Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Summary

This past week has been one of those weeks that've just been packed with so many things, that I now find it hard to remember and summarise it for you. But then again, I feel like that quite often when I'm writing these weekly Sunday Summaries, and most weeks I still end up writing quite a lot. So let's give it a go, shall we?

As you know, last Sunday I came home from a week of relaxation by the Swedish countryside with my mum and dad. I managed to get everything unpacked and ready for a new week, so that when I woke up Monday morning I was free of all the clutter and such, which often comes with the hassle of unpacking after vacation. Anyway, despite of the non-cluttering and so on, it's hard to deny that Mondays can be a little rough. Luckily it wasn't that bad, and suddenly I found myself back home in my apartment after a short day of school. Quite nice actually, and so I think I spent the rest of the day doing what needs to be done after being away, such as grocery shopping, cleaning up a bit and so on.

Tuesday I was supposed to go to the German class I'm taking in the city, but unfortunately I felt very under the weather and spent most of the day in bed.

Luckily by Wednesday I was feeling loads better, which was pretty great since Maria stopped by for coffee - twice! We had a lot of fun, and it was fantastic to see her again after a little over a week. She told me that she was going to an open house at Roskilde University the next day, and since my plan is to attend school there next year, I asked if I could join her...

... and so the next day, Thursday, Maria came by again. Like the true comfort and caffeine additcs that we are, we enjoyed a nice breakfast and a lot of coffee, before we drove to RUC (the university). There we met up with Preben and Vineet, two of our old friends from class last year, and together we attended a couple of lectures and took a look around campus. I've gotta say... I love that place! That university is soooo where I belong, so now I'm super psyked for time to fly by and the page of the calendar informing us that it's September 2014.

And then suddenly Friday had had arrived, and I was looking forward to getting out of bed and get started with the day. First of all, I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. The sun was shining through my curtains, and it didn't let us down - we were all bathed in sunlight for the rest of the day. I guess Spring is finally on it's way. Anyway, I got up and got to school, which was so-so - as always, haha. I did have fun with the other guys though - there was definitely smiles and exited faces all around. See, that very same night we had a school galla - which is actually kinda like prom. Anyway, all the girls (me included) were talking about our dresses and shoes and what have you, and even though I really hadn't given it much though, I suddenly began to get very exited. Luckily Julie and I had plans to get ready for the party together, so after school we walked home in the blazing sunshine to my place. We started getting ready pretty much the second we got home, which was lucky, cause at exactly at 6 o'clock we were ready for the cab. The galla was really great; I knew quite a lot of people there, and the food was delicious. People got pretty drunk and happy and silly quite fast, and eventhough I don't drink, I thought people were hilarious! Long story short, I had so much fun and I must say I felt really pretty. I had kind of a 60's theme going on, but the best part of my outfit was the fantastic fake eyelashes I wore - see the picture below. Aaah, if only I could wear those every day for the rest of my life ;) Anyway, the paty ended at 1, but I went home a little past midnight - I was starting to crash a bit. But it was okay, cause you know that old saying; "Leave the party early..."

Saturday, I got up at 9 o'clock and was completely rested and ready for a new day. My plan was to just relax, do a little homework and clean up a bit - which was exactly what I did, and it was good-o! And of course in the evening, I streamed Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Song Contest - I'm so addictet to the Swedish contest, but funnily enough I don't care for the Danish Song Contest... Oh well...

And once again it's Sunday.
So y'all have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine if you have any.

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