Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home made marinated feta cheese

Today I'm going to show you how to make your own home made marinated feta cheese.
This is terribly easy, and feta is not the only thing you can marinade like this. There's a whole bunch of things this works with, for example olives, chilli or garlic.
This is what you'll need:

You'll need some feta cheese (or whatever you'd like to marinade),
A big seal-tight glass jar
And olive oil (you'll need a lot of it, and the better the olive oil is, the better the end-result will be)

And here are some ideas for marinating ingredients:

Whole black peppercorns
Fresh dill
Fresh rosemary or thyme

And now here's what you do - it's so simple:
Slowly fill the jar with feta (or olives), and then for every layer you add the marinating ingredients
- I used whole black peppercorns and rosemary.
Fill the jar, and then when you're done, slowly add the olive oil. It is very important that you fill the jar with olive oil, so that it covers the feta completely.

Some people say that you don't need to keep the jar refrigerated, but then you should remember that the feta - or olives - can only keep for about two days. What I do is, that I put the jar in the fridge. Not only is it nice that the feta is cooled when you eat it, but also, if refrigerated, the jar of feta, olives, chillies or garlic can keep for up to two weeks.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Ellos rabatkoder

På sådan en regnfuld mandag er det altid godt at forkæle sig selv lidt. Heldigvis kan jeg hjælpe lidt til, for i dag har jeg nogle nye rabatkoder til Ellos!

Som altid er det først-til-mølle princippet, så skynd jer at snuppe koderne inden en anden gør det!

Den første kode giver 30% rabat på din dyreste vare, og dernæst 25% rabat på resten af bestillingen
Koden er: 271005

Den anden og sidste kode for i dag, giver 25% rabat på bestillingen
Koden er: 270901

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Summary

First of all; sorry for the late Sunday Summary this week - I've been driving home from Sweden most of the day, and I didn't have the chance to write the post yesterday. But now it's here, so let's get started:
Monday was busy busy busy. I woke up a bit late, but managed to get to school okay. After school I had a doctors appointment, but I had a little time to kill, so I went thrift shopping with my friend Nadia. I also bought a lot of new canvases, so that I could paint a little again.
Then I went to the doctor and got my HPV vaccine, and on the way to the pharmacy, I realized that I'd forgotten my bag with paint and canvases, so I had to rush back. But after I ran my errands in town, I finally managed to get home, where I enjoyed the rest of the day with Desperate Housewives, a couple of Twilight movies, and then I painted late into the night.

Luckily I had Tuesday off, so I decided to sleep in - something I never do, because when I get too much sleep, I just get so groggy for the rest of the day. Otherwise, not much happened that day. I managed to hang my newly painted paintings...

... Which I did a little post on on Wednesday. Same Wednesday, Maria stopped by a couple of times. First she came by for coffee in the morning, and then she had some cancelled classes, so she dropped by again. Really lovely! Otherwise I didn't do much, but I did start packing for Sweden...

... Because Friday is a national day in Denmark, Store Bededag (or "Great Prayer Day" - loosely translated), so my mum and dad had asked me if I wanted to go with them to Sweden for a few days. So Thursday I met up with them, and then we drove on to the Swedish country house. We ended up leaving Denmark late, so of course we also ended up arriving at the house late.

But then Friday, after we'd rested, it was a new day and we had a few projects. A lot of trees in our small valley had been  cut down a couple of weeks ago, so me and my dad had to remove all of the remaining branches and such. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but let me tell you - it was really hard! And we'd might only gotten rid of 10% of the waste. So that's an ongoing project for the rest of the Summer.
Anyway, in the evening I managed to do a little German homework for school, and then I ended up staying up most of the night. They had a late showing of the movie "Changeling" which I've never seen - I always thought it wouldn't be my cuppa tea. But it was really a great movie, so now I'm going DVD bargain hunting to find it!

Saturday was a little like Friday. A lot of work in the valley, and then a lot of German homework. But I managed to get it all done, so now I just have to email my teacher the paper, and then I just have to wait for the exam - sigh!

