Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Summary

This week started out with me being under the weather, so I stayed home from school on Monday. I stayed in bed and drank endless cups of tea with honey, and then by Tuesday I felt a bit better...

... which was the whole point of staying home on Monday. Because Tuesday I had my very first German class in the city. However, Copenhagen and I aren't exactly friends; I'm not very good at navigating through the streets, so when I arrived at HovedbanegÄrden I ran around trying to find the bus I was supposed to take. After asking what seemed like a hundred people, I finally managed to find line 26 and rode the bus to Borgergade. After walking around a bit, I finally found Studieskolen, where my class was held. I was a bit early, so I found a couch area and just waited with Netflix and a cup of coffee, and then at 5 o'clock my class started. I was a bit shocked when I found out that everything is in German; information, questions and so on is in German, and although it freaked me out at first, after I took a deep breath I actually found out that it wasn't bad at all - and that I understood everything the teacher said. What a win, haha! Time went by so quickly, and when class was over I was really exited. I think it's one of the best decisions I've made lately, taking that class. Anyway, I went down to take the bus, only to find out that it wasn't coming. So that meant more running around. Luckily people were nice and helpful, and when I found out that Kongens Nytorv was just around the corner, I felt a bit silly - see, if I had known that I wouldn't have "panicked" that much haha. Anyway, I rode the bus back to HovedbanegÄrden where I met up with my grandmum who'd also been in the city, and together we took the train home to Roskilde.

Funnily enough, Wednesday, I also had another German class, however this one was at my school. Since I have German on a self-study level at school, we don't get to speak that much German - which is the reason why I signed up for the class in the city - but Wednesday we had a meeting, where we were going through a couple of texts and so on. It was actually quite funny, and I got a lot out of it.

Thursday I had the day off, but I was starting to feel a bit worse for wear again. So when Friday came, I once gain had to stay home and stay in bed. Actually, I've been feeling sick most of the weekend - but then again, everybody's sick around this time of year.
Anyway, today I feel a bit better, so I'm trying "find the strength" (haha) to do my homework and other things that must be done today. However, I just can't seem to close down Netflix and get on with it :)

I hope all of you had a lovely week and are looking forward for the one to come.
I sure am; Friday I have a week of winter holiday,
which I spending in the Swedish country house. I can't wait!

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