned out that I was wildly underdressed at the party. And by the way; yes I know my shoelace is untied, haha :)

The wonder twins; Marie and Ida. I always feel so inadequate standing next to them; they're so different but still so so so gorgeous! 

Me and Marie. Marie hadn't planned her outfit at all, and she still ended up being one of the prettiest girls at the party. This picture was taken outside on the smoking terrace, where we took many breaks to smoke and "de-sweat".

And this is me and Ida, Marie's twin sister. Ida is the prettiest plus size girl I know; she's covered in tattoos but she's still so incredibly feminine.

And finally me - this picture you've seen :) We were lucky in getting a couple of seats right next to the dance floor. When we weren't dancing or smoking, I was memorized by all of the cool people in fantastic costumes. Next time I'll be one of them ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Things Tonight: Hangover Sunday

Well, actually I don't have a hangover per se, since I don't drink alcohol.
However, today has truly been all about laying low and recovering after a fantastic night last night.
I didn't spend much money yesterday, so I thought it was okay for me to order a pizza tonight. I was actually planning on making Indian food, but I just couldn't summon the strength to get up from the couch, haha. Instead I ordered a delicious pizza, lit a bunch of candles and put some Big Bang Theory on.

Furthermore I've been rather sensible tonight. I've been looking around at the Asos website - as I often do when I'm bored - and stumbled upon these gorgeous pair of winter boots. I know it's a bit early to start getting ready for winter, but when you live in Scandinavia it's better to be safe than sorry. I've been looking for a pair of boots like these for a while now, because these kind of winter boots could look cool with the clothes I wear.
It can sometimes be a bit hard to get an outfit absolutely perfect when it's winter, since the shoes//boots often mess the whole thing up. However I think these could look rather cool and retro like, when styled correctly. I love that the boot has some heel to it, but still that it's not a real stiletto. I really can't walk in heels, and when I do, I either fall down or my feet will be sore for weeks. So these are perfect. But the best thing about them is, that they actually were on sale - almost 50% off. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what is ;) Now I really can't wait for the colder weather to arrive, so I can walk around town in my new boots!
Well, event though I've slept most of the day, I'd still say I've gotten a lot out of this Sunday :)

(Of you're interested in getting these boots, you can buy them here)

Sunday Summary

After slumming it up on the couch for a couple of hours, I finally felt ready to turn on the computer and write this weeks Sunday Summary.
(Explanation comes further down)
This week started out kind of slow. I had a coffee date with Maria on Tuesday, but unfortunately she had to cancel last minute.
In stead I rode my bike to Ro's Torv and did a little shopping.

Wednesday I actually drove to Ro's Torv again. I had seen a cool trey and a very chick glass water bottle the day before, but needed some time to think about the purchase. Since I had nothing to do anyway, I decided to go back to Ro's Torv again and buy it. In the evening I enjoyed life with lit candles, The Big Bang Theory and whitening my teeth. The strips I got in the mail earlier that day work amazingly, however, my teeth does hurt a bit afterwards. But hey; no pain no gain ;)

Thursday my parents stopped by. We went out to grab a bite to eat at - you've guessed it - Ro's Torv. Wow, now that I see it in writing, I suppose I've been there a lot this past week, haha ;) Anyway, I always enjoy spending time with my parents, and Thursday was no exception. It was nice to see them again, and our Italian meal was lovely and enjoyed on a roof terrace in the blazing summer sun.
It was actually fat&fancy's birthday that very same day - a fact which only occurred to me thanks to the alarm on my phone :) Anyway, it's kind of funny how much has changed since I started the blog - both here at the blog and in my life. I love love love blogging, and I love love love all of you who checks in to read about my little life - so a BIG thank you to all of you!

Yesterday, was the absolute big bang of this week. I went to Copenhagen to meet up with some girlfriends in Sydhavnen, where we enjoyed our selves with drinks and jello shots - and as always; water for me ;) We were all going to a Burlesque show later in the evening, and even though we slowly started getting ready at 5 and had planned to leave the apartment at around 9.30, we somehow managed to get out 2 hours later. However, it didn't matter much, cause when we arrived the party was just getting started. It was a fantastic night; we did a little dancing, a little drinking and a lot of cigarette smoking. Last night I was actually, for once I might add, grateful for the outdoor smoking law; it was nice with a couple of breaks outside where we could "de-sweat" haha. Anyway, I had so much fun last night. I would have been happy just to sit around in the corner looking at all of the cool people in fantastic costumes. As it was, I was moving around quite a lot though. I went home at around 3 - I didn't really want to leave, but I was getting a bit tired, and I had a "long" way home. I was home at around 4, and I actually managed to remove my makeup and take a shower, as well as eat a bowl of serial, before I crashed on my bed. Anyway, I woke up at 3 today, and then just slummed on the couch for a couple of hours.
Luckily I never get hangovers - as I don't drink - but I still get tired haha :)

That's what I've done this week.
It's been pretty amazing, and I hope yours was as well :)

- Here's a picture of me from last night. As it turned out, I was actually very underdressed, haha :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Four Things Right Now

I'm one happy camper today. It's been a great summers day; a lot of good things are happening right now,
and I thought I'd let you in on some of the reasons for my superduperfantastic mood:

My parents stopped by today. We decided to go out and eat dinner, and I drove.
As you can clearly see, i have some problems with parking spaces, haha.

