Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Summary

I can't beleive it's already Sunday again - no no, I can't believe the first month of 2013 is almost over already. I mean, where does the time go? Anyway, this week has kind of passed in a blur, I almost don't even remember what happened. Well, I'll give it a try:
Monday was the same old song: Psychology and then the weekly grocery shopping. Nothing much to report there. However, there was a little treat in my mailbox when I came home, and I blogged about it the very next day.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are actually not worth mentioning either.Wednesday I did a post on my new pillows I got in the mail from H&M - you can find the post here.

Now Friday I remember! I didn't quite feel well that morning, so I went to school two hours late. When I arrived, I found out that most of my classmates weren't feeling all that well either, so something must be going around. Oh yeah, before I forget; I bought these awesome pillows in the lunch break. Anyway, last hour of class (and the only hour I ended up attending) we watched a pretty interesting movie, and then we all packed our things and went out for a smoke. Most of us are writing a paper called SSO (in Danish: Større Skriftelig Opgave) which is a paper everyone must write to pass. You have the option to chose when you want to write this paper, but a lot of my friends are, as me, writing it this year. Anyway, so's Maria, and so she came by Psychology and picked me up. Together we went to the school's canteen, where everybody's paper assignment would be handed out. We had a quick ciggy before heading inside, where we met up with most of the old gang. So lovely to see Marie and Simon again; I almost never see them any more. Anyway, everything was absolute chaos when the assignments were handed out, but after some time the crowd parted a bit, and I had the chance to read mine. You might remember me telling you that I chose to study the teenage rebellion in the American 1950's - I can't think of a better subject for me to write a paper on - and my teacher had written me the absolute best assignment ever. Turned out that all of us (and by that I meant the old gang and my other friends) were really happy about our assignments, so smiles all around.
Anyway, Simon disappeared to somewhere, but me, Maria, Marie and Kasper went to the schools library to print out some notes, and then it was onwards with the day. After saying goodbye to the others, I biked home, made myself a pot of coffee and started thinking about my paper.

Saturday, however, I had a bit of a hard time getting started. I did, in the end, manage to write a couple of pages during the day, before I took a long break and went for an evening walk in the brisk winter weather. In the evening I ate a microwave pizza (ooops!) and watched the classic 50's movie "Blackboard Jungle". I'd decided to watch it, so that I might be able to use some of it for my paper. I really didn't have high expectations, but boy oh boy, it was a fantastic movie! I was hooked from the very first second, and a hundred minutes later, when the movie had ended, I grabbed my computer and wrote loads more for my paper. It really got me inspired for a long passage, so that's pretty great.

And yes, here we are again; Sunday.
I'm planning on writing a lot more for my paper, drink lots of coffee and just workworkwork!
I hope you all are gonna have a lovely Sunday, and I'll see ya when I see ya

This is pretty much how I looked like when I started writing the paper!

Friday, January 25, 2013

From Three To Five

I thought I'd show you my newest purchase, which is these two pillows. I got them earlier today, but I've been thinking about them for the last couple of days now. Last Monday, in my break, I took a look in Bahne, where they had a lot of lovely pillows on sale. They were all in a big box, but after digging a bit, I found these two. However, I wasn't sure if I should buy them, but after a couple of days of thinking about it, I decided to buy them today. I really think they brighten up the place, and I'm just crazy about the print. I know I got new pillows only earlier this week, but I thought "You can never have too many pillows" right? And so I bought them, and I'm sososo in love with them already!

I hope you're all well and are exited for the weekend. I'm sitting down for the next week or so, to work on a big paper for school. I might not have so much time to blog, as it's a pretty important - and did I mention big? - paper. So that's mainly where all of my focus will be at. However, know I'm coming back, and as always; I will be writing the Sunday Summaries as usual

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lovely Living Room

Last week I showed you a picture of my new tablecloth, which I'd ordered at the start of this month. When I got it, I immediately loved it sososo much, and I decided to order a couple of pillows to match, so that my couch area really fits together. I ordered the pillows at H&M's Home department and used a lot of the discount codes for this month, so I actually got them for cheap money. My parcel was sent last week, so yesterday I was exited for it to get here. However, I had to wait so long for it, that I in the end lost hope of getting it that day. Luckily the postman was just late, and so I got my parcel after all. And lookie look how lovely it looks now!
With my new pillows, I decided to move my home made (thanks mum!) quilted blanket and pillows over to my lounge chairs, which in it self was actually pretty fun too. I really like how I have a red thread in my home, and still it's not too matchy-matchy. All in all I'm pretty happy right now, and I thought I'd show you the end result of my mini makeover ❤ 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Parcel

