Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Summary

Ah how time flies when you're having fun.
Although I've only been on Summer break for a little over a week now, I find it that my routine is already totally screwed up. You know; up all night, sleep until noon. But then again, now is not the time to be sensible - I mean, why not take advantage of the situation when it's right there, right?
But yeah, not a whole lot has happened this week - other than I've enjoyed the freedom and in general just relaxed.

On Tuesday I had a very happy day. The sun was shining and it was hot hot hot. Maria came by after finishing an exam, and so therefore we relaxed with ice coffee, fruit, chocolate, biscuits and ice cream. We had a lovely time; it had actually been quite a while since I'd last seen Maria, so it was just great to see her and hang out once more. 

On Thursday I was sitting on the couch and reading a book, when suddenly my mum called. It was very hot that day, so she asked if she could drop by after work and at the same time take the opportunity to not sit in an overheated train back to Falster. Of course I said "Come on by", so I grabbed my bike and drove to meet her half way.
She stayed for a couple of hours, and so we had a great time just chilling and chatting. It's always lovely to have my mum visit, and this time was no exception. Later in the day, my dad came by to pick up my mum, but before they drove off, they stayed for one last cuppa ice coffee and a ciggy.

Friday was just a nice and relaxing day at home. I'd bought a bottle of S. Pellegrino and just stayed home with a good book. Not a whole lot happened, but I was nice to finally have time to just kick back and read read read. I don't read very often - well, other than homework anyway - because I find I don't have the time. Usually when I sit down with a book - or a TV show - I wanna finish it in one sitting... or at least, I'm trying to get it done in as few sittings as possible. But now I actually do have the time to just kick back, so that's exactly what I did that day.

And today I've been at my grandmum's for a visit. My sister and her kid Selma - my niece - had stopped by for a visit, and so I thought I'd join them and say hello. I love to be on the side line and watch how my niece's just getting bigger and funnier every time a see her. I can't believe she's already almost two and a half; time just flies by. But anyway, I came home about an hour ago, and now I'm just enjoying a cuppa coffee and an episode or two of Lost.

I hope you're all having a fantastic day,
and let's hope it'll only get better and better  


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