Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Summary

Yet another week has come and gone, and here we are once again; Sunday. This Sunday is, in Roskilde anyway, very cold and windy, so I've curled up on the couch with a pot of chamomile tea with ginger and I'm all ready to write this weeks Sunday Summary.


We've had this week off from Psychology, so that meant that I had Monday all to myself. I didn't do much other than stay home and relax, and then later Maria stopped by for a quick cup of coffee before she headed off to school for night classes.


Tuesday I had German class in the city, but before I took the train to Copenhagen, I stopped by our local Havana House and bought a brand new cigarette case. Then I was off to the city. As always, I was at school an hour before class started, so I just relaxed a bit with Netflix and a cup of to-go coffee from 7/11. Otherwise, class went okay. I really get a lot out of it, it's just such a shame that it's so late in the day. Oh well, I'll live (haha). When class was over I had a ciggy with one if my classmates Siri, and then I travelled back to Roskilde. When I got back I did some quick grocery shopping in the all-night store, and then it was home, a quick bite to eat and then I was off to bed.


But I probably should have gone to bed right away, cause the next morning I woke up, all confused, by Maria knocking on my door. I had overslept, but luckily I don't mind Maria seeing me in "my real face" - although I did put on some makeup pretty quick. Anyway, Maria and I had most of the day to chat and drink coffee, and a little later we drove down to the harbour and went for a walk, ate a hotdog and sat outside and drank coffee we'd bought at Roskilde's most expensive restaurant. But we had a lot of fun in the Spring sun - and it was the hottest day in Denmark so far.


But then, almost over night, it turned very cold and windy by Thursday - such a bummer! Anyway, I stayed in all day and had a total day of beauty - it's been sooooo long since I've done that. But it was the whole shebang; facemask, nails, feet and what have you. So lovely!


Friday I visited my grandmum. My sister and my niece stopped by for a couple of hours; it was so lovely to see them again. Actually I haven't seen my sister and niece since before Christmas, and it was tons of fun. I can't believe how big Selma's gotten. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and celebrated that Selma had turned 2 on Tuesday, so there was cake and everything in between.


And then yesterday I was all psyched all day. See, in the evening the big finale of the Swedish songcontest, Melodifestivalen, was held. As I am quite addicted to that show, of course I had to watch. All week long I've been listening the the song I thought should win, and guess what - it did! If there's any Swedish followers out there, you'll know that I'm talking about Robin's "You". Such an amazing song! I had a lovely night, but I ended up getting to bed waaay to late because I watched the streaming of the backstage show.


And yes, once again, I got op way to late today. Luckily I picked myself up, took a shower and did some grocery shopping earlier. Now I'm gonna water my plants, clean up a bit, do the dishes and catch up on my German homework.


So that's about it. Y'all have a lovely Sunday now, and I'll see you again soon :)




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