Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday Summary

When I'm on holiday, I always wonder where the time flies off to. I mean, I feel like I've just witten a Sunday Summary, and here I am again, writing yet another one. Oh well, I guess that's just how things are. Anyway, it's Sunday yet again, so let's get started with this weeks Sunday Summary.


I know it's been very quiet here for the past week, but I've just forgotten all about the real world and relaxed - well, most of the time anyway. From Monday to Wednesday I was burried in homework. I had a lot of German homework to do, both for school in Roskilde and school in Copenhagen. Luckily I managed to get it all done, and then...


... Thursday, I could suddenly celebrate 2 years sober. It's so weird to remember my life back when I was an alcoholic - it's like a whole other life. Anyway, now I'm happier than ever, and it's all thanks to not drinking alcohol. That day we took a quick trip to Växjö and then later a drive though the Swedish countryside. So lovely.


Friday was a quiet day. My mum and dad had the neighbors over in the evening, and I just stayed in, drinking coffee and watching Beverly Hills 90210 by the fire. Here in Sweden - and Denmark too - we're celebrating Easter this weekend, but there's no sign of Spring weather outside. There's loads af snow on the ground, and it's been snowing every day since we came here last Friday. Don't get me wrong, it is very pretty and idyllic to look at, and it is nice to light up a fire in the fireplace BUT I just want Spring already. For crying out loud, tomorrow's April 1st! Oh well, unfortunately the weather is one thing you just can't control.


Yesterday was very lazy. I stayed in most of the day - apart from taking a quick walk in the sunshine with my mum - and relaxed. I watched a lot of Beverly Hills 90210 and took a nap - haha, I can't even remember how long it's been since I've taken a nap in the middel of the day without being sick. Anyway, I sure am living on the Wild side ;)


And yes, it's already Sunday again. Today the plan is to pack, cause we're going home tomorrow - such a shame, although I am kinda looking forward to get back home to my own place. But I still wouldn't say no to another weeks vacation, haha.


Have a lovely Sunday y'all!




Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Summary

Last Sunday, the Sunday Summary was very short and heavy with negativity - which actually is quite understandable, since I was way sick with a bad case of the flu. Actually, I've been sick most of this week - and still kinda am, although it is getting a lot better.
Anyway, since I still felt very bad on Monday, I stayed home and just slept and slept and slept. The "funny thing" about me is, that I very seldom get sick - you know, real sick - but when I do, I'm absolutely useless. I can't do anything but sleep, drink lots of tea and have an occasional ciggy. Anyway, Monday and Tuesday, that's pretty much all what happened, so let's skip those days, shall we?

Anyway, since we're skipping Monday and Tuesday, that leaves us with Wednesday and so on. Maria, the best girlfriend you could wish for, insisted on dropping by Wednesday morning to check up on me and she'd brought homemade chokolate cake - such a lovely girl! Anyway, I wasn't feeling all that well, but we still enderd up having a lovely time - as always. Actually, she stopped by later in the day too. Most of me and Maria's meet-ups consist of coffee, cigarettes - and lately - lots and lots of cake, haha. Anyway, Wednesday was no exeption, and it was so nice and lovely to see her again before 10 days of Easter vacation.

Thursday was pretty boring. Since I was going to school and then Sweden on Friday, I stayed in and did all of the things that needs to be done before vacation. So I packed a big bag, cleaned my apartment a bit and all that jazz.

And the Friday was the big show. Since I'd been home sick for over a week, I was a little worried about my energy levels, but luckily they held up okay. Anyway, I took the bus to school, bought some flowers for my mum and chokolates for my dad and then I went to class. It was okay. Not much to talk about, same as always. Although the gang and I did have fun down at our table. Anyway, after class I went to the train station and met up with my mum, and then we took the train to Valby where we grabbed a bite to eat and then met up with my dad. And then it was time to go to Sweden. As always the trip is about 4-5 hours long, and then there's the matter of unpacking the car in utter darkness BUT... when all of that is done, then vacation can start!

And so it did. I actually got up pretty early yesterday, even though we didn't have any plans. So I stayed in most of the day and watched Beverly Hills 90210 and read the new IKEA catalouge, and then I drove to town with my dad for an hour or so. So not much to report there.

And now it's already Sunday again - where does the time go, I wonder.

Anyway, today ain't gonna be fun since I'm spending most of today

and the next couple of days on that darn German homework I've been neglecting for the past week.

So y'all have a lovely Spring Sunday; I'm gonna put over a pot of coffee and get ma' grove on!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bang Baby Bang

Last night - as you might know if you follow the Facebook page - I asked all of the lovely likers if I should cut my bangs. A couple of lovely ladies answered and encouraged me to do it, and I simply couldn't resist.
So here's some pictures of the new bangs - I like them a lot. I think it has a kind of 60's//70's vibe to it, and it's still so long so that if I don't curl it, it can be diveded to the sides. So I'm pretty happy I did it - hope you like it too!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Fun

Just a little silly today, but I do mean it. I'd really like to be more creative again - a couple of years back I couldn't put down the paint brushes, but nowadays I never get to be creative anymore. So now I'm gonna change that! It's not going to consume my whole life, not at all, but I think it could be fun to do a little more than just doodling...

