Monday, June 30, 2014


This month's InstaPost will be a little bit different
- see, as a graduation present I got a brand new phone.
This is, of course, amazing - however, I haven't gotten around to empty the old phone of pictures and what have you yet.
But I won't cheat you for the monthly InstaPost, so here's 4 pictures Kasper took of me last week, while we were taking an evening stroll :)

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life: A Fantastic Gift!

Hello all!

If you read this post I wrote a couple of days ago, you'll know that I've finally graduated! Oh how life is wonderful!

This past week has truly been amazing - dare I even say the best week of my life?
It all started Monday, when I graduated - a day jam-packed with happiness and wonderful memories. Tuesday I had the day off, which was quite the lucky thing, since I was completely worn out from Monday.

Wednesday, Kasper and I had the most amazing day together - nothing spectacular happened (( except, of course, life and happiness )), but we spent the day taking a long walk, taking a lot of pictures, shooting personal videos and having the time of our lives. We made what seemed like 10 pounds of delicious gourmet pasta, ate, laughed and had fun. Oh, and Kasper is a
(( phenomenal !!! )) photographer, so in the evening he took a lot of gorgeous pictures of different things in my home - stay tuned for an upcoming post!

Thursday I attended the final graduating ceremony at my school - I met up with my other friends and graduates, we got our diplomas and had such a fun time. Later, Kasper came by and picked me up, and we went home to my place where we totally crashed! Luckily, there was a lot of delicious leftovers from the day before, so we ate like kings and watched Shrek and in general, just had fun.

And finally yesterday, Friday, I had a get-together with the old gang - if you've been following f&f for a couple of years, you might remember me mentioning them from time to time. The old gang is a group of friends I met a couple of years ago, and even though we've been separated for a year now, we've stayed in touch. And then yesterday, we met up and had a fantastic time together! First, we met at the old school (( which probably was the last time I'll ever be there - wow, that's a weird feeling )) since that was where it all started, and then went to the park for a couple of hours and then later, we ended up at a bar in town. We had such a fun time rolling the dice, laughing it up and screaming ourselves hoarse! I ended up going to bed at 3.30, and today I have almost no voice!

So yes, these past days have truly been amazing, wonderful and full of laughter - I now have the most amazing memories to last me a life time, and I'm just so utterly and completely and truly happy!

Pictures by Kasper Kay

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hiyah all!

It finally happened - I've graduated!
Yes, after four long years of attending VUC High School for adults, I had my last ever exam (( we'll, high school exam anyway )) .
The tradition of "students//studenter" as they are called here in Denmark, is that they get a special hat - a so called "studenterhue" right after they've passed their final exam. All year I've been saying that I didn't want one, but last moment my dad convinced me - and oh how I am happy that he did!
Friends and classmates write small messages in the hat, and there are different traditions of ways of wearing it - fx, if you party till dawn, a little cut should be made in the shade. There are loads of different rules, and no way José I can remember them all ;)

Anyway, I had the BEST day!
My dad came and celebrated with me; he'd brought a lot of flowers, Danish AND Swedish flags (( I ám a Swede at heart )) and alcohol-free strawberry champagne. I had the chance to chat with some of my classmates as well, and in general just had the best day ever. My dad insisted on taking me to a portrait photographer (( that wasn't uncomfortable at all, haha )) and later we had a lovely dinner at our favourite place.
A lot of people called, wrote and texted me all day - I felt very popular (( haha )) and of course, I was very glad that I ended my final exam with a B :)

Today I was out and celebrated with some classmates, and then later, I was together with Kasper aaaall day long. We had so much fun; loving and living life, going for a long walk whilst taking a lot of pictures, drinking tea and making a delicious dinner - well okay, Kasper cooked ;)
Tomorrow there's a final ceremony for all of the graduates and Friday I'm having a party for the old gang :)

Finally I can go on summer break with a clean conscious, free as a bird and happy as can be :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Why hello there, how nice it is to see you again!
Yes, I know it - I am not here very often. I know I sing the same song over and over again,
but oh how life just passes in a blur at the moment.
Already school's out for summer, and exams have officially started!
I'm already half way through; 3 down, 3 to go!
The next one is this Friday, and these past few days I've been in my Swedish Paradise,
enjoying the sun whilst studying outside.

Now, however, I'm home again.
I've allowed myself today off, but tomorrow it's back to the books.
So I hope you'll understand that blogging is just not n the top of my list at the moment . . .
. . . BUT! In about a month or so, when I've finally graduated and all of the parties are over,
I promise you that I will be back - really! So please, hang on and enjoy life . . .

. . . and while you do that, you can enjoy last months Instagram pictures.
I know things are slow here at f&f, but if you wanna see me in action, then check out my Instagram
((I update almost daily over there and almost no selfies, haha)) - info at the bottom of this post.

Well, you take care now.
I hope you'll return in a months time - I promise, I have a lot of new posts in mind, but time ain't really on my side.
Ciao for now 

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