Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I'm Exited For The Holidays!

Seeing as it's December tomorrow - and by the way, how crazy is that? - I thought I would dedicate this late night Friday post to things I'm looking forward this very merry season.

1. I'm sososo looking forward to and hoping for a white Christmas. I hope for snow every day all day 
(except for when I'm out!)

2. It's a family tradition that my mum makes me an advent calendar every year. 
I can't wait to wake up to a new gift every day for the next 24 days.

3. I love buying and wrapping presents. 
Already bought my parents gifts today :)

4. These winter times are cold, so I can't wait to curl up on my couch with 
a cup of tea and a bunch of candles lit.

5. I love baking, but unfortunately I don't have a big oven.
If I had, I would bake cookies all day long. 
These Christmas sugar cookies look delicious. 

6. And finally: What's Christmas without a classic Christmas movie after a long day? 
These are my favourites, and I watch them at least once every Christmas. 
The one in the top right corner is this years Christmas calendar on Danish TV. 
I've seen it a couple of years back, but it'll sure be nice to watch it again :)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life Lately.

It sure has been a while since I've written a post that isn't a Sunday Summary.
But tonight I just felt like posting a bit again, and so here's what's been going on in my life lately:

I've said it a lot over the last couple of week's Sunday Summaries, but there's a lot going on at the moment. Since August I've seemed to live a bit more stressful than I did before. This might sound bad in some peoples ears, but I actually kinda like it. Of course there's days where I do absolutely nothing - as well as there should be, thank you very much. But yeah, there's a lot going on right now. Most of you who follow the blog regularly know that I've struggled quite a lot with Chem, and now the exam is just around the corner - like, a 12 day short corner. However, I do feel quite assured that I'll pass the exam. Not with a fantastic grade, I'll grand you that. But I feel more secure that I'll pass, which is quite a nice feeling to have.
I'm currently working on the exam questions, and I hope to get them done over the weekend. That would be really nice - that way, I would have a weeks time to get them into my head.

Another thing I've been doing a lot lately, is looking forward to December. I can't believe that it's already the 1st of December this Saturday - I really feel that I just did a New Years post here. Anyway, I have a lot of Christmas things in the basement, but today I couldn't resist buying just a little bit more. I also bought the loveliest Christmas teas from Celestial - "Candy Cane Lane" and "Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride". I've already tasted the "Candy Cane Lane" one, and it's just so lovely and Christmasy.

In other news, I've started working out again. I re-discovered the sports tracking site Endomondo, which really has light a fire in my - work out wise. However, in stead of dragging my tired body down to the basement when I'm really not in the mood for a work out, I've decided to just work out when I feel like it. Luckily, I do most days :)

That's a little of the things that's been going on in my life lately. I'm planning on doing a little Christmas inspired post Saturday - something to break in a great December with.
It's been so lovely blogging a bit again, but I'm sososo tired right now. I've been at school today, and then I took a stroll around town with Kasper. When I got home I worked on my Chem questions for hours, and so now I'm officially wiped out, haha. Just a quick bite to eat, a cup of tea and then I'm off to bed.
Have a lovely Thursday - or what's left of it anyway :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Summary

Hello Sunday, and hello gang.
Another week has come and gone, however this one has been a bit more quiet than last week.
It all started Monday, where I had the day of from Psychology. I had a talk with my teacher last Friday, and so I was "allowed" to stay home and work on my paper. Luckily I finished it completely last weekend, so the day was spent in the company of some episodes of Buffy, a pot of coffee and later in the day a good workout in the basement.

Tuesday is coffee and Chem day. Maria came by in the morning for coffee, and later we drove to school. It's definitely getting harder in Chem, and the exam is only a few weeks away. However, I am beginning to feel that there's a good chance I might pass. Not with an A, no no. But as long as I just pass the exam, I'll be more than happy.

Wednesday is my day off. I was supposed to start on my Chem questions, but I never quite got around that. In stead I had a day very similar to Monday; Buffy, coffee and cigarettes and a good workout.

Thursday I was supposed to go to Chem, but the night before I started feeling a bit ill, and when morning came and went the next day, I hadn't gotten any better. It's certainly not the best time to get sick and stay home from chem; not with the exam getting so close. But sometimes you just have to give up and stay in bed with a cup of tea and get lots of sleep.

Luckily Friday I felt loads better, and I had the day off from Psychology - again. I turned in my paper, and spend the day watching the last season of Buffy to late in the night.

