Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I'm Exited For The Holidays!

Seeing as it's December tomorrow - and by the way, how crazy is that? - I thought I would dedicate this late night Friday post to things I'm looking forward this very merry season.

1. I'm sososo looking forward to and hoping for a white Christmas. I hope for snow every day all day 
(except for when I'm out!)

2. It's a family tradition that my mum makes me an advent calendar every year. 
I can't wait to wake up to a new gift every day for the next 24 days.

3. I love buying and wrapping presents. 
Already bought my parents gifts today :)

4. These winter times are cold, so I can't wait to curl up on my couch with 
a cup of tea and a bunch of candles lit.

5. I love baking, but unfortunately I don't have a big oven.
If I had, I would bake cookies all day long. 
These Christmas sugar cookies look delicious. 

6. And finally: What's Christmas without a classic Christmas movie after a long day? 
These are my favourites, and I watch them at least once every Christmas. 
The one in the top right corner is this years Christmas calendar on Danish TV. 
I've seen it a couple of years back, but it'll sure be nice to watch it again :)


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