Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hello all, and happy sunny Sunday!

Since I have school from 11 AM to 10 PM tomorrow (( phew! )), I won't be home to post the monthly InstaMonth post. So here it is instead, just one day early.

Hope you all are having a lovely day 

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hi all, how are you doing on such a rainy day?

A week ago, I told you through the Facebook page, that I was planning a post about a mirror
I found down by my buildings dumpsters. Well, now it's time for that post!

There's a Danish term called "Klunse" or  (( to be a )) "Klunser" - there's no direct translation, but basically what it means is that you find other peoples thrown-out items in thrift stores or even down by the dumpsters. Actually, if you're a good "klunser" and have your eyes open, you can find little treasures everywhere.
I'm lucky to live in an apartment complex where a lot of the older people living here throw out their stuff - quite often actually.
Don't get me wrong; it's not like I'm crawling into the trashcans (( haha )). But once in a while, when I'm down by the dumpsters, there are these little treasures that someone didn't want, but can be of use to me.

Such a thing happened to me last week, when I found this awesome mirror. Someone had just left it so the garbagemen could take it with them, but I was quick and snatched it up before they - or someone else - could.
I didn't know where to put it right away, so I just placed it up against my living room window.
But actually, I've come to really appreciate it there, so now I've "accessorised" it with a couple of candles and herbs (( which needed sun anyway, so it was a win win )).

Just in case I didn't explain it too well, here's the definition (( and a rare selfie )) on the concept of "klunseri" :

Have a lovely and wonderful day
- are you participation in the 100 HAPPY DAYS challenge? If not, get to it then 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hiya, interwebs friends!
My favourite blog is "A Beautiful Mess" hosted by Elsie and Emma.
I read it many times a week, and actually more often than I read (( or look at pictures at )) any other blog.
Just a minute ago, I scrolled through the latest posts on ABM, and I stumbled upon this fantastically amazing concept...

... It's called 100 Happy Days! The question behind the concept is:

Ever since I stopped drinking (( almost )) 3 years ago, I've been tremendously happy with myself and my life.
However, lately life has been stressful; my grandfather is in hospital, I have final exams in just a few months and the constant stressful situation of "will I//won't I get in to University?"
So yes, life has been a little rough lately, but I mostly manage to keep my spirits up
- I have amazing friends who carry me through when I need it, and for that I am very grateful.

What I'm trying to say is, that even though life is a mix of up's and down's,
I (( thankfully and luckily )) still have a very happy life.
HOWEVER I - like so many others - I forget to be thankful for what I have, and I forget that I actually AM happy!
That's why I think 100 Happy Days is an amazing concept.
Everything you need to know about the "challenge" is right here,
but basically the concept is you documenting your happiness for a hundred days.

You might ask yourself:

Well, if that doesn't win you over, I don't know what will (( haha )).
If you think about it, it's a very simple challenge. I plan on starting this Friday - the 28th - where I can celebrate 3 years sober.
I thought that would be a good starting point.
I must say I'm looking forward to it, although I think it's going to be quite the challenge to snap an Instagram pic every day.
BUT: You'll never know if you never try.

So here's to happiness!
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wonderful white bedroom with touches of Spring

Hello, how are you today?

A very quick post from me today. I just wanted to bring you all a wonderful white bedroom with touches of Spring
- come on, aren't we all longing for it by now? Although it is a beautiful sunny day here in Denmark today, our signs of Spring are very slight. Oh well, we'll have to wait a little bit longer I guess!

Have a wonderful sunny Saturday 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coffee Break

Hiya all, how are you doing on such a grey - but warm - Tuesday?

Well, it's my day off today, and I'm planning on having a very relaxing a chill day.
Right now I'm enjoying a little coffee break - what's better than a big cuppa joe and some home baked cookies?
Anyway, I'm gearing up for tomorrow: I have most of the day off, but tomorrow night I'm going to Copenhagen with some of my classmates from English. We're going to grab a bite and then visit the theatre to see an english play. It's going to be really great; lately I've felt like I've been in a little bit of a rut.
Same thing day in and day out; school, homework, coffee, dinner and then bed. Now, however, the days are slowly getting a little longer, we have more sunlight and people are a bit more cheery because of it. I know exams and stress about getting into University are just around the corner, so for now I'll just enjoy these fun and relaxing days.

