Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life: A Fantastic Gift!

Hello all!

If you read this post I wrote a couple of days ago, you'll know that I've finally graduated! Oh how life is wonderful!

This past week has truly been amazing - dare I even say the best week of my life?
It all started Monday, when I graduated - a day jam-packed with happiness and wonderful memories. Tuesday I had the day off, which was quite the lucky thing, since I was completely worn out from Monday.

Wednesday, Kasper and I had the most amazing day together - nothing spectacular happened (( except, of course, life and happiness )), but we spent the day taking a long walk, taking a lot of pictures, shooting personal videos and having the time of our lives. We made what seemed like 10 pounds of delicious gourmet pasta, ate, laughed and had fun. Oh, and Kasper is a
(( phenomenal !!! )) photographer, so in the evening he took a lot of gorgeous pictures of different things in my home - stay tuned for an upcoming post!

Thursday I attended the final graduating ceremony at my school - I met up with my other friends and graduates, we got our diplomas and had such a fun time. Later, Kasper came by and picked me up, and we went home to my place where we totally crashed! Luckily, there was a lot of delicious leftovers from the day before, so we ate like kings and watched Shrek and in general, just had fun.

And finally yesterday, Friday, I had a get-together with the old gang - if you've been following f&f for a couple of years, you might remember me mentioning them from time to time. The old gang is a group of friends I met a couple of years ago, and even though we've been separated for a year now, we've stayed in touch. And then yesterday, we met up and had a fantastic time together! First, we met at the old school (( which probably was the last time I'll ever be there - wow, that's a weird feeling )) since that was where it all started, and then went to the park for a couple of hours and then later, we ended up at a bar in town. We had such a fun time rolling the dice, laughing it up and screaming ourselves hoarse! I ended up going to bed at 3.30, and today I have almost no voice!

So yes, these past days have truly been amazing, wonderful and full of laughter - I now have the most amazing memories to last me a life time, and I'm just so utterly and completely and truly happy!

Pictures by Kasper Kay

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