Sunday, June 1, 2014


Why hello there, how nice it is to see you again!
Yes, I know it - I am not here very often. I know I sing the same song over and over again,
but oh how life just passes in a blur at the moment.
Already school's out for summer, and exams have officially started!
I'm already half way through; 3 down, 3 to go!
The next one is this Friday, and these past few days I've been in my Swedish Paradise,
enjoying the sun whilst studying outside.

Now, however, I'm home again.
I've allowed myself today off, but tomorrow it's back to the books.
So I hope you'll understand that blogging is just not n the top of my list at the moment . . .
. . . BUT! In about a month or so, when I've finally graduated and all of the parties are over,
I promise you that I will be back - really! So please, hang on and enjoy life . . .

. . . and while you do that, you can enjoy last months Instagram pictures.
I know things are slow here at f&f, but if you wanna see me in action, then check out my Instagram
((I update almost daily over there and almost no selfies, haha)) - info at the bottom of this post.

Well, you take care now.
I hope you'll return in a months time - I promise, I have a lot of new posts in mind, but time ain't really on my side.
Ciao for now 

You can find me on Instagram
under the name

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