Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home Made Apple Sweet Icetea

A little late night blog posting never hurt no one, right? :)

The reason I'm writing late today is that all day I've been with Maria at Roskilde University for an open house. She's facing the uncomfortable choice of choosing where to study after VUC, and so when she told me that she was going to the open house at the university I'm planning on studying at in 2014, I afsked if I could come with her and check out campus for myself. Long story short, I'm so exited to go there when I'm done studying at VUC.

Anyway, bla bla bla, right? What I really wanted to show you today was this very nice tasting (and also nice looking) home made apple sweet icetea that I made yesterday and served earlier today when Maria and I came home from university and grabbed a ciggy outside in the sun.

There's nothing to this; all you need is apples, brown sugar, a mild tea (I used the organic brand Yogi's "Womens Tea") and, if you want, a pair of glass jars - you can get them for 2 or 3 bucks in most grocery stores.

  • Boil some water and slice up 1 apple in real thin slices and put half a sliced apple in each jar
  • Let the water cool of for 10 to 15 minutes so the jars won't break due to the heat of the water
  • Put some sugar cubes and a mild tea bag in each jar - side note; at this time of year, I prefer to use brown sugar in my home made iceteas, since it gives the drink a more "vintery flavour"
  • And then all you need to do is add water to each jar, put them in the fridge overnight and voilà; home made apple sweet icetea served in a super nice way!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'd Rather Be Thrifting

Last Saturday, when I was vacationing in Sweden with my folks, we drove to Växjö so I could take a look in the local thrift stores. I really like shopping, but I love thrifting! And of course I didn't come home empty handed - actually quite the opposite. My poor dad's creditcard suffered that day, haha.
Anyway, I found a lot of fantastic treasures that I didn't know I needed, but now can't imagine living without (insert winking smiley here!) Take a look at the super cool, super kitch and super retro things I found...

... Like these ultra retro coffee cups. They looked all sad, sitting on the shelve by themselves, but I used them this morning drinking coffee with Maria, and they really look super cute on a well set table.

I also found this cute crochet tablecloth. No doubt some nice old Swedish lady made this in her day, but now it looks nice on my little table.

When I saw these cups I immediately knew I wanted to use them in a little DIY project. Well, I did, and you can find the post here.

Right now, this kitchy vase is the prude and joy of my home! I know not everybody would go and buy something that kitch, but that's exactly what I fell in love with. This vase might just be one of the very best thriftstore purchases I've ever made!

And then finally I bought these lovely pair of porcelain figurine dogs. My mum told me the story behind figurines such as these; apparently in the olden days, wives of sailors would recieve a pair of dog figurines that their husbands had brought home with them from the orient. When the sailors were out at sea, their wives back home would place the dogs in the window facing outward, so that they were looking after the seafaring husbands, and inward when the husbands were home. As a plus, this trick apparently also served as quite the communication system, if the wives had lovers visiting often ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY: Make Your Own Print On A Cup

It's actually tremendously easy once you're got the things you need to do it.

  • Frist of all, you need one or more cups or mugs with a clean, not painted or printed surface. I recommend buying a plain cup for a dollar so you can practice before "going live".

  • Then you need to go out and buy a porcelaine pen in the colour you want to paint your cup with. Of course you can buy more than one colour if that's what you want to do on your cup or mug. I bought mine at a crafts store for 6 bucks, so they're not as expensive as you might think.

  • Now here's what you do: Clean the cups or mugs, let them dry off and then just start painting whatever you want. When you're done, let the paint on the mugs or cups dry for four hours before putting them in the oven and let them heat for 90 minutes at 320 degrees. After the 90 minutes is up, let the mugs or cups cool off for a bit in the oven. Then just take them out, clean them and voilà, now you have your very own homemade printed cups!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Goodbye Hello

Hello new plant

Goodbye old plant I've had since I moved in back in 09

Hello again new plant - enjoy your new home


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Summary

As always, when I get home late from vacation in Sweden, the Sunday Summary is posted later than usually. Anyway, now that you're up to speed, let me tell you a bit of what happened to me this week... which actually, when you think about it, ain't a whole lot.