Yesterday, Saturday, I'd just gotten so fed up with being at home, so I decided to bike to the mall. I found some nice things, most of them things for Christmas. However when it was time to pay, my credit card didn't work. Really embarrassing and I didn't get all of the goodies I had filled my cart with. When I got home I found out that I've been a bit generous with the spending of the money, but it's okay - I mean, this coming Friday is pay-day here in DK, so it won't be too bad. I have a fridge full of food and a freezer full of frozen goods, loads of coffee packs on the shelves and still a couple of packs of cigarettes. So I'll be fine for sure, it's just a tad irritating when I can't spend money on fun things. Well well well, that's life I suppose, and I did get myself into this mess. And still, it's only till Friday :)

So that's that. Now I will bury myself in Chem questions and Psychology reading,
so I guess I'll see you when I see you.
If not soon, then at least next Sunday.
Have a lovely day, singing birds!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Don't Forget The Giveaway

Oh boy, I've really seemed to mess this up a bit, haven't I? I've completely forgotten that I started a giveaway. Me and my silly memory. Anyway:

Tthere's still time to participate in the giveaway I'm having.
You have the chance to win this ├╝bercool clutch with golden horse studs from Asos
and a lovely pair of matching earrings from the Swedish brand KappAhl.

This is what you need to do:

Follow//be a member of fat&fancy
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When you've done that, you need to write a comment to THIS POST with your name and email,
and hard part is over - now you just have to wait until fat&fancy hits 150 followers//members, and the Facebook page has hit 200 likes.

Sunday Summary

There's not a whole lot going on here at the blog at the moment. I'm crazy busy at the moment, and I simply don't have the time to take pictures, edit them and write a post. I miss it a lot though; I'm used to blog at least a couple of times a week, and now I almost feel like I'm letting you down. But I hope you understand; there's just so much stuff going on. I have a psychology paper due next Friday - fortunately I'm almost done with that. Then I have to do research for another big paper coming up, and I have a chem exam to get ready for - it's already at the start of next month, and I don't feel ready in the slightest. Then there's my social life, which, fortunately haven't suffered during this stressful time.
But well well well, it's Sunday, and as always I'll do a round-up of my week. So here's what's been happening:

Monday I had the day of, sort of a "writing day" so we could work on our papers. Luckily I had finished mine Sunday, but ah, you're never quite done when you think you are, are you? Not in my case anyway. Anyway, I'd written the paper and everything were done, so I just needed some feedback from the teacher Friday. I got it, and I have to rewrite a bit of it. But it's okay; that's just paper writing.

Tuesday I went to chem - and for once I didn't have morning coffee with Maria. We met up at school however, and got our chem on. As always I felt a bit of a dummy, and with the exam just around the corner, it ain't getting any easier. But there's no way around it - worst case scenario, I just have to wing it.
When school was over, I went for a quick stroll around town with Kasper, and then I went home where I worked out and then worked on my chem.

Wednesday was, for what seems like ages, a real nice, relaxing and 'just-lay-on-the-couch-watching-Buffy' day. Not much to say, so let's move on.

Thursday was a great day. Unfortunately Kasper was out sick, but me and Maria had such fun at chem. For the first time in maybe ever, I actually found chem a bit fun - in a good but challenging way. It was a pretty funny day, and when school ended, I took a stroll around the shops, and ended up buying some nice new things for my apartment. The day got a bit quieter, but it was still nice. I worked out, re-wrote some chem notes and watched a bit if Buffy, before I went to bed early - I know; I'm living right in the edge!

Friday was so much fun. Well, not at first. In Psychology I met up with my teacher, who, as I already mentioned, advised me to rewrite and add some new things to my paper. Anyway, school was boring since I didn't bring my computer and everybody else were working on their papers. So I went for a walk around town and, as always, ended up spending more than I should have. But the things I bought were sososo nice, and to top it off, I found and bought the coolest, nicest, prettiest bag. So lovely. When I got back to class, my teacher let me off early on account of me not bringing my computer. Luckily, I didn't have to wait for long before Maria came and picked me up. We had a movie date, but first we headed on home to my place and drank some coffee, before we drove to the movies. Twilight was on the menu (of course), but it ended up being almost quite embarrassing, as Maria and I were the oldest ones in the theatre on account of all the other people in the cinema being tween girls. However, it was also a bit fun to see all of those tween girls swoon over on-screen kisses and what have you. I don't quite know what to think about the movie though. On the one hand I though it was quite all right, on the other, I didn't much care for it. But then again; I always feel that way when I watch a movie based on a book - I never quite feel like the movie does the book justice. Anyway, if you're a Twilight fan I'd recommend you go watch it. There's a bit of a shocker which I think will surprise you.
When I got home after the movies, I went down to my grandma for a "quick" visit, as my aunt were there and I thought it would be nice to say hello and have a chat. After about an hour, I finally got home and relaxed with a pot of late-night-coffee and a couple of episodes of Buffy. Nice day, nice evening.

