Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Summary

Yet another week has come and gone, and once again here we are... Sunday.
My week has been great - the perfect combination of staying up late, sleeping till noon and relaxing, and then there has been two awesome days filled with fun times, friends and laughter.

Tuesday my friends Preben, Vineet and of course Maria finished with their last exam, which was Math on an advanced level - phew! They all did great, and the day before, Maria had invited me to come on by and have a few beers (of course no beers for me) and hang out after they were done. So that's what I did! We hung out on a bench in the school yard for a few hours, just laughing and having the time of our lives.

Then Thursday was graduation day for a lot of my friends. We were supposed to see them graduate at the Hotel Prindsen, and then move on over to our school to celebrate further. Maria usually drives to everything, but Thursday she'd like to have a drink or two, so she took the train. I was supposed to meet her at the train station, but her train was delayed for 45 minutes, so that kinda sucked. But it didn't matter, cause when she finally arrived, we walked over to the Hotel Prindsen and met up with some of our friends. Unfortunately, because we were so late, we didn't manage to get a seat, so instead we decided to just walk over to the school and start celebrating. Which we did! Little by little people started showing up, and I got the chance to wish all of my graduation friends congratulations.
Anyway, the gang and I had such fun just sitting outside and chillin', the others drinking champagne and beer - alcohol free cider for me. Maria and I went home at around 9, and then for the rest of the night I just relaxed and took it easy.

So that was what happened this week.
As I said, a lot of relaxation and a lot of fun. 
Have a lovely Sunday y'all

Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY vase or candlestick holder with lace tape

Hello Saturday, nice of you to drop by again.
Today I'm going to show you a very easy, very lovely and very creative DIY. 
You don't necessarily need lace tape; you can do this with other kinds of fabric - or even normal tape with colour or print. However, I think this looks absolutely adorable.

Yes, you will need a vase - or a glass bottle, if you're making a candlestick holder. The size of the vase - or bottle - really doesn't matter, just use whatever you think will look pretty. However, remember to check that you have enough lace tape or fabric, so you don't run out of material in the middle of your project.

That's right; it really is super easy, and doesn't take long. You just want to make sure, when you're cutting the lace tape, that it fits all the way around the bottle or vase - actually, you should add and inch or two extra, just to be sure. Remember to take it easy and make sure that the lines of the tape are straight, so that the ends match together.  

So there you have it - an easy and quick DIY on this lovely Saturday. 
Have fun, be creative and think differently!
See you tomorrow

Friday, June 28, 2013

(We've got these) Days of Summer

So yesterday was Graduation Day for all of my friends who are graduating this Summer - and it's quite a lot of them actually. I've met a lot of awesome and cool people whilst studying at VUC Roskilde, and it just so happens that a lot of them are graduating this year.
Every year the school has a kind of "ceremony" for the graduates, and this year it was held at Roskilde's finest hotel, Hotel Prindsen. Me and Maria were supposed to be there at 4 to see our friends, but unfortunately Maria's train was delayed, so we ended up being quite late. But it didn't matter much, since we couldn't see anything anyway.

So we, Maria, some of our other friends and I, decided to walk the short way to our school, where the "after party" was held. Little by little people started showing up, and spirits were high - mostly, or at least partly, because of the cheap champagne bar in our old cafeteria (haha).
Me and the gang bought some take out, we drank beer and champagne (well, you know, I didn't - I drank alcohol free apple cider) and had such a fun fun fun time. Luckily the weather was okay, so we sat out in the chilly - but lovely - Summer evening sun and just laughed, smoked ciggys and had a lot of fun!
I got to see and say congratulation to all of my graduating friends - and if any of you are reading this, then I'd just like to say: Holey moley, you guys did it! I'm so happy for you; CONGRATULATIONS!

Hope your day is shaping up to be a great one
- I'll see you tomorrow

Marie was looking lovely as always 
- look at that chick; even when she's making faces she's stunning!

Maria thought it would be funny to block Preben in when he came back from the bathroom

It didn't face him though, and he and Vineet were chillin' as always

And this table looked a lot worse by the time we went home :)

xoxo. Nat 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let the Summer into your home (on a rainy day)

Today it's raining, a bit chilly and the sky is grey, but it's still Summer out there - actually it's a typical Danish Summer, but that's a whole other story.
If it's also raining where you are and you're missing that bright Summer sun, here's a few tips to how you can bring Summer into your home:

Flowers are great no matter where (or who) you get them from. If you're light on cash though, and you don't have a handsome man to give you flowers, just grab a scissor and go outside. There's nothing like flowers that you've gathered yourself!

You can also buy a little flower plant, put it in a nice pot and buy a matching candle. Buy them in a nice, bright colour - that way you'll add a touch of Summer to your home.