As you know I was vacationing at the Swedish country house this past week, and to tell you the truth, we've (my mum and dad and I) haven't really been doing much. Most of the week we've been inside, and I've not done much other than taking it easy and trying out my new iPad mini. We've been out skiing a bit, but not much else, actually.


Although yesterday we drove to Växjö and did a little shopping. I wanted to visit the local thrift shops, and of course I ender up buying lots and lots of lovely and kitchy things - I'll do a post about my purchases later this upcoming week.


And then today it was, once again, time to go home. As always, it takes 4-5 hours to get back to Denmark, and I've been unpacking ever since I came home a couple of hours ago. Luckily I'm almost done and I did my homework in the car, so for the rest of the evening I'm just gunna relaxe and drink some coffee.


Sorry for the short Sunday Summary today,

but I really just wanna get the unpacking over with ;)

I hope you all had a lovely week and are exited for the one to come.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flowers Flowers Flowers

I love love love flowers - I can't get enough of them! I think I got it from my mum, cause when I look around the Swedish house, there's flowers everywhere. We got them for cheap money back home in Denmark before we drove up here, and they've only gotten more beautiful over the past couple of days.

Have a look for your selves!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bake Off Wednesday

So earlier today I was out skiing with my dad, and then for the past coupe of hours, I've been indside baking cookies and muffins with my mum.
Here's a bit of the delicious baked goods we've made...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow By The Countryside

So it seems like I'm a bit off my game with the whole blogging thing lately - I'm sorry!
So I thought I'd share some photos with you, so you could see all the snow we've had today by the Swedish country house.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Summary

My very first blogpost from my brand new iPad mini - actually it's quite fun, but I'll have to admit that it is a bit difficult, but oh well... Everything in it's time! Anyway, you'll have to bear with me, cause there might be a spelling error or two - damn autocorrections, haha.
Well well well, what a week it has been! I feel like a lot has happened, and right now I almost can't recall all of it. Anyway, I'll give it at try :) Monday I had a Psychology class to attend, so I got up, got ready and got to class alright. Luckily Mondays aren't that hard since I only have about 2 hours of school. We watched a pretty interesting movie and then suddenly, school was already over. Nothing much happened for the rest of the day, but as you might remember (if you follow the Facebook page - find the box to the left of this post) I updated the page saying that my computer broke down. I panicked quite a lot, but luckily my old neighbor is some kind of computer sales - and repair man, so he can probably fix it for me - phew!

Tuesdays nowadays, are reserved for going to Copenhagen, where I have a German class in the late afternoon. I took it easy when I woke up, and then at around 3 I biked to Roskilde station, where I took the train to Copenhagen Central Station. I got to class right in time, and then I just sat taking notes and tried to speak German as best as I could. This sounds pretty negative, but I'm actually thrilled about that class. I'm so happy I signed up for it! My dad picked me up in the city after I was done with class, and then he drove me back home to Roskilde - aaah, thanks dad, :)

Wednesday Maria came by for coffee - it's been quite a while since we've had morning coffee together, and even though it might not be the best thing to do, she actually ended up skipping a couple of classes so we could just hang out and chat. As always, it' an absolute delight to see Maria, and Wednesday was no exception :) When she left to go to school, I spend the rest of the day cleaning up a bit and then just relax with Netflix and coffee.

