Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Summary