And then today. We managed to get out of the door in real good time, so I was home at my flat at around 1. So for the last couple of hours I've been unpacking, and just now I've taken a long shower. Now I'm going to water my plants, do a little cleaning, do my homework and then I'll have a piece of cake and watch an episode of Desperate Housewives.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project of the day: Wall Decorations

20 days ago I hung some home made pictures on one of my walls, and I've really ended up liking the end result. Plus, there's just something so nice about painting again; I really relax and enjoy myself.
So on Monday, after school I had a doctors appointment, but before I went I had some time to kill, so I went into Søstrene Grene and bought a lot of new blank canvases. I had a lot of ideas for my new batch of paintings, and even though I was way over exhausted that day, I ended up staying up most of the night and paint.
And so yesterday, the paintings had dried off and were ready to be hung. Luckily it didn't take as long as last time, since this wall isn't made of concrete - so fortunately I didn't have to get the drill. Anyway, below are some pictures of the paintings and the process - hope you fancy it

I love this picture! I do this on every side of all of my paintings 
- not that I think they could be sold, but I just think it looks really cute and is kinda funny and silly...
 ... Here's how the wall looked before the paintings were hung. 
I've always hated that wall so much...
... but now I think it looks loads better.
Only thing missing is perhaps another painting in the bottom right corner...
... but other than that, I think the new paintings have made a great improvement!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Summary

Last week's Sunday Summary was very very heavy, and not all that positive. I'd suffered through a hell of a week with tooth ache and dentists, and my mood really wasn't great.
But ah, what a difference a week makes! This week has been absolutely great!
Monday started with school, where me and my group had a presentation due for class. It all went okay, and after school I drove home in the blazing sunshine and enjoyed the rest of the day. I also had a long talk with Maria over the phone; I hadn't heard from her over the weekend, since she'd been in Ireland visiting her brother. We arranged a whole girls day on Thursday, but I'll get to that.

Tuesday I expected to be down a bit, since I had yet another dentist appointment, and I didn't really expect good results. Last Friday I was in the chair for 90 minutes getting a root canal, and it just wouldn't go as planned. So by Tuesday, I hoped for the best but planned for the worst. Luckily though, everything went great , and even though it was a bit of a hassle, it looks like we're finally almost there. I just have to go back again the 30th to check if everything is okay, and if it is, it looks like I'm finally over this whole tooth-hell! Lucky thing is, that I, fortunately, don't fear being at the dentist.
When I came home I was in the greatest mood ever, so by evening I decided to watch my all-time favourite movie - Sound of Music of course - and did a little post about it. Actually I did the same kind of post last year, so I thought it would be funny to do one again this year

Then Wednesday came, and I finally got to see Maria again! She told me all about her trip over a cuppa coffee, and then a little later she drove on over to school, and I had the rest of the day off. I did a little cleaning, read up on all of the blogs I'm following and I made a new Yum-Yum post, where I told you how you make red apple iced tea with caramel rum. A little later in the day my mum called and asked if I wanted to meet up with her in town, so I quickly jumped on my bike and drove to meet her. We had a lovely time browsing the shops and sitting outside in the Spring sun, and then a little later my dad picked us up and drove me home.

TGIWT - thank good it was Thursday! Cause I'd been looking forward to that day since Monday, where Maria and I had made the deal of having a girls day all day. So by morning Maria came by, and we drank coffee, smoked ciggys and drank home made strawberry smoothies. We had such a fun time, and luckily the weather was okay, so we drove down to the harbour and walked Maria's dog Sofus, all the while smoking more ciggys and eating very expensive Oreo ice creams. Then we drove on back home where I made salmon sandwiches, and then a little later, Maria was on her way back home.

Then by Friday, there was some kind of disconnect between my mind and my body. My mind was all ready to go to school, but my body just wanted to crash - and so, unfortunately, my body won. I slept for many hours, and when I finally woke up at around 6, I enjoyed the night with a couple of Adam Sandler movies - yes, I know they're kinda silly, but they always make me laugh - and then a couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives.

Saturday was sunny and warm, so a little while after I woke up and made my face, I went out for a long walk. Then I was very lazy for a couple of hours, just lying on the sofa and watching Desperate Housewives. Then I finally got up, cleaned the bathroom - and I'm talking the whole shebang; washing the tiles, getting in to every corner and so on. I always hate my teeny tiny bathroom, but yesterday I was glad it wasn't any bigger, haha. Then I did a little pillow talk here at the blog, and in the evening I watched a couple of Twilight movies. It's been so long since I've watched them. I don't quite know how I actually feel about that whole Twilight franchise. I mean, on the one hand I think they're really dumb and sappy romantic, not to mention that I always get soooo annoyed by Bella/Kristin Stewart... on the other hand I've always loved the whole Vampire thing. So I remain, as I've always been, torn when it comes to Twilight.