At the start of January, I took a stroll 'round all of the lovely things ModCloth have to offer. I'm crazy about that website; they have so many lovely vintage inspired clothes, but my absolute favourite place on the site, is their Home department. I'm crazy about everything and I just want it all. That will, however, cost me a pretty penny, so for now I have to buy one-two-three things at the time.
Anyway, I ended up ordering a couple of things. And then I just waited and waited and waited for my parcel to arrive, and then yesterday, it finally did. As you can see in the pictures below, I ordered a new iPhone case, an iPhone bunny (it's actually a stand for the phone) and finally some really nice drink coasters. It wasn't that expensive, but who says it has to be? I love love love all of the things, and just thought I'd show you

    Find it here

Find him here

Find them here

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Summary

Last week I didn't have much to tell you. I was suffering from a bad case of being very unstimulated  due to the fact that I have so much time on my hands with my new school schedule. Now I'm getting the hang of it - sort of, anyway - and this week I've managed to keep myself busy.
Monday was a school day. I had Psychology which went okay - it's only for two hours on Mondays, so it's bearable, haha. Anyway, after class I did some grocery shopping, and when I got home from school, I enjoyed my apartment. That sounds kinda weird, I know, but the fact is that I had, the day before, done a little "wall and shelf makeover". It took a couple of hours, but I still, a week later, look around and can't help of smile at the new look. 

Tuesday I enjoyed a nice, relaxing day. I played housewife and made some pancakes, but I also made some home made organic apple cinnamon ice tea (phew, that's quite a sentence) which I did a post on. The day before I had bought a couple of glass pitchers, which very conveniently came in handy for my project. It's super easy to make, and if you want to try, then just click here and get the "recipe".

Wednesday I was supposed to have morning coffee with Maria, so I got up early and did myself up. But in the middle of putting on mascara, Maria wrote me a text and said that her car had broken down. Such a shame, and quite a hassle for her - side note; she did manage to get to school okay. Anyway, with her car not working and all, she simply didn't have the time to stop by for coffee, due to her calling AAA. Of course I understood, but that meant I had the day to myself. I did what I do most Wednesday, which was cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. Yes, I sure am living on the edge, haha. Anyway, I got myself worked up a bit later in the day, when my doorbell rang and it was the postman with a package for me. A couple of weeks back, I ordered this awesome tablecloth, but it wasn't supposed to arrive until late this month. However, it was a very nice surprise, and I just love how it looks. I wrote in my post about the tablecloth, that I was thinking of ordering matching pillows, which I ended up doing. I can't help of feel that my apartment just gets more and more perfect! 

Thursday was very quiet and uneventful. Not much happened; I did my homework, ran a few errands and did this post about how you can drink milk in a very retro way.

Friday I woke up to this, but also, it was a school day. I had a hard time getting up, but luckily I managed to wake up properly and then I went to school. It was actually pretty okay, and it sure went by fast. I had fun with the others, and in my break I took a quick stroll round town. I needed to buy a new hair colouring kit, but on the way to the beauty store, I took a quick look in the Danish store called Bahne, where I found this dessert plate. Now, I know it's a dessert plate, but I got the idea of using it as an ashtray. It looks really pretty and vintage like, plus it only cost me 3 bucks.

Saturday was very relaxing - in fact, it was too relaxing. Luckily it was the first time this week I was actually bored. I coloured my hair, watched a couple of Friends episodes, and in the evening I watched Austin Powers - I was just so in the mood for that movie, ever since I read this post on Doktor S' nail polish blog :)

Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands.
However, next Friday we all get instructions delivered at school,
so that we can write a big and important paper. Luckily we were able to chose the subject ourselves,
and surprise surprise, I've chosen to write about being a teenager in the American 1950's.
I'm actually looking forward to write this paper,
cause for once it's actually a subject that I find totally interesting.
Anyway, now I think I'll do my homework, water my plants and drink some coffee
- again, I know I'm living on the edge, haha. You guys have a lovely January Sunday


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage-Like Engraved Ashtray

Yesterday, in my lunch break, I took a quick stroll round town. I was actually on my way down to a beauty store to buy a new hair colour kit, but on my way there I passed a lovely Danish store called Bahne.
Bahne has loads of different things; both clothes, kitchen applies and tea, but the thing I love most in the shop, is their home department. They have such lovely things, but unfortunately most of the things there, are very expensive. However, yesterday when I went in, I discovered they had a huge sale on practically everything. I spend most of my lunch break in there, but I managed to leave the store with only one thing; this dessert plate. Yes, it actually is a dessert plate, but when I saw it I thought it would make a great - and kinda classy - ashtray. I love the engraved pattern, and the best thing about it is, that it only cost me 3 bucks. So that's pretty great!
By the way, I also managed to get that hair colour kit so now I'll go and colour my hair.
You all have a lovely Saturday