So yes, let's hope I'll stick to it!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Summary

So, Sunday's almost over, and I think this is probably the latest Sunday Summary ever! But you see, I've been home all weekend just sleeping and feeling lousy. I've caught the "Spring" flu in a major way. Really sucks. Anyway, that's why I haven't opened a computer or my iPad all day - until now. So this weeks Sunday Summary is going to be very short, since I'm feeling lousy - but enough with the sob story and let's head at it:


Monday I had the day off from school, so I stayed home and didn't do much, but then Tuesday I had a lot to do. As always, I have German in the city late in the afternoon, but earlier in the day I took the train to Copenhagen. I was going to see Stuhr, one of my oldest and best friends from High School. We had a lovely day in the Spring sun, and she's just moved to a new place, so of course I had to see that too. Anyway, Stuhr is the kind of friend I rarely see, but when we actually do see each other, everything is just like in the old days!


Thursday me and Maria drove to school to meet up with our counselor for that big paper we write a couple of weeks back. After about an hour of chatting with her, we drove to my place and enjoyed endless cups of coffee and cigarettes.


And then it was Friday, and I was so sick I couldn't even make it out of bed. All weekend I've just slept, had cups of tea and then slept again. Very boring.


So that was a very short summary of my week, and again, I'm sorry it's so late.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Chain of lights

I just wanted to do a quick post on this new, very lovely chain of lights. Got them earlier today for a fiver!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Summary

Yet another week has come and gone, and here we are once again; Sunday. This Sunday is, in Roskilde anyway, very cold and windy, so I've curled up on the couch with a pot of chamomile tea with ginger and I'm all ready to write this weeks Sunday Summary.


We've had this week off from Psychology, so that meant that I had Monday all to myself. I didn't do much other than stay home and relax, and then later Maria stopped by for a quick cup of coffee before she headed off to school for night classes.


Tuesday I had German class in the city, but before I took the train to Copenhagen, I stopped by our local Havana House and bought a brand new cigarette case. Then I was off to the city. As always, I was at school an hour before class started, so I just relaxed a bit with Netflix and a cup of to-go coffee from 7/11. Otherwise, class went okay. I really get a lot out of it, it's just such a shame that it's so late in the day. Oh well, I'll live (haha). When class was over I had a ciggy with one if my classmates Siri, and then I travelled back to Roskilde. When I got back I did some quick grocery shopping in the all-night store, and then it was home, a quick bite to eat and then I was off to bed.


But I probably should have gone to bed right away, cause the next morning I woke up, all confused, by Maria knocking on my door. I had overslept, but luckily I don't mind Maria seeing me in "my real face" - although I did put on some makeup pretty quick. Anyway, Maria and I had most of the day to chat and drink coffee, and a little later we drove down to the harbour and went for a walk, ate a hotdog and sat outside and drank coffee we'd bought at Roskilde's most expensive restaurant. But we had a lot of fun in the Spring sun - and it was the hottest day in Denmark so far.


But then, almost over night, it turned very cold and windy by Thursday - such a bummer! Anyway, I stayed in all day and had a total day of beauty - it's been sooooo long since I've done that. But it was the whole shebang; facemask, nails, feet and what have you. So lovely!


Friday I visited my grandmum. My sister and my niece stopped by for a couple of hours; it was so lovely to see them again. Actually I haven't seen my sister and niece since before Christmas, and it was tons of fun. I can't believe how big Selma's gotten. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and celebrated that Selma had turned 2 on Tuesday, so there was cake and everything in between.


And then yesterday I was all psyched all day. See, in the evening the big finale of the Swedish songcontest, Melodifestivalen, was held. As I am quite addicted to that show, of course I had to watch. All week long I've been listening the the song I thought should win, and guess what - it did! If there's any Swedish followers out there, you'll know that I'm talking about Robin's "You". Such an amazing song! I had a lovely night, but I ended up getting to bed waaay to late because I watched the streaming of the backstage show.


And yes, once again, I got op way to late today. Luckily I picked myself up, took a shower and did some grocery shopping earlier. Now I'm gonna water my plants, clean up a bit, do the dishes and catch up on my German homework.


