Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Things Right Now

I'm crazycrazycrazy busy at the moment; I have a Psychology paper due soon, loads to read for chem exam, and then of course the exam itself. Plus I have loads of dates with friends. All happening in a month. BUT I don't let it get me down at all, and so even though there may not be a whole lotta things going on on the blog front for the next month or so (except, of course, for the Sunday Summaries), know that I really do want to blog, but don't have the time.
Anyway, I just found a moment and something to blog about, so let's head at it:

Last weekend I assembled a new piece of IKEA furniture for my home.I've been wanting a place to showcase my favourite books oh-so-proudly, and now I have it!

For those of you who don't read Danish, these are two tickets + popcorn + sodas for a movie at the cinema. Can you guess what I'm seeing with Maria next Friday? Hint: One of them is very pouty and annoying, one of them is pretty hot, and one of them never wears a shirt.

I bought the gift certificate for Twilight earlier today, and at the same time I also bought this cute bowl with flowers (on the left). I love this little display, it's really cute.

And finally I've started working out again - and as you can clearly see, in my case, slow and steady wins the race (haha). I use the website Endomondo to track my workouts, which actually makes working out really fun.

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