Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Summary

This week has been nice. I feel like this week has been very long, but now that it's over, I can't really remember what I've done. But I'll give it at try.
Monday I went to school as usual. We're about to write a Psychology paper, but it seems like all our teacher wants us to do for over half of the writing period, is to sit in groups and discuss the days away. Which is fine for some people, but personally I'd just like to get started on the paper already. Anyway, my mood picked up a bit after school. I took a quick stroll around town, and ended up buying the cutest cookie jar in a small store. Also Monday, I (for once) posted an outfit post, which you can find here.

Tuesday, as usual, Maria came by for morning coffee and then we were off to chem. We had the best day in the company of Kasper. We laughed and laughed and laughed, and when chem ended, we drove home to my place and laughed some more. When Maria left, Kasper and I went for a nice walk down by the lake, and drank a lot of coffee and tea. And the bonus of the day: one of my followers and good friend gave me a whole lot of organic tea, which I haven't stopped drinking since I got it - thanks Lena!

Thursdays are both bad and good. Bad because I have to get up half past 5 in the morning, but good because I have early classes and therefore I also get off early. In chem we did some lab experiments, which I prefer to just sitting down and take notes off the board. I like to move around and be able to chat a little. After class, Kasper and I took a stroll round town, and he ended up talking me into buying some super cool and retro-like coffee cups, which I'm so glad he did, cause I'm absolutely in love with them.

And Friday I had a party - but not just any old party. I had a Halloween party for the gang, which was super fun. We had a cat, a cowgirl, a basketball player and two hobos, haha. People were in a good mood, and let me tell you; there were a whole lot of liquor bottles, beer cans and soda bottles left to clean when the party ended. But I had a lot of fun!

Surprisingly enough, I actually managed to get up quite early yesterday. I assembeled a new piece of furniture my dad had gotten me the day before - and hey, I am quite handy, but that piece was a bitch to assemble. However, now it's looking great and I finally have a place to display my favourite books oh so proudly.

So that's about it. 
You all have a lovely Sunday now; I'm gonna have a nice cup of coffee now.

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