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Retro Milk Bottles

I drink coffee with milk every single day, but I just hate the cartons that the milk comes in. They look boring and bland, and do not help to set up a nice table. I've always loved the idea of how, in the olden days, a milkman would bring a family their milk in glass bottles, but unfortunately that tradition disappeared in the 70's - at least here in Denmark. Anyhow, I love collecting all sorts of odd things, and when I was in Sweden over the holidays, I found these glass bottles way in the back on a dusty shelf. There were only these two, and I was quick and snatched them up before someone else could. When I got back home I cleaned them up, and now I use them for milk. It just looks much nicer with a glass bottle for milk, and actually, glass bottles are not that hard to come by when you start to look for them. You can buy an empty glass bottle designed for your own usage of it, or you can buy some kind of drink that comes in a bottle, empty it, clean it and then use it for milk.
Just remember that it's very important to clean the bottles after every use. Not all bottles are designed for continuing use, and therefore they may not be able to handle scolding water. In that case you can just clean them with a little soap and hot water. Remember to clean them thoroughly, then place them on a dish-towel, and let them dry overnight. Then next morning, they're ready for you to drink milk in style! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flower Power Tablecloth

A couple of weeks back I browsed through Ellos' home department and came across this über super lovely tablecloth. I have a red thread (seriously, it is red) theme going on in my apartment; red lamps, red books and so on. Since I got my coffee table about a year ago, I've tried to spare it from scratches and dents, but no matter how careful you are, you can't avoid a scratch or two. So when I saw this retro tablecloth, I just knew I had to have it - and luckily it didn't cost me more than 20 bucks or so. It just arrived about an hours ago, and I'm already shopping for matching pillows!
I love how I don't have just one ear of time in my apartment. I buy what I like, but still prefer it has a retro touch - and this tablecloth certainly has.
It looks really great in my apartment, and the best thing about it is, that now my coffee table won't have to suffer any more

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Made Organic Cinnamon and Apple Ice Tea With Honey

Yesterday I bought two new glass pitchers with the idea in mind, that I wanted to make more home made organic ice tea. I made a lot of it back in the summer, but as the weather turned colder, I kinda stopped craving that sweet and ice cold drink. But when I looked through the catalogues and saw that there were glass pitchers on sale for 4 bucks, I couldn't resist.
And so I've just made me some lovely ice tea. It's an organic cinnamon and apple ice tea with honey, which just tastes so fantastic, and is very fitting for cold weather - I think it's the cinnamon that makes it taste more "wintery".
Anyway, it's very easy to make; all you need are some apples, some cinnamon tea and a little honey.
I prefer to do this with only organic ingredients, but you do what you prefer.

Pour some water in the kettle and turn it on. While the water is boiling, cut up 3-6 apples and throw them in the pitcher - or whatever you're using. Pour the boiling water over the apples, add some honey - as much or little as you like - and then a bag or two of cinnamon tea. Let it sit in the fridge for about 12-24 hours, then filter out the apples and voilà; a nice and lovely cool winter drink for winter weather

Monday, January 14, 2013

Natalie's Crib

Okay, so if you read yesterdays Sunday Summary, you might remember I told you I had a project for the day. Saturday night I started taking down some pictures and posters and wanted to put up something new. Unfortunately it was so late in the night, that I couldn't start to drill holes in my walls. So I had to wait for Sunday and daylight. Well, this is how it looked before I started hanging pictures yesterday:

And this is how it looked 3 hours later. I'm quite happy about it; I've always liked the trend with different pictures and frames in different sizes all over the walls. Unfortunately I don't have nearly enough pictures and frames to do that, so this will have to do for now.

I also rearranged my shelves on the other wall in my studio apartment. It didn't look bad before, but I like to change things in my home, and so this I decided to change a bit too.

Finally, I got this idea from a home decorating blog on how to display my Babushkas on my small table. Actually, it's not a table at all. It was originally meant as a metal stool for sitting, but it quickly dawned on me that it's way to fragile for that. So ever since I bought it back in October, I've been using it as a small table for knick-knacks. I bought the baby blue//green leaf platter on sale about two weeks ago, but hadn't really found a use for it until yesterday.
- Side note: In the back of the picture, you can actually spot the Sunglasses Hangers which was something I cooked up back in September. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Summary

This week, there's not much to report. I'm still getting used to having so much free time due to my under-crowded schedule, and even though I'm constantly starting a new project or going out to shop a bit, I'm still very bored. I'm used to something happening every day, so all this sitting around ain't doing me much good.
However, Monday was a school day. Psychology came and went, and I bought a nice bouquet of flowers in my break.