And already it's Sunday again! I'm spending the day with the Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane, catching up on some homework and then... who knows!

I really hope y'all had a lovely week in the Spring sun

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pillow Talk

Lately I've gotten into buying pillows. It started last year where I bought two, and from then the whole thing just expanded. Last Friday I was at the dentist, and it didn't go as well as I had hoped, so after, I decided to treat myself to a little something. I bought two more, and with the two from last year plus the two new I got over Easter, I suddenly find my sofa full of pillows haha. But I really think it looks great, and pillows are just one of the things that makes a house a home

Friday, April 19, 2013


Yesterday I was together with Maria all day long - it's very seldom she has that many hours to set aside for me, as she has a kid, but yesterday we had the whole day together.
We ate food, drank coffee and home made strawberry smoothies and went down to the harbour and ate ourselves an Oreo ice cream while walking Maria's dog. The weather was fantastic, so we decided to go for a walk by the sail boats while smoking cigarettes and chatting about everything and nothing.
It was such a lovely day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yummy yum-yum: Red apple iced tea (with caramel rum)

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Denmark, the weather has changed drastically - over night, actually. Just a couple of days ago, it was what I call "London Weather" - you know, the kind of weather that bids grey skies with rain and damp weather - so much so that my hair expands from normal size (well, my hair is never normal size, a it is quite big) to almost triple the size with curly ends and a not so fortunate look to be carrying around for the rest of the day. Almost like a bad wig, haha.
Anyway... the day before yesterday, yesterday and today the weather has been fantastic. Actually, not Spring weather but actual summer weather with 68 degrees outside. Actually yesterday, I wore my summer ensemble of hippie inspired clothes and sandals today, going to the dentist.
On my way home I stopped at a street grocer and bought a couple of kilos of apples, and that's when it struck me that I would attempt to make yet another home made organic iced tea - and you can add rum to it! You can make this in a big pitcher, or as I like to do, make it in small glass jars and serve them with vintage straws.

If you're making 4 jars of home made apple iced tea with rum, you'll need:

4 glass jars - best in a medium to a large size
4 big, red, organic (if you want) apples
4 small cinnamon sticks
4 organic apple tea bags - I prefer Celestial's "Red Apple"
And then you'll need some organic maple syrup and, of course, rum
- whatever kind you prefer, but I could imagine that a caramel flavoured rum would go fantastic with this drink 

And here's what you do - it's the easiest thing in the world:
Boil some water, and while it cools, slice the apples in very, very thin slices. 1 apple per jar will suffice, but you can always add less or more, depending on how much flavour you want.
Then add a cinnamon stick, a tea bag and a big teaspoon of maple syrup to every jar.
Add as much or as little rum as you want, and then just add the water.

Let the jars sit in the fridge for 24-48 hours, take the lid off, add a vintage straw and serve the drinks to your guests
- voilà; a fantastic drink for a fantastic party outside in the sun!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just another night almost a year ago...

... on July 2nd, 2012, I did an evening post while I was watching The Sound Of Music.
As I told you back then, I make it my business to watch that movie at least once a year. This evening I was listening to music on Spotify, and stumbled upon the soundtrack to this movie, and I just knew I just had to watch it tonight.
This is my feel-good movie. I always cry to that movie, I simply can't help it. It's not so much the story - although that is pretty fantastic too - but I guess it's just all of the memories that swell up when I hear the music. Like yodeling along to "The lonely goatherd" with my mum in the kitchen - or the fact that whenever I need my friend Maria's attention, I always burst into the lyrics "How do we solve a problem like Maria?"
Yes, a lot of great memories. And now it's almost a year ago since I watched it last.
A lot of things has happened in the 9 months that has passed, but almost only good things - luckily!
Just a few of the very visible things that has changed is the tablecloth, and unfortunately the dinner, haha. But otherwise everything is just a-okay!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Summary

Well, it's Sunday again, but unlike most weeks, this week has been kind of hellish. A lot of it was spent at the dentist, and the other days were filled with toothache and a bad mood. But I'll get to that.
First, let's start with Monday. I was supposed to go to school and work in a group on a presentation, but I had a horrible toothache, so much so that I couldn't go anywhere and just had to stay home in bed.