Friday was loooooooong but good. I got up at 6 'o clock and got ready for the adventures of the day, and at around 7, my mum and dad came by to pick up my packed bags - you see, Friday we got a week off from school, and of course I'm spending it at the Swedish country house with my parents. Ah well, at around 9 I took the bus to school and the just picked up some food for my lunch break, and the a little later, at around 10, classes started. School went by as normally, and then after classes were over I met up with my mum, and together we took the train to Valby. We did some shopping of the necessities and then my dad came by and picked us up - and then we were off to Sweden. The GPS showed that we would be at the house at 8, but when all was said and done it was well over 10 when we got the the house. We did a few stops, one if them being Field's Shopping Center outside if Copenhagen. and that's where I got my new best friend; my new iPad mini. actually I've never really though that I needed one, but now that I have it, it's really hard to imagine how I could live without one ;)
Later, when we were well passed the boarder, we went by IKEA where I got a nice present for my niece's birthday next month, and then I bought myself some nice glasses. And then finally at 10.30, we were finally at the house. But ah, there were a fair bit of unpacking to do, and it was actually only at around 12.30 we were all done. Even though I was tremendously tired, I still had my new iPad to try out, and therefore I only went to bed when I was practically falling asleep at the table...

... So therefore I got up a bit late yesterday. I helped out around the house - it's not all just sitting around and relaxing, haha. There was a lot of snow to be shuffled and the loads of other chores to do. But I don't mind at all - it's all part of the charm :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Summary

This week started out with me being under the weather, so I stayed home from school on Monday. I stayed in bed and drank endless cups of tea with honey, and then by Tuesday I felt a bit better...

... which was the whole point of staying home on Monday. Because Tuesday I had my very first German class in the city. However, Copenhagen and I aren't exactly friends; I'm not very good at navigating through the streets, so when I arrived at Hovedbanegården I ran around trying to find the bus I was supposed to take. After asking what seemed like a hundred people, I finally managed to find line 26 and rode the bus to Borgergade. After walking around a bit, I finally found Studieskolen, where my class was held. I was a bit early, so I found a couch area and just waited with Netflix and a cup of coffee, and then at 5 o'clock my class started. I was a bit shocked when I found out that everything is in German; information, questions and so on is in German, and although it freaked me out at first, after I took a deep breath I actually found out that it wasn't bad at all - and that I understood everything the teacher said. What a win, haha! Time went by so quickly, and when class was over I was really exited. I think it's one of the best decisions I've made lately, taking that class. Anyway, I went down to take the bus, only to find out that it wasn't coming. So that meant more running around. Luckily people were nice and helpful, and when I found out that Kongens Nytorv was just around the corner, I felt a bit silly - see, if I had known that I wouldn't have "panicked" that much haha. Anyway, I rode the bus back to Hovedbanegården where I met up with my grandmum who'd also been in the city, and together we took the train home to Roskilde.

Funnily enough, Wednesday, I also had another German class, however this one was at my school. Since I have German on a self-study level at school, we don't get to speak that much German - which is the reason why I signed up for the class in the city - but Wednesday we had a meeting, where we were going through a couple of texts and so on. It was actually quite funny, and I got a lot out of it.

Thursday I had the day off, but I was starting to feel a bit worse for wear again. So when Friday came, I once gain had to stay home and stay in bed. Actually, I've been feeling sick most of the weekend - but then again, everybody's sick around this time of year.
Anyway, today I feel a bit better, so I'm trying "find the strength" (haha) to do my homework and other things that must be done today. However, I just can't seem to close down Netflix and get on with it :)

I hope all of you had a lovely week and are looking forward for the one to come.
I sure am; Friday I have a week of winter holiday,
which I spending in the Swedish country house. I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For The Danish Lads And Ladies: Ellos Rabat Koder

Det er efterhånden rigtig lang tid siden der sidst har været nogle rabatkoder til Ellos, men nu har jeg endelig 2 til jer. Jeg er ikke helt sikker på om det er efter "først til mølle" princippet, men forsøg jer frem og se om de virker.

Rabatkupon 1:
400 kr. i rabat når der handles for mindst 1300 kr.
Koden er: 274101
Gælder til og med 26. april 2013, og kan ikke kombineres med andre rabatter eller tilbud.

Rabatkupon 2:
200 kr. i rabat når der handles for mindst 800 kr.
Koden er: 274101
Gælder til og med 26. april 2013, og kan ikke kombineres med andre rabatter eller tilbud.

Som I kan se på billedet nedenunder er der også mulighed for 40% rabat på jeres dyreste vare, så det er bare om at komme i gang!

