Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Summary

Hello Sunday, and hello gang.
Another week has come and gone, however this one has been a bit more quiet than last week.
It all started Monday, where I had the day of from Psychology. I had a talk with my teacher last Friday, and so I was "allowed" to stay home and work on my paper. Luckily I finished it completely last weekend, so the day was spent in the company of some episodes of Buffy, a pot of coffee and later in the day a good workout in the basement.

Tuesday is coffee and Chem day. Maria came by in the morning for coffee, and later we drove to school. It's definitely getting harder in Chem, and the exam is only a few weeks away. However, I am beginning to feel that there's a good chance I might pass. Not with an A, no no. But as long as I just pass the exam, I'll be more than happy.

Wednesday is my day off. I was supposed to start on my Chem questions, but I never quite got around that. In stead I had a day very similar to Monday; Buffy, coffee and cigarettes and a good workout.

Thursday I was supposed to go to Chem, but the night before I started feeling a bit ill, and when morning came and went the next day, I hadn't gotten any better. It's certainly not the best time to get sick and stay home from chem; not with the exam getting so close. But sometimes you just have to give up and stay in bed with a cup of tea and get lots of sleep.

Luckily Friday I felt loads better, and I had the day off from Psychology - again. I turned in my paper, and spend the day watching the last season of Buffy to late in the night.

Yesterday, Saturday, I'd just gotten so fed up with being at home, so I decided to bike to the mall. I found some nice things, most of them things for Christmas. However when it was time to pay, my credit card didn't work. Really embarrassing and I didn't get all of the goodies I had filled my cart with. When I got home I found out that I've been a bit generous with the spending of the money, but it's okay - I mean, this coming Friday is pay-day here in DK, so it won't be too bad. I have a fridge full of food and a freezer full of frozen goods, loads of coffee packs on the shelves and still a couple of packs of cigarettes. So I'll be fine for sure, it's just a tad irritating when I can't spend money on fun things. Well well well, that's life I suppose, and I did get myself into this mess. And still, it's only till Friday :)

So that's that. Now I will bury myself in Chem questions and Psychology reading,
so I guess I'll see you when I see you.
If not soon, then at least next Sunday.
Have a lovely day, singing birds!

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