Yesterday, Saturday, I managed to get a whole lot of not-so-urgent things done, before I finally just sucked it up and rewrote some of the things in my Psychology paper. It took quite a long while, since I'd done an interview which needed to be transcribed. However, I wasn't as bad as I'd dreaded, and I managed to get it done in a couple of hours. The rest of the day were spent in the laundry room in the basement, in the kitchen making a nice dinner, and on the couch where I watched Grease. It's been quite a while since I've watched it, and I had kind of forgot how absolutely genius it is. And I actually got very inspired while watching it. I know outfit posts have gotten kind of rare here at the blog, but lately - and by that I mean since August - I really haven't been dressing very retro like. Nowadays I almost just wear jeans and a knit, which is nice but also gets a bit boring. But when I watched Grease, I remembered all of the nice rockabilly inspired clothes I have hanging in my closet, and so now I've decided to get back on the clothes horse, and dress up like in the good old days.

So yes, a lot of things are happening right now, and I thought that I'd tell you a bit about it.
It's been really nice to blog again, but I still don't know how much I'll get to do it in the forthcoming weeks. But after the 10th of December, I should be back on track and have more time for you and the blog.
But as always, you can count on the Sunday Summaries.
Have a lovely Sunday, all of you nice and wonderful people out there.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Summary

It's been a bit quiet this week - at the blog I mean. Out in the real world, this week has been a busy busy busy one. Except for Monday. Monday I overslept. Sososo stupid, and I was in a real foul mood when I finally woke up at 1 o'clock. However, the day got a bit better, but I still felt so silly. On a brighter note, I've decided to start working out again. It's been over 6 months since I've seriously worked out, and during that time I've gained quite a bit of weight. As you know, I don't really mind what numbers the weight gives me, as long as I feel pretty. But still, I felt like now was the time to get back on the horse, and so I've been working out quite a lot every day this week. It's so lovely; I'd forgot how wonderful I feel afterwards.

Tuesday was Tuesday, which always mean I have a long standing coffee date in the morning with Maria. We had a nice time with, as always, endless cups of coffee and cigarettes. In school, we had the opportunity to roam around a bit, since there were some kind of assembly due to the American election. However, while Maria was super serious and only did her chem assignments, Kasper and I were a bit silly, and ended up in the school library, taking funny pictures and laughing a lot. Usually I get off at 2 o'clock, but this Tuesday, most of us had to go to a late meeting, which was supposed to inform us about a big paper we're writing in February. It's obligatory to write, and so I thought I'd write it next year in stead of 2014. I got home a bit late, but I had a nice day none the less.

As usual, Wednesday is my day off. But this Wednesday, I were loads more productive than usual. Not only did I work out three times that day, I also biked to the towns library and borrowed a lot of books for my upcoming Psychology paper. I also managed to do a little shopping and clean a bit. May not sound like much, but I felt I got a great deal out of that day.

Thursday is "up-at-6'oclock" day, which is always a bit rough. However, I don't complain; I actually like getting up early - although I don't do it as often as I should. I got ready and biked to school, where chem, as always, was pretty difficult to understand. Luckily I can get help from my lovely and helpful friends. However, we just got the days of our exams, which in my case is Monday, December 10. Jesus Christ, I'm so nervous already!

Friday I went to Psychology, but I didn't really get much out of the lessons. As I mentioned before, we have a big paper due in a couple of weeks, and I feel a bit stressed out about it. Not so much the paper, but the fact that my chem exam is just around the corner, and I also have to prepare 30 questions for it. Anyhow, I guess it'll work it self out.

Yesterday I was actually supposed to write my paper - or parts of it anyway. But I just could not get started at all. Finally I just gave up and decided to enjoy the day and relax a bit. I went for a long walk, fed the ducks by the lake with loads of bread and went fir a nice bike ride. It was a lovely day, but...