Glad shopping!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Candles Candles Candles

If you, like me, love to curl up on the couch on a cold winter night - such as those we've been having for what seems like forever - a great way to add more coziness, is candles. I've always been a huge fan of candles, and I really look forward to it getting dark outside so I can just lit a bunch of them, watch a good movie and drink a cuppa tea.
However, if you're a bit light on cash, you can avoid going out and buy candle holders, cause chances are that you already have something at home that will work. Like my tray of candles; only one of the candle holders are bought (the green glass), and the rest is something I already had in my cupboards or gathered along the way. The big glasses with candles in them actually used to be jars of different things. In one of them I had cookies, the other pickles, the third beets and so on.
Clean them up nice and good after use, and remember to soak them for a couple of hours in hot water with a little soap, and the tags will come right off. However, if they leave that sticky stuff, here's a tip: just use a little nail polish remover on it, and it'll go away - easy as pie!
Not only is it a great - and way cheaper - idea, but it also creates a nice, fun and a bit rustic way of displaying candles.
Now go on and be creative


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Summary

Most of this week has, in my case, been painted with the colour of stress on stress. I haven't been able to do much blogging - actually, none at all - due to the fact that I've had a big and very important paper to write.
It actually started last Friday, where me and a bunch of my friends - not to mention what seemed like the rest of the school - were handed our assignments for our individual papers. I had chosen to write my paper in English - unfortunately I couldn't write the paper it self in English, but the subject of English. My focus was on the teenage rebellion in the American 1950's which is soooo the subject for me.
I started writing last Saturday, and that's basically what I've been doing all week. It's been very stressful at times, but I think I managed to keep my cool most of the time. Maria came by in Tuesday morning. We've learned that we're not only great at coffee talks with ciggys, but that we're actually also pretty great at working on school things such as homework, presentations and yes, papers too. She came by at around 10 o'clock, and after a quick cup of joe we started working on our papers. It was great to have someone to complain and talk to during the stressful process, and it was actually just the kick in the pants I needed.
Due to our hard work on Tuesday I actually managed to, after 10 hours of writing, finish my paper on Wednesday. The day after, Thursday, my dad came by in the evening and help me with corrections and such, and with him he'd brought pizza - ah, thanks dad!
And then Friday it was time to hand in our papers. Maria came by and picked me up at half past 9, and then we drove to school where we printed out our papers, put them in the right folders and signed the damn things. And then we handed them in... aaaah, what a feeling! We had to do a little high-five and give each other a hug, before heading out for a smoke and a chat. After that we did some grocery shopping and then we headed off to the library to return the books we'd used to write our papers. And then: freedom! We had bought a cake, and so we headed home to my place where we drank endless cups of coffee and stuffed our mouths with delicious cake, whilst talking it up about everything and nothing. Maria left at around 2, and then I just spent the rest of the day relaxing with episodes of Modern Family (my new favourite show by the way) and more coffee.
And then yesterday I managed to do all of the things I had neglected during the paper-writing-process. I got up early, cleaned the whole apartment, did all of my laundry, went for a long walk and biked to town to do a little shopping. I couldn't help myself and bought a bunch of flowers and plants, and then when I came home I spent the rest of the evening drinking chilli tea and streaming the Swedish song contest "Melodifestivalen" on my laptop.

And now it's almost Monday again. This coming week I have a lot on my plate; tomorrow's school, and then Tuesday I'm doing something new. I signed up for a German course in Copenhagen, which I'm really exited about. I'm not looking forward to the commute and the fact that it's an evening course, but apart from that I really think it's going to be awesome. And then funnily enough Wednesday I have a German class at school, so that fits together great. I might also visit my mum and dad for a couple of days, since my mum had knee surgery and might need some help around the house. I'm not sure about it yet, though. Well see :)

I hope you all had a lovely week and are looking forward to the one we're about to enter.
Have a happy Sunday - remember to enjoy the sunshine (that is, if you have any)