Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hi all, how are you doing on such a rainy day?

A week ago, I told you through the Facebook page, that I was planning a post about a mirror
I found down by my buildings dumpsters. Well, now it's time for that post!

There's a Danish term called "Klunse" or  (( to be a )) "Klunser" - there's no direct translation, but basically what it means is that you find other peoples thrown-out items in thrift stores or even down by the dumpsters. Actually, if you're a good "klunser" and have your eyes open, you can find little treasures everywhere.
I'm lucky to live in an apartment complex where a lot of the older people living here throw out their stuff - quite often actually.
Don't get me wrong; it's not like I'm crawling into the trashcans (( haha )). But once in a while, when I'm down by the dumpsters, there are these little treasures that someone didn't want, but can be of use to me.

Such a thing happened to me last week, when I found this awesome mirror. Someone had just left it so the garbagemen could take it with them, but I was quick and snatched it up before they - or someone else - could.
I didn't know where to put it right away, so I just placed it up against my living room window.
But actually, I've come to really appreciate it there, so now I've "accessorised" it with a couple of candles and herbs (( which needed sun anyway, so it was a win win )).

Just in case I didn't explain it too well, here's the definition (( and a rare selfie )) on the concept of "klunseri" :

Have a lovely and wonderful day
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