Thursday, January 17, 2013

Retro Milk Bottles

I drink coffee with milk every single day, but I just hate the cartons that the milk comes in. They look boring and bland, and do not help to set up a nice table. I've always loved the idea of how, in the olden days, a milkman would bring a family their milk in glass bottles, but unfortunately that tradition disappeared in the 70's - at least here in Denmark. Anyhow, I love collecting all sorts of odd things, and when I was in Sweden over the holidays, I found these glass bottles way in the back on a dusty shelf. There were only these two, and I was quick and snatched them up before someone else could. When I got back home I cleaned them up, and now I use them for milk. It just looks much nicer with a glass bottle for milk, and actually, glass bottles are not that hard to come by when you start to look for them. You can buy an empty glass bottle designed for your own usage of it, or you can buy some kind of drink that comes in a bottle, empty it, clean it and then use it for milk.
Just remember that it's very important to clean the bottles after every use. Not all bottles are designed for continuing use, and therefore they may not be able to handle scolding water. In that case you can just clean them with a little soap and hot water. Remember to clean them thoroughly, then place them on a dish-towel, and let them dry overnight. Then next morning, they're ready for you to drink milk in style! 

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