Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Summary

Most of this week has, in my case, been painted with the colour of stress on stress. I haven't been able to do much blogging - actually, none at all - due to the fact that I've had a big and very important paper to write.
It actually started last Friday, where me and a bunch of my friends - not to mention what seemed like the rest of the school - were handed our assignments for our individual papers. I had chosen to write my paper in English - unfortunately I couldn't write the paper it self in English, but the subject of English. My focus was on the teenage rebellion in the American 1950's which is soooo the subject for me.
I started writing last Saturday, and that's basically what I've been doing all week. It's been very stressful at times, but I think I managed to keep my cool most of the time. Maria came by in Tuesday morning. We've learned that we're not only great at coffee talks with ciggys, but that we're actually also pretty great at working on school things such as homework, presentations and yes, papers too. She came by at around 10 o'clock, and after a quick cup of joe we started working on our papers. It was great to have someone to complain and talk to during the stressful process, and it was actually just the kick in the pants I needed.
Due to our hard work on Tuesday I actually managed to, after 10 hours of writing, finish my paper on Wednesday. The day after, Thursday, my dad came by in the evening and help me with corrections and such, and with him he'd brought pizza - ah, thanks dad!
And then Friday it was time to hand in our papers. Maria came by and picked me up at half past 9, and then we drove to school where we printed out our papers, put them in the right folders and signed the damn things. And then we handed them in... aaaah, what a feeling! We had to do a little high-five and give each other a hug, before heading out for a smoke and a chat. After that we did some grocery shopping and then we headed off to the library to return the books we'd used to write our papers. And then: freedom! We had bought a cake, and so we headed home to my place where we drank endless cups of coffee and stuffed our mouths with delicious cake, whilst talking it up about everything and nothing. Maria left at around 2, and then I just spent the rest of the day relaxing with episodes of Modern Family (my new favourite show by the way) and more coffee.
And then yesterday I managed to do all of the things I had neglected during the paper-writing-process. I got up early, cleaned the whole apartment, did all of my laundry, went for a long walk and biked to town to do a little shopping. I couldn't help myself and bought a bunch of flowers and plants, and then when I came home I spent the rest of the evening drinking chilli tea and streaming the Swedish song contest "Melodifestivalen" on my laptop.

And now it's almost Monday again. This coming week I have a lot on my plate; tomorrow's school, and then Tuesday I'm doing something new. I signed up for a German course in Copenhagen, which I'm really exited about. I'm not looking forward to the commute and the fact that it's an evening course, but apart from that I really think it's going to be awesome. And then funnily enough Wednesday I have a German class at school, so that fits together great. I might also visit my mum and dad for a couple of days, since my mum had knee surgery and might need some help around the house. I'm not sure about it yet, though. Well see :)

I hope you all had a lovely week and are looking forward to the one we're about to enter.
Have a happy Sunday - remember to enjoy the sunshine (that is, if you have any)

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