Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Summary

So, Sunday's almost over, and I think this is probably the latest Sunday Summary ever! But you see, I've been home all weekend just sleeping and feeling lousy. I've caught the "Spring" flu in a major way. Really sucks. Anyway, that's why I haven't opened a computer or my iPad all day - until now. So this weeks Sunday Summary is going to be very short, since I'm feeling lousy - but enough with the sob story and let's head at it:


Monday I had the day off from school, so I stayed home and didn't do much, but then Tuesday I had a lot to do. As always, I have German in the city late in the afternoon, but earlier in the day I took the train to Copenhagen. I was going to see Stuhr, one of my oldest and best friends from High School. We had a lovely day in the Spring sun, and she's just moved to a new place, so of course I had to see that too. Anyway, Stuhr is the kind of friend I rarely see, but when we actually do see each other, everything is just like in the old days!


Thursday me and Maria drove to school to meet up with our counselor for that big paper we write a couple of weeks back. After about an hour of chatting with her, we drove to my place and enjoyed endless cups of coffee and cigarettes.


And then it was Friday, and I was so sick I couldn't even make it out of bed. All weekend I've just slept, had cups of tea and then slept again. Very boring.


So that was a very short summary of my week, and again, I'm sorry it's so late.


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