Tuesday Maria had the day off like me, and since it's been sooo long since we've seen each other, she came by for coffee and loads of chat and cigarettes. It was so nice to see her again and have loads of time to cover all the things we've done over the holidays, and furthermore it was awesome that she stayed so long. Maria usually don't have so much time, being a mum and all, but the whole of Tuesday was set aside for the two of us. She'd brought her dog, so after a couple of hours of coffee and chocolate milk (haha) we walked him, and then suddenly it was late and getting dark. However, that's Scandinavian weather for you, so there was still a lot of day left. Maria was heading home, so I asked her if she could drop me off at the mall. I didn't really buy anything other than a dvd on sale, and so the rest of the night was spend with tea and movies.

And now here it is; the gaping space between then and now. I haven't really done anything much this week, that's really worth mentioning. I've started a few projects - like this and this - cleaned a lot, watched some telly and movies and I've had endless cups of coffee and cigarettes. I really gotta start finding something to do, or I'm gonna loose my mind.
Luckily today, I have a project in mind. Late last night I started looking around the apartment, and I just saw a world of opportunity. So today I'm gonna rearrange my shelves and hang some pictures. It should take at least a couple of hours, and then I also have homework. So today at least, there's something to do.

Don't forget the H&M discounts I posted about yesterday
- you know, of you're shopping anyway ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

H&M Discount Codes For January

It's getting quite the tradition that I do a monthly post with discount codes for H&M. This month is no exception, and as I do like both making a bargain and help others do the same, I thought I'd share some codes with you again.

Let's start with the one that gives you 5 off your purchase. I've been told it should work in all countrys, with the note that the fiver is dollars, pounds, euros or what have you. As always, this code is long standing, and it has worked for me for about 2 or 3 years now.
The code is: 1304

The second code I got for you, I just got in the mail today. As most of you know, the whole reason I started sharing discount codes is because I'm a member of a lot of stores, and from time to time they send me a flyer with a discount code for their website. H&M are quite good at creating new codes fairly often, and so there's always some kind of bargain to be made. The code I got in the mail today, gives you a 10% discount on your entire purchase. The note about this code is that it is only valid until January 20, 2013.
The code is: 0285

The last code I have for you today gives you 25% off one item of your choice, but this code unfortunately only works once, and that is when you sign up for H&M's Newsletter.
However, here's a little tip for you; if you're really short of cash and just can't wait to purchase that absolutely "one-thing-that-would-make-me-happy" item (come on, haven't we all had that thought?) you can cheat a bit here. Just create a new email account on another email site - like Yahoo, Gmail and what have you - and voilà, you get your discount.

Now go spend some money :)

Every Obsession Has A Silver Lining...

... and in my case, there really is silver involved.
For the past month or two, I've had the obsession of collecting silver decorative knick knacks for my apartment, and I had a very specific place in mind for them. A few months back I bought a new bookcase from IKEA, which I'm still totally in love with - actually I'm thinking of getting another one, but that's another story.
Anyway, the bookcase has been looking a little bare, which really isn't my style - I like to clutter, but in a nice way (haha). Then I looked through H&M's home section, and saw a silver vase which I fell in love with right away. Unfortunately it wouldn't be in stock until late December, so I had to wait for it. In the mean time, I decided to dedicate not only the bookcase, but also most of the wall furniture to silver decoratives. I started looking around, and as time went by, I managed to find two sets of candle sticks and glasses, and as for the rest of it, I already owned the silver fan, the silver lamp and the plant in the silver pot. Well, after Christmas the vase came in stock, and of course I ordered  it right away.
As you can see, it looks great with yellow roses

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fridge Remodelled

What's the best cure for boredom? A project of course!
For the past few days I've been climbing the walls with boredom. My new school schedule is very under-booked, and as a result I find myself being very unstimulated. But a great way to cure that problem is to find yourself a project, big or small. And so I did - a small one, but it still took up a few hours.
I decided to do a little remodelling of my fridge, as it was the only thing in my apartment that looked a bit worse for wear
- as you can see on the picture below. 

But after two hours it looked like this (see picture below). I'm quite happy about it, especially the chalkboard, as I always need places to write small memos to myself - and usually I just end up writing "Buy milk!" on my bills. Not that classy, haha.
I really fancy my fridge now; it's not just a white magnetic board, but is almost a piece of furniture.