And finally strawberries! Aaah, there's nothing like the taste of strawberries in the Summer. Sort them out, maybe sprinkle a little sugar on them, and put them in a nice big cup - it looks adorable.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Summary

Ah how time flies when you're having fun.
Although I've only been on Summer break for a little over a week now, I find it that my routine is already totally screwed up. You know; up all night, sleep until noon. But then again, now is not the time to be sensible - I mean, why not take advantage of the situation when it's right there, right?
But yeah, not a whole lot has happened this week - other than I've enjoyed the freedom and in general just relaxed.

On Tuesday I had a very happy day. The sun was shining and it was hot hot hot. Maria came by after finishing an exam, and so therefore we relaxed with ice coffee, fruit, chocolate, biscuits and ice cream. We had a lovely time; it had actually been quite a while since I'd last seen Maria, so it was just great to see her and hang out once more. 

On Thursday I was sitting on the couch and reading a book, when suddenly my mum called. It was very hot that day, so she asked if she could drop by after work and at the same time take the opportunity to not sit in an overheated train back to Falster. Of course I said "Come on by", so I grabbed my bike and drove to meet her half way.
She stayed for a couple of hours, and so we had a great time just chilling and chatting. It's always lovely to have my mum visit, and this time was no exception. Later in the day, my dad came by to pick up my mum, but before they drove off, they stayed for one last cuppa ice coffee and a ciggy.

Friday was just a nice and relaxing day at home. I'd bought a bottle of S. Pellegrino and just stayed home with a good book. Not a whole lot happened, but I was nice to finally have time to just kick back and read read read. I don't read very often - well, other than homework anyway - because I find I don't have the time. Usually when I sit down with a book - or a TV show - I wanna finish it in one sitting... or at least, I'm trying to get it done in as few sittings as possible. But now I actually do have the time to just kick back, so that's exactly what I did that day.

And today I've been at my grandmum's for a visit. My sister and her kid Selma - my niece - had stopped by for a visit, and so I thought I'd join them and say hello. I love to be on the side line and watch how my niece's just getting bigger and funnier every time a see her. I can't believe she's already almost two and a half; time just flies by. But anyway, I came home about an hour ago, and now I'm just enjoying a cuppa coffee and an episode or two of Lost.

I hope you're all having a fantastic day,
and let's hope it'll only get better and better  


Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Thoughts

I love Fridays!
Fridays are for thinking of the weekend and enjoying one self. Fridays are for buying shoes that are too expensive, and drinking coffee with a little too much sugar in it. Fridays are the best!
As I am now on Summer break, I have all the time in the world to just relax and enjoy the days. And that's what I'm doing today. I had planned on being out in the sun today, but the weather is grey and cloudy, and not for soaking up the sun. So I've bought a bottle of S. Pellegrino, lit a candle and I'm reading a book I got with a magazine last Summer, but never quite got around to read.
Today I'll just stay in, open all the windows and get some fresh air, and then I'm planning on burring my head in the book for a couple of hours.

Happy Friday

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Day!

How can it be anything else but a happy day today?
Maria's just left; we've had such a lovely couple of hours together today.
It's been a while since I've seen Maria - we've both been busy busy busy with exams. But as mine ended last Friday, I'm now officially on Summer break. Anyway, Maria had her Art exam today, and when she was done, she came by my flat for a couple of hours.
As you can see, I thought I'd spoil her - and me - a bit, and therefore I'd made ice coffee with vanilla ice cream (it's like 90 degrees outside today), sliced up a honey melon, put some biscuits and chocolate on the table and I'd made a little ice cream dessert with sorbet and melon.

After we were done getting chubby, we went outside on the terrace and enjoyed the blazing sun and some ice cold water with lime whilst listening to music.

Such a happy day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Summary

Hallelujah I am free again!
Hello, all of you lovely people out there, and hello Sunday. I thought we'd never get here, and the suddenly here we are - again!
Let me start off by saying that I know it has been very quiet here in the Blogosphere for quite some time now, but ah, it's that time a year for finals. And like most other students, I've also been having some. Last week I told you that I passed my German final with a C, and today I can tell you that I passed my Psychology exam on Friday, with a D. No, it's not a fantastic grade, but I did pass! And let me tell you, I doubted if I would.

You see, Thursday I went to the school to randomly pick the subject on which I was going to be examined on, and I ended up picking "Learning & Intelligence" - which was actually pretty okay. Now, it varies form subject to subject and the level you are taking it one, but this exam was a 24 hour exam. It's quite alright if you don't know what it is; it can be a bit confusing. Basically what it is, is that you go to the school's office and randomly pick out a subject - which is hidden in closed envelopes, so you have to rely on fate! Anyway, you pick an envelope and inside is the subject on which you will be examined in - the subject is something that's been taught in class during the year. And then you have 24 hours to prepare everything you know and write a very complicated synopsis - which, I have yet to come across, someone who knows exactly how to do that!
Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Normally I don't panic that much over finals, but this year but has been a bit different. I've found myself quite nervous quite often. Although the German exam last week was okay. But the one I was really nervous about was the Psychology one, and boy oh boy did I get nervous. I actually ended up crying in sheer panic and frustrations! So I ended up wasting 4 hours on panicking, but the I finally got down to business and got it done - and were done at around 10 in the evening. There, I decided I would be happy - and lucky - if I passed with a D.