We decided on going to an Italian place in town. We sat in the sun on a roof top, eating a delicious dinner and talking it up. 
But it was very hot in my black clothes, so I ended up drinking a lot of water.

I'm getting ready for Saturday, where me and a bunch of girlfriends are going to a burlesque show in Copenhagen. The dress code is strict, but fortunately in my favor. There's a lot of options on the table, but I chose to go the vintage inspired way. My hair is gonna be big, my lashes long and my makeup dramatic. I can't wait; I think the whole evening is gonna be magnificent!

And finally, it just occurred to me that today is fat&fancy's birthday. Two years old, and my baby's only getting better. It was a rough - and kinda sloppy - start, but I finally feel like this blog is exactly like I always wanted it to be. But I also need to give a bog shout out to all of you, who continues to come back and read about my little life. I'm so happy that you're interested, and I can't wait to let you in on more of my life.
Here's to another two years! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Things Tonight

Tonight I'm enjoying life. I've lit a bunch of candles and The Big Bang Theory is playing non-stop in the background. I just wanted to post a little somethingsomething, since it's been kinda slow here for the past week or so. But look at this nice set-up I have going on here. I bought the trey and glass bottle today, and the uber cool glass is back from my wino days. I just felt like drinking water could be a classy thing, and so I found a way to make it so.
Further more, I'm actually whitening my teeth right now. I did a post about the very same thing a couple of weeks back, but I took it off the blog fairly quick, because I was too embarrassed to show you the picture of my teeth. Anyway, the strips did work then, but unfortunately I didn't order enough to really make my smile "brighten up the place" so to speak. So last week I bought some more white strips, and they arrived today. They work amazingly, and my smile is already so much prettier. I can definitely recommend Crest 3D Whitestrips! (and no, this is not a sponsored post, haha) 
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive ;)

10% Discount at H&M

It's been a while since I've done a discount code post, but that's because there hasn't been any good ones out there - okay, I didn't look, but still ;)
But just a minute ago, when I went down to get the mail, I discovered a flyer from H&M with a discount code for when you shop online or by catalouge. It gives you a 10% discount on the whole range - though not on items on sale.

The code is:
- apply at checkout.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Summary

It has been a very slow and uneventful week in my life - thus also here at the blog. This week I've really felt that I'm all done with having summer vacation, and I just want to get started with school already. But that's not the way things are - but they will be soon. I'm going back to school the 16th, and I simply can't wait no longer. Of course I'm a tad nervous about my new classes - but in a good way. I can't wait to meet all the new people that I'm going to spend the next year with. And most important of all; I can't wait to see the people I've spend the last year with.

Wednesday I met up with Marie, and together we strolled around town for a couple of hours. I bought all the new school necessities and I'm now totally ready for the new school year to begin. Marie and I also sat down for an hour and drank coffee outside at our favorite street café and had a nice time. It has been nice seeing Marie this much the last couple of weeks, and next Saturday we're actually going to Copenhagen to see a burlesque show.
I can't wait, and I already have the perfect outfit for the event.

Friday I got so fed up with just sitting around and doing nothing, that I rode my bike to Ro's Torv (a shopping center here in Roskilde) and took a stroll through the different shops. When I got home, I assembled a new shelve I got for the bathroom, and decided to do a little redecoration while I was at it. I often start projects like that; I can spend a whole day just moving things around my apartment until I get it just right.

Which I actually did yesterday. For a while now, I've been wanting to move some stuff around in my living room. I finally did it yesterday; I spent 3½ hours moving my furniture around the apartment. But all the different ways I tried just didn't look right, so after a cigarette break, I finally decided just to move it all back the way it was before. So basically I spent 3½ hours just making dents in my floor, haha :)

This morning, when I sat eating my bowl of serial and drinking a cup of coffee, my grandmother rang me up. She invited me over, so I could see my sister, her fiancé and their baby girl Selma. I actually haven't seen my sister and Selma in 3 months, and wow; Selma has gotten so big! I almost didn't recognize her. I've never really been a kid person, and I don't want children myself. I'm not really into the whole "child thing" and don't really know what I should do with them. Of course I love and adore my niece and Goddaughter, but for a long time it has been a little like "Yeah, okay, great?" But now she's talking, walking and doing stuff. She's was so entertaining that I just couldn't keep my eyes off her. It was actually loads of fun just sitting on the floor and clapping hands with her for 2 hours straight. Whaddaya Know; maybe I'm getting better at this whole "kids thing" haha :)

So that's my week.
Not the most eventful, but I guess that's just the way things are sometimes.
Have a great Sunday, superstars!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Things Tonight

It's been a great day for me today. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, but I've just been in a great mood which has lasted all day. The start of school is getting closer, and I just can't wait to get back to a normal day once again. Don't get me wrong; I love vacation time, and I am kind of "sad" that I no longer can stay up till 4, sleep till noon and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day. But then again, that gets sooo boring after a week or two.
But today I finally got up and did something else. I went for a walk and ended up at Ro's Torv - a shopping center here in Roskilde. Even though I didn't plan on buying anything, I ended up with a shelve for the bathroom and a new hair fascinator. Net week I'm going to a burlesque show in Copenhagen, and the dresscode is: anything but normal! I have my outfit down, but the fascinator caught my eye.
Anyway tonight I redecorated my bathroom - not that there's much I can do, but I've moved some things around, put a plant out there and assembled my new shelve (which you can't see in the picture). Now I'm enjoying the evening with a couple of delicious carrots and a cup of tea.
Nice evening to you too :)