Monday, January 7, 2013

January And Onwards

It sure has been a very long time since there's been an outfit here at the blog - actually, I think it's been months. There's a good explanation however. With the Scandinavian weather consisting of rain, snow, fog and more rain, it hasn't really been a great idea to dress up over the top. However, I found this lovely ensemble in the sales at Evans over the holiday, and as I am a sucker for the Swan by Clements Ribeiro line, I couldn't resist spending a bit. Well, it wasn't bad at all; the prices were severely reduced. I got this outfit for around 35 or 40 pounds (if you're interested, the prices has been slashed even further - check out the links below the photos) and I'm very much in love with it. It can be dressed up or down, and work great for all seasons. I got my parcel Friday, and so I thought I'd wear the clothes today. 

Picture one
Picture two

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Summary

Wow, 2012 sure went fast! I can't believe that the calendar says 2013 already, and I can't quite get used to the ring of the new year. However, it is a new year, which also means new things to come. For me, the first week of 2013 has consisted of both up's and down's.
New Years, however, was a nice, lovely but also a bit of a quiet affair. Not bad at all, I must say. Me and my dad spent the day watching movies on the telly, while my mum cooked up a real nice New Years dinner. I spent 2 hours on a blog post that day; the pictures took so darn long to find and edit. However, we had a lovely evening, but it wasn't a big bang at all. Actually, I didn't even stay up to see the fireworks, because me and my parents had to get up early the next day. I had a lovely evening, however.

But seeing as work, school and what have you already started (for most anyway) on January 3rd, it meant that me and my parents had to get up pretty early on Tuesday, so we could drive back home to Denmark. As with most old houses, you can't just scoot out the door and be on your way, and with all of the snow melting away that night, it meant that the basement was full of water, which needed to be dealt with. However, we managed to be on our way at last, and I was back home in Roskilde at around 4 o'clock. There were a bit to be done, so after I'd unpacked all of my clothes and other things I had brought with me to Sweden, I took down all of the Christmas decorations and then did the laundry.

My school schedule these next five months is pretty darn awesome. School Monday and Friday, and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have the days off. Pretty damn great.
But Wednesday weren't so great. I've had a toothache for the past few weeks, and so I decided to go the dentist on Wednesday. A pricey affair I must say. Nothing were wrong where I thought it would be, but in stead my dentist told me that I had a cavity, which only could be fixed by removing another tooth. Of course, she couldn't do it, so now it needs to be taken out by operation. It's not so much the pain I'm worried about, but more the pain I'll feel in my wallet. Safe to say I was a bit disgruntled for the rest of the day.

Luckily, Thursday my mood was a whole lot better. After his last exam, Kasper came by for a couple of hours. It was just absolutely lovely to see him again and catch up, and so we enjoyed a couple of hours with tea and talk. Later, we went to the mall where I got some nice things for my apartment. When Kasper left - I think he felt a bit bored by my shopping, haha - I visited a couple of stores and ended up buying a nice knit.

Friday was my turn to get back to school. I had a meeting with my counsellor for a big paper I'm about to write, but unfortunately the time meeting was at the start of my Psychology lesson. Safe to say my Psychology teacher didn't like that idea, and so I had to endure her wrath (insert frowning smiley here). However, I went to the meeting anyways, which was great, cause I got a lot of great counselling on my upcoming paper. I went back to Psychology fearing the worst, but my teacher had, apparently, cooled down a bit and didn't mention "the episode" further. After class I went to the library and borrowed books on the 1950's - which just happens to be my favourite era of everything and the subject of my upcoming paper.
The rest of the day I spent being in a fowl mood because of that encounter with my Psychology teacher, but luckily...

... by Saturday, the episode were almost completely forgotten. I had a lovely day yesterday. I'd decided to sleep in for a change, and therefore got up a bit late. After putting on my makeup, drinking coffee and watching The Simpsons, I decided to, once again, drive to the mall. My old DVD player - and by old I mean old - was singing it's last song, and so I thought I'd look for a new and fairly cheap one. Luckily I found one for a reasonably price, and when I got home I spent a little time figuring out where all the cables should go. I managed to find out in the end though, and the evening was spent watching DVD's and drinking tea.

So yes, my start of the year hasn't been absolutely fantastic, but it hasn't completely sucked either. I'm keeping my spirits high and hope for a better week next. Today my sister and her family are stopping by, and then the rest of the day I'm gonna clean the apartment and do my homework.
I know, I'm living on the edge, haha :)
Have a lovely Sunday everybody, and Happy New Year!