Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Summary

It's been a bit quiet this week - at the blog I mean. Out in the real world, this week has been a busy busy busy one. Except for Monday. Monday I overslept. Sososo stupid, and I was in a real foul mood when I finally woke up at 1 o'clock. However, the day got a bit better, but I still felt so silly. On a brighter note, I've decided to start working out again. It's been over 6 months since I've seriously worked out, and during that time I've gained quite a bit of weight. As you know, I don't really mind what numbers the weight gives me, as long as I feel pretty. But still, I felt like now was the time to get back on the horse, and so I've been working out quite a lot every day this week. It's so lovely; I'd forgot how wonderful I feel afterwards.

Tuesday was Tuesday, which always mean I have a long standing coffee date in the morning with Maria. We had a nice time with, as always, endless cups of coffee and cigarettes. In school, we had the opportunity to roam around a bit, since there were some kind of assembly due to the American election. However, while Maria was super serious and only did her chem assignments, Kasper and I were a bit silly, and ended up in the school library, taking funny pictures and laughing a lot. Usually I get off at 2 o'clock, but this Tuesday, most of us had to go to a late meeting, which was supposed to inform us about a big paper we're writing in February. It's obligatory to write, and so I thought I'd write it next year in stead of 2014. I got home a bit late, but I had a nice day none the less.

As usual, Wednesday is my day off. But this Wednesday, I were loads more productive than usual. Not only did I work out three times that day, I also biked to the towns library and borrowed a lot of books for my upcoming Psychology paper. I also managed to do a little shopping and clean a bit. May not sound like much, but I felt I got a great deal out of that day.

Thursday is "up-at-6'oclock" day, which is always a bit rough. However, I don't complain; I actually like getting up early - although I don't do it as often as I should. I got ready and biked to school, where chem, as always, was pretty difficult to understand. Luckily I can get help from my lovely and helpful friends. However, we just got the days of our exams, which in my case is Monday, December 10. Jesus Christ, I'm so nervous already!

Friday I went to Psychology, but I didn't really get much out of the lessons. As I mentioned before, we have a big paper due in a couple of weeks, and I feel a bit stressed out about it. Not so much the paper, but the fact that my chem exam is just around the corner, and I also have to prepare 30 questions for it. Anyhow, I guess it'll work it self out.

Yesterday I was actually supposed to write my paper - or parts of it anyway. But I just could not get started at all. Finally I just gave up and decided to enjoy the day and relax a bit. I went for a long walk, fed the ducks by the lake with loads of bread and went fir a nice bike ride. It was a lovely day, but...

... the fact that I didn't work on my paper at all yesterday, means that I have to work twice as hard today. 
Basically I have to cram two days of work into one. But I guess I just have to get started and just do it. So I'll blog when I have the time. 
I hope you're all okay with that. 
Anyway, you guys have a lovely Sunday, and I'll see you when I see you :)

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