Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Summary

Last Sunday, the Sunday Summary was very short and heavy with negativity - which actually is quite understandable, since I was way sick with a bad case of the flu. Actually, I've been sick most of this week - and still kinda am, although it is getting a lot better.
Anyway, since I still felt very bad on Monday, I stayed home and just slept and slept and slept. The "funny thing" about me is, that I very seldom get sick - you know, real sick - but when I do, I'm absolutely useless. I can't do anything but sleep, drink lots of tea and have an occasional ciggy. Anyway, Monday and Tuesday, that's pretty much all what happened, so let's skip those days, shall we?

Anyway, since we're skipping Monday and Tuesday, that leaves us with Wednesday and so on. Maria, the best girlfriend you could wish for, insisted on dropping by Wednesday morning to check up on me and she'd brought homemade chokolate cake - such a lovely girl! Anyway, I wasn't feeling all that well, but we still enderd up having a lovely time - as always. Actually, she stopped by later in the day too. Most of me and Maria's meet-ups consist of coffee, cigarettes - and lately - lots and lots of cake, haha. Anyway, Wednesday was no exeption, and it was so nice and lovely to see her again before 10 days of Easter vacation.

Thursday was pretty boring. Since I was going to school and then Sweden on Friday, I stayed in and did all of the things that needs to be done before vacation. So I packed a big bag, cleaned my apartment a bit and all that jazz.

And the Friday was the big show. Since I'd been home sick for over a week, I was a little worried about my energy levels, but luckily they held up okay. Anyway, I took the bus to school, bought some flowers for my mum and chokolates for my dad and then I went to class. It was okay. Not much to talk about, same as always. Although the gang and I did have fun down at our table. Anyway, after class I went to the train station and met up with my mum, and then we took the train to Valby where we grabbed a bite to eat and then met up with my dad. And then it was time to go to Sweden. As always the trip is about 4-5 hours long, and then there's the matter of unpacking the car in utter darkness BUT... when all of that is done, then vacation can start!

And so it did. I actually got up pretty early yesterday, even though we didn't have any plans. So I stayed in most of the day and watched Beverly Hills 90210 and read the new IKEA catalouge, and then I drove to town with my dad for an hour or so. So not much to report there.

And now it's already Sunday again - where does the time go, I wonder.

Anyway, today ain't gonna be fun since I'm spending most of today

and the next couple of days on that darn German homework I've been neglecting for the past week.

So y'all have a lovely Spring Sunday; I'm gonna put over a pot of coffee and get ma' grove on!


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