So that's about it. Y'all have a lovely Sunday now, and I'll see you again soon :)




Saturday, March 9, 2013

For the Danish Lads and ladies: ellos rabatkoder

Over det sidste lange stykke tid har jeg fået en del flyers fra ellos, og eftersom de jo ér ret venlige til at give rabat på deres varer, tænkte jeg at jeg ville dele koderne med jer.
Jeg ville have brugt nogle af dem selv - faktisk  tidligere i dag, hvor jeg købte lidt godt til mig selv. "Uheldigvis" var de varer jeg lagde i kurven tilbudsvarer, og desværre virker ellos' rabatkoder kun på ikke-tilbudsvarer. Men men men, intet er jo så galt at det ikke er godt for noget, og det betyder jo så at jeg kan give jer koderne!

Koderne er efter "først til mølle" princippet, så hvis I nu har set noget I godt kunne tænke jer, er det altså bare med at være lynhurtige!

Den første kode giver 40% rabat på din dyreste vare, og derefter 20% rabat på resten af bestillingen (i boligsortimentet).
Koden kan ikke kombineres med andre rabatter eller tilbudsvarer.
Koden er: 270501

Den anden kode giver 150 kr. i rabat når der shoppes for mindst 450 kr.
Disse må dog ikke være tilbudsvarer, og koden kan ikke kombineres med andre rabatter.
Koden gælder til den 18. april 2013.
Koden er: 270608

Den sidste kode giver 300 kr. i rabat når der shoppes for mindst 900 kr.
Disse må dog ikke være tilbudsvarer, og koden kan ikke kombineres med andre rabatter.
Koden gælder til den 18. april 2013.
Koden er: 270601

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Summary

This past week has been one of those weeks that've just been packed with so many things, that I now find it hard to remember and summarise it for you. But then again, I feel like that quite often when I'm writing these weekly Sunday Summaries, and most weeks I still end up writing quite a lot. So let's give it a go, shall we?

As you know, last Sunday I came home from a week of relaxation by the Swedish countryside with my mum and dad. I managed to get everything unpacked and ready for a new week, so that when I woke up Monday morning I was free of all the clutter and such, which often comes with the hassle of unpacking after vacation. Anyway, despite of the non-cluttering and so on, it's hard to deny that Mondays can be a little rough. Luckily it wasn't that bad, and suddenly I found myself back home in my apartment after a short day of school. Quite nice actually, and so I think I spent the rest of the day doing what needs to be done after being away, such as grocery shopping, cleaning up a bit and so on.

Tuesday I was supposed to go to the German class I'm taking in the city, but unfortunately I felt very under the weather and spent most of the day in bed.

Luckily by Wednesday I was feeling loads better, which was pretty great since Maria stopped by for coffee - twice! We had a lot of fun, and it was fantastic to see her again after a little over a week. She told me that she was going to an open house at Roskilde University the next day, and since my plan is to attend school there next year, I asked if I could join her...

... and so the next day, Thursday, Maria came by again. Like the true comfort and caffeine additcs that we are, we enjoyed a nice breakfast and a lot of coffee, before we drove to RUC (the university). There we met up with Preben and Vineet, two of our old friends from class last year, and together we attended a couple of lectures and took a look around campus. I've gotta say... I love that place! That university is soooo where I belong, so now I'm super psyked for time to fly by and the page of the calendar informing us that it's September 2014.

And then suddenly Friday had had arrived, and I was looking forward to getting out of bed and get started with the day. First of all, I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. The sun was shining through my curtains, and it didn't let us down - we were all bathed in sunlight for the rest of the day. I guess Spring is finally on it's way. Anyway, I got up and got to school, which was so-so - as always, haha. I did have fun with the other guys though - there was definitely smiles and exited faces all around. See, that very same night we had a school galla - which is actually kinda like prom. Anyway, all the girls (me included) were talking about our dresses and shoes and what have you, and even though I really hadn't given it much though, I suddenly began to get very exited. Luckily Julie and I had plans to get ready for the party together, so after school we walked home in the blazing sunshine to my place. We started getting ready pretty much the second we got home, which was lucky, cause at exactly at 6 o'clock we were ready for the cab. The galla was really great; I knew quite a lot of people there, and the food was delicious. People got pretty drunk and happy and silly quite fast, and eventhough I don't drink, I thought people were hilarious! Long story short, I had so much fun and I must say I felt really pretty. I had kind of a 60's theme going on, but the best part of my outfit was the fantastic fake eyelashes I wore - see the picture below. Aaah, if only I could wear those every day for the rest of my life ;) Anyway, the paty ended at 1, but I went home a little past midnight - I was starting to crash a bit. But it was okay, cause you know that old saying; "Leave the party early..."

Saturday, I got up at 9 o'clock and was completely rested and ready for a new day. My plan was to just relax, do a little homework and clean up a bit - which was exactly what I did, and it was good-o! And of course in the evening, I streamed Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Song Contest - I'm so addictet to the Swedish contest, but funnily enough I don't care for the Danish Song Contest... Oh well...

And once again it's Sunday.
So y'all have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine if you have any.