Tuesday was pretty much the same. I actually missed the last session of German in Copenhagen, which really sucked. Once again I just stayed in and felt sorry for myself.

By Wednesday, I felt so horrible that I had to make an emergency appointment with the dentist. A little later in the day, I was once again in the chair, and they told me that it actually wasn't the missing wisdomtooth that hurt, but the tooth right next to it. Something about a huge cavity that needed to be fixed right away.

So when Thursday arrived, I once again found myself in the dentist chair. She had to start an emergency root canal, which wasn't that fun. Although it helped a bit, I still have to suffer and pay two huge dentist bills this month!

And then by Friday, I went to school for a couple of hours, and then a quick stroll around town with Julie, before I once again headed for the dentist. This time, however, was the worst one of them all - so far anyway. I was supposed to be in and out in about 30 minutes, but I ended up lying in that damn chair for 90 minutes! My dentist said she had never experienced a root canal so difficult, which means I have to come back for at least two more sessions.

I'm really getting sick if those damn dentists, and I won't lie, it has gotten to me a lot this weekend. I was supposed to go to Marie's birthday party yesterday, but I just felt horrible and couldn't go anywhere.

It has been a pretty lousy weekend; this whole tooth hell has really gotten to me. Although today my mood is a bit better than it has been for the past couple of days, so now I'll put on an episode of Sex and the City, make myself a strawberry smoothie and then take a shower.
I hope you all had a better week than I, and you all have a lovely Sunday now!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New in - CookCase iPad mini and iPhone cases

Back in February, my dear mum and dad bought me an iPad mini - and I'd recently bought an iPhone back in December. And then, a whole new addiction started; collecting cases!
When I got my iPad mini I wanted a classic case, so I went on Etsy to try to find something to my liking. There I stumbled upon CookCases, where I fell in love with almost every case in the shop. However I decided on a simple floral one, and bought a matching case for my iPhone too.
Unfortunately a lot of things happened; the first case I received was the wrong one, but the absolutely fantastic Kook Kai, the owner of the store, send me another one right away. That one had been broken in half during it's trip from Thailand to Denmark, but once again Kook Kai showed herself as a perfect seller and sent me yet another one! And luckily, that one was just perfect!

Now this is not a sponsored post or anything, but I was so impressed with both the service and the quality of the cases, that I thought I'd show them to you. So if you've got an iPhone or iPad - or both - then take a look at the Etsy shop here!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Home Improvements

Here are a few pictures of the new things I've bought for my lovely home over the past few weeks...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Summary

I'm always surprised when Sunday arrives and I'm starting a new Sunday Summary. The weeks go by so fast, and I sometimes feel that the only way of keeping track that yet another week is over, is to summarise them here. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that - most weeks - so many things happen, that it's sometimes hard to remember it all, but still... as I get older and older, it sometimes frightens me a bit how fast time flies. BUT! - that's a whole other issue which everybody, well most anyway, deals with at some point I guess. So let's stay happy here, and let me tell you a bit about the week I've had:

Monday was Easter and April 1st - which normally, in my family, is a big deal - well, it's mostly my dad that gets caught up in it, haha. But other than that, it was also the last day of Easter vacation, which meant that it was time to go home. So my mum, dad and I packed the car and drove on home, but made a quick stop at IKEA on the way. I got a few things; a new tablecloth, a retro iron basket and a matching candle stick - which I'm showing you next week! And then it was just out on the road again, and then by 3 I was back home. I unpacked my things and had a cup of coffee, but then the most unpleasant thing happened. I knocked on my neighbour's door with a question - and here it's important to mention that he's a tad old - anyway, we talked for about 20 seconds, and then he just collapsed. I freaked out for about 5 seconds before I ran back to my apartment and got my phone, called 911 (or 112 as it is the emergency number here in Denmark) and got an ambulance out here. They came after 10 minutes, so I had to stay with him and make sure he was okay and breathing - which luckily he was. When the paramedics came they took care of him, asked me a couple of questions and then drove him to the hospital. After that I called his grown daughter and told her what happened, which I think made her very glad. And after that I was pretty shaken up for a few hours. Not to make myself out to be some kind of big hero, but it's "nice" to know that I didn't - and hopefully wont in the future - panic and shut down in such situations.
- Side note: My neighbour came home from the hospital the next day, and he was okay again. So it's some kind of happy ending.