I hope all of you are hanging ten - I know blogging is a little scarce these days, but believe me, I'm trying. I get the sense that most of you are more interested in personal posts, either with a little DIY project or some Life Lately. stuff, but I don't always have time for those. Sometimes it's easier to let you know that I'm alive and haven't forgotten you by posting some interior pictures from other homes.
However, know that I still really enjoy blogging, but I'm a bit pressed for time lately.

Otherwise I hope all of you are enjoying life and are looking forward to Spring
- we have very subtle signs of it here in DK, but it sure is coming!

Have a lovely Tuesday
Bye bye birdies 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Table for three (and a half)

Hi all - long time, no see!
Sorry I've been gone a while; I've been busy living life and experiencing all it's little ups and downs.
However now I'm back, and I thought I'd show you some new snaps from Apartment 107.

Last weekend I bought a new chair for my dining table.
Before I used it as my working space, but I got a little tired of that. In stead I "switched it back" to a dining area,
and therefore I wanted a new chair for it. Luckily it was on sale, so I got it cheap - the bitch was getting it home on my bike, haha.
However, now it's here and it's lovely - by the way, it's the white one.

Anyway, this was a quick post, but I hope the pictures makes up for it.
I'll try to do better with the whole blogging thing, but there's just so much to do these days.
However, hope I'll see you again soon.

Ciao for now 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I've been buying lately

Hello on such a grey and cold Saturday.

Well, it's March 1st and Spring was supposed to arrive today, but instead it's grey, cold and rainy out. It's okay though; I'm having a "me" day today. Last night I was at the annual Galla at my school, which was tremendously fun. It's so great to see friends in their smartest tuxes and dresses, and the vibe was fantastic. I've screamed my voice away though; I sat right next to the dance floor where the music was quite loud, and since I don't dance I was having fun catching up with old friends. Such a fun evening, but today I'm absolutely tired, so as said before today is just a nice "me" day. Coffee, TV shows and greasy pizza just makes for such a lovely Saturday.

But well, that wasn't actually what this post was supposed to be about.
I wanted to show you the things I've been buying over the last couple of months.
I'm always looking for that perfect bag, and I think I can honestly say I've found it now.
The big, slouchy one is from ModCloth. It was a little expensive, and since it's from the States I was unlucky and had it going through customs, making it even more expensive. However, I do really really really love it! It has a gazillion small and big pockets, lots of room for books and binders for school and a two-way option for carrying it around: A strap and handles, so I can mix it up or make it easier for myself when I'm carrying heavier things. You can find the bag here - it certainly has my stamp of approval!

I've already mentioned the clutch a couple of posts ago - actually I only bought it because it matched the ModCloth one, and because I needed a smaller bag I could carry around during the breaks at school. However, I've really grown fond of this little pretty thing, plus it's very handy. I've never been that in to clutches, but this one has won me over! It's big enough for all the essentials, but not so big that it's un-handy to carry around. I bought it at ASOS, and you can find it here.

And finally the cute ballerinas. I actually just got them in the mail an hour ago. I bought the last pair in my size, and the next day the price was reduces very heavily. A little sucky unlucky, but what can you do? They fit great, and they'll be absolutely perfect for the long awaited Spring we're supposed to have coming our way. They fit fantastic and I do so-so-so love the gold snouts. Also bought at ASOS, and you can find them here - although hurry, they're selling like hotcakes!

So that's a little of what I've been buying lately. I don't quite know what's up with the pink; it's never really been a colour I've preferred. But I'm just so-so-so happy to have a little colour back into my wardrobe, and come on... it is adorable!

Have a lovely Saturday - remember to spend the day humming happy tunes and smiling uncontrollably