... the fact that I didn't work on my paper at all yesterday, means that I have to work twice as hard today. 
Basically I have to cram two days of work into one. But I guess I just have to get started and just do it. So I'll blog when I have the time. 
I hope you're all okay with that. 
Anyway, you guys have a lovely Sunday, and I'll see you when I see you :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Things Right Now

I'm crazycrazycrazy busy at the moment; I have a Psychology paper due soon, loads to read for chem exam, and then of course the exam itself. Plus I have loads of dates with friends. All happening in a month. BUT I don't let it get me down at all, and so even though there may not be a whole lotta things going on on the blog front for the next month or so (except, of course, for the Sunday Summaries), know that I really do want to blog, but don't have the time.
Anyway, I just found a moment and something to blog about, so let's head at it:

Last weekend I assembled a new piece of IKEA furniture for my home.I've been wanting a place to showcase my favourite books oh-so-proudly, and now I have it!

For those of you who don't read Danish, these are two tickets + popcorn + sodas for a movie at the cinema. Can you guess what I'm seeing with Maria next Friday? Hint: One of them is very pouty and annoying, one of them is pretty hot, and one of them never wears a shirt.

I bought the gift certificate for Twilight earlier today, and at the same time I also bought this cute bowl with flowers (on the left). I love this little display, it's really cute.

And finally I've started working out again - and as you can clearly see, in my case, slow and steady wins the race (haha). I use the website Endomondo to track my workouts, which actually makes working out really fun.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

H&M Discount Codes For November

Just like last month, I thought I'd do a little post with some discount codes for H&M. I noticed that the post I did last month got over 1000 hits, so that must mean that H&M have had a severe lost in income, haha. Anyway, everybody loves a good discount code, and it just so happens that I have a new one for you this month - and since it's nice to be nice, I thought I'd post some of the same ones from last month, that still works - yes, I have checked it out.

Anyway, let's start with the new one, which is actually only for a short period of time. The code gives you 25% off an item of your choice, but only lasts until November 11. Ps: I'm not really sure if this code only work with Danish shoppers, but give it a go.
The code is: 0230

The second one also gives you a 25% discount on your purchase, though I'm not quite sure if it's on your entire purchase, or just one item.
The code is: 9910

The last one gives you a £5 discount when you spend over £6. This code is long standing, and has worked for me for a couple of years now. It should work in all countries, so don't mind that "£"
The code is: 1304

I'm pretty sure you can use all of the codes at the same time, but remember that the first one's only valid until next Sunday
- so hurry up and spend all of your money, haha. H&M have lots of pretty Christmas things for the lovely upcoming season.
Happy shopping!

Sunday Summary

This week has been nice. I feel like this week has been very long, but now that it's over, I can't really remember what I've done. But I'll give it at try.
Monday I went to school as usual. We're about to write a Psychology paper, but it seems like all our teacher wants us to do for over half of the writing period, is to sit in groups and discuss the days away. Which is fine for some people, but personally I'd just like to get started on the paper already. Anyway, my mood picked up a bit after school. I took a quick stroll around town, and ended up buying the cutest cookie jar in a small store. Also Monday, I (for once) posted an outfit post, which you can find here.

Tuesday, as usual, Maria came by for morning coffee and then we were off to chem. We had the best day in the company of Kasper. We laughed and laughed and laughed, and when chem ended, we drove home to my place and laughed some more. When Maria left, Kasper and I went for a nice walk down by the lake, and drank a lot of coffee and tea. And the bonus of the day: one of my followers and good friend gave me a whole lot of organic tea, which I haven't stopped drinking since I got it - thanks Lena!

Thursdays are both bad and good. Bad because I have to get up half past 5 in the morning, but good because I have early classes and therefore I also get off early. In chem we did some lab experiments, which I prefer to just sitting down and take notes off the board. I like to move around and be able to chat a little. After class, Kasper and I took a stroll round town, and he ended up talking me into buying some super cool and retro-like coffee cups, which I'm so glad he did, cause I'm absolutely in love with them.

And Friday I had a party - but not just any old party. I had a Halloween party for the gang, which was super fun. We had a cat, a cowgirl, a basketball player and two hobos, haha. People were in a good mood, and let me tell you; there were a whole lot of liquor bottles, beer cans and soda bottles left to clean when the party ended. But I had a lot of fun!

Surprisingly enough, I actually managed to get up quite early yesterday. I assembeled a new piece of furniture my dad had gotten me the day before - and hey, I am quite handy, but that piece was a bitch to assemble. However, now it's looking great and I finally have a place to display my favourite books oh so proudly.

So that's about it. 
You all have a lovely Sunday now; I'm gonna have a nice cup of coffee now.