By Tuesday I was okay again, but really couldn't figure out what the day would bid me. I was supposed to go to the city to take my German class, but I think it was cancelled. I never really found out, cause both their homepage and phone lines were down, and my teacher had written an email a few days before, saying he was on vacation. So I decided to stay home, in stead of travelling to Copenhagen only to go back again. I cleaned the apartment - something it really needed - and unpacked the last few things from vacation in Sweden.

Wednesday Maria and I had coffee - we have to honour the tradition, haha! As always it was great to see her again, and even though we only had a couple of hours, we still managed to get a lot of talking done. When she had to leave for school, I hitched a ride to town, where we parted and I went to Søstrene Grene and bought art supplies before going to the dentist. I had to get a wisdom tooth removed - my first and hopefully last. I was pretty nervous, but as always I got worked up over nothing. The surgery was no big deal at all, and I was a-ok for the rest of the day. After the dentist I went to the drug store to get my prescription filled, and then I walked home in the Spring sun.
When I got home, I was very surprised that I didn't feel bad at all, so after a quick ciggy, I unpacked my new purchases and started painting.

And then by Thursday morning, the paintings had dried and were ready to be hung. I got up at 7 - on my day off!!! - so I had to wait a couple of hours to hang them, but then when I did, it ended up looking awesome - take a look for yourselves here!
The rest of the day I spent doing my homework, drinking a few cups of coffee and watching a whole lotta Beverly Hills 90210, and then when night came I suddenly felt very very awful. So that evening was cut in half, when I had to take a few painkillers and going to bed early.

By Friday morning I felt so bad that I couldn't even stand up without feeling dizzy. I had to knock back even more painkillers and spent most of the morning in bed. It didn't get any better, so I couldn't even go to school - which actually was a shame, cause I'm climbing the walls here; I'm so bored. Because of that stupid wisdom tooth I can't do anything; I can't take a walk or work out, I can't ride my bike to town to do a little window shopping... nothing! 
However, I've been keeping myself busy with a little bit of blogging, and Friday I posted two blog pieces with discount codes - one for H&M and one for Ellos.  

Saturday I didn't feel that much better, and I ended up sleeping till noon. I hate it when that happens. It did turn a little better for a couple of hours, where I managed to get a lot of things done; homework, blogging, doing the laundry and paint a bit. It was nice to get it done, but then by evening I started to feel sick again.
I've never had a wisdom tooth removed, but I'm so glad that my other 3 are fine - cause this toothache hell, I can sure live without!

But today is a new day, and I'm feeling a little better.
Luckily I managed to get everything important done yesterday,
so today I only have to do my homework for tomorrow
and then I have the rest of the day off.
You have a lovely Sunday now!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do it yourself: Peppermint iced tea (with vodka)

It looks like Spring is finally here to stay - and you know what that means: It's getting hotter and lighter out from now on! Which makes for the perfect outdoor parties.
So why not try to do a little something different for your guests? A great way of adding a personal touch to the drinks is to make them yourself. This peppermint iced tea (with vodka, if you prefer) is a light, cool and refreshing drink for a warm evening, and it's the easiest thing to make.

All you need is:
Peppermint or green mint tea
A few fresh mint leaves
A sliced up lime
And, if you want to make it an alcoholic beverage, vodka or apple wine

This is very very easy to make, and it only takes about five minutes or so.
Just boil some water and let it cool off for a bit, so that the glasses or jars don't break.
Then add the minted teabag (if you can't find mint tea in your local grocery store, then try looking in health stores or a tea shop) and the fresh mint leaves. Slice up a lime and put 1 or 2 slices in each glass or jar, and then, if you want to make the drink an alcoholic beverage, add some vodka or apple wine.
If you don't want to make the iced tea an alcoholic drink, but rather just a cool refreshment, you can also add a little non-alcoholic apple or pear cider - it gives the drink a bit of a zing!
Then just pour the boiled water in the glasses and put them in the fridge for an 2 or 3 hours.

And that's it! Now go enjoy the sun and have a great Saturday