And so Friday came. I was actually pretty relaxed, and even though my exam weren't until 12.30, I decided to drive to school about 10.30. Lucky I did, cause turned out that 2 people didn't how up for their exam. So I could get in and get mine done a lot earlier - at 11! A lot of my friends wouldn't have done that, they've told me, but I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. And so I did. I wasn't at all nervous; actually I didn't even get to finish, and then the exam was over. And yes, I got a D - which I'm happy about. D - or a 4, as it is on the Danish scale - is for the fair performance, which shows you have knowledge but display a fair few things missing. So that's okay! :)
After my exam it was Julie's turn - she also got a D, and then we went out celebrating our passed exams. We went to my favourite street café and grabbed a delicious bite to eat. We had a lot of laughs and I had a few ciggys, and then after we were done and said goodbye, I drove on home - and crashed on the couch, haha!
In the evening I had such a lovely time; I had an expensive bottle of alcohol free apple cider champagne in the fridge, which I had been saving for when I passed this years finals. So in the evening I poured myself a glass, lit a bunch of candles and watched back-to-back episodes of The Big Bang Theory - such a lovely evening!

But yes, now I'm all done with finals, so once again I have more time for fun and the blog. I actually only have one blog post in mind for next week, but let's see if something else won't come up ;)

Have an absolutely fantastic day everyone
and enjoy life - I will

This picture I took right after the exam 
- I usually never smile with my teeth on pictures, but I was very happy :)  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Summary

Ah yes, already Sunday again.
Not a whole lot has happened here on the blog this past week, but as you know I'm currently having my finals. So there hasn't been much time for blogging - or pretty much anything else than study study study.

Tuesday Julie came by so we could study German together, and luckily it went pretty okay for us both. It calmed me down a little, but still...

... by Wednesday I was all over the place with nerves again. But then Thursday morning I got my exam question, and phew, that day wasn't fun! I didn't do much else than work on my exam and panic!

But then Friday morning I felt quite okay, so I drove up to the school, had a ciggy and then went up to my exam. It actually went very okay, and I passed with a C (or in Danish a 7) and I'm very happy about that! :)
Then I drove home, had a victory cuppa coffee, and then at 5 my mum and dad came by. We were all going to my grandpa's birthday party, so not long after they'd arrived, we drove off. It was a nice night, but by then end of it I was soooo tired that I almost couldn't sit up right. So when I got home at around 10, I just crashed!

And then yesterday I got up at 11 - after 13 hours of sleep! - and were ready to get a few things done. I did the laundry, cleaned the apartment, read up on my Psychology exam, re-potted some plants and in the evening I stayed up all night watching all four Scream movies. I didn't get to bed until 5 o'clock in the morning, so actually...

... I just got up an hour ago today! I gotta do something about my sleeping pattern; I still have one exam to go, so I better be on my toes!
Anyway, next Friday I have my last exam, so this coming week there won't be any blog posts either. Just so you know ;)

Have a lovely Sunday; I'll see you in a week

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday Summary

... and on a Monday no less!
It's not very often I forget to write my Sunday Summaries - actually, I think it's only happened once or twice before. But with all that studying for finals, my brain is kinda fried at the moment. I forget the simplest things... it's actually really annoying, and I'm not normally one for panicking over finals. But this year I'm kinda freaking out!
I only have two finals this year; Psychology and German, and they're a week apart. The first one, German, is on Friday, and Psychology is next Friday. I don't know what it is; I think the German one is messing with me because it's a language I can't quite figure out. And the Psychology one... well, I just feel like our teacher has really high expectations and it's gonna be hard to live up to her standards.

Okay, so if I fail, will it be the end of the world? No! But it sure ain't gonna be fun. But I find consolidation in the fact that it's not just me, but a lot of other people too.

Anyway, as I said, my brain is kinda fried from all that studying I've been doing day in and day out. Now I just can't wait for it to be over! But yeah, I don't remember that much - as a whole - of last week. Most days were the same; get up, take a shower, drink a cuppa coffee and then just study, study, study.
However, I did manage to post a few blog pieces last week. Like the one I posted on Tuesday, that told you how to make your own print on a cup
I also did a post on Wednesday on how you can make your plant pots a lot more personal with lace.
And then on Thursday I showed you my new shelving unit, which I got a couple of weeks back.

So yeah, not a whole lot is going on at the moment. Well, other than panicking!

I hope you're all having some fantastic days and are enjoying the sun whenever it appears