Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'd Rather Be Thrifting

Last Saturday, when I was vacationing in Sweden with my folks, we drove to Växjö so I could take a look in the local thrift stores. I really like shopping, but I love thrifting! And of course I didn't come home empty handed - actually quite the opposite. My poor dad's creditcard suffered that day, haha.
Anyway, I found a lot of fantastic treasures that I didn't know I needed, but now can't imagine living without (insert winking smiley here!) Take a look at the super cool, super kitch and super retro things I found...

... Like these ultra retro coffee cups. They looked all sad, sitting on the shelve by themselves, but I used them this morning drinking coffee with Maria, and they really look super cute on a well set table.

I also found this cute crochet tablecloth. No doubt some nice old Swedish lady made this in her day, but now it looks nice on my little table.

When I saw these cups I immediately knew I wanted to use them in a little DIY project. Well, I did, and you can find the post here.

Right now, this kitchy vase is the prude and joy of my home! I know not everybody would go and buy something that kitch, but that's exactly what I fell in love with. This vase might just be one of the very best thriftstore purchases I've ever made!

And then finally I bought these lovely pair of porcelain figurine dogs. My mum told me the story behind figurines such as these; apparently in the olden days, wives of sailors would recieve a pair of dog figurines that their husbands had brought home with them from the orient. When the sailors were out at sea, their wives back home would place the dogs in the window facing outward, so that they were looking after the seafaring husbands, and inward when the husbands were home. As a plus, this trick apparently also served as quite the communication system, if the wives had lovers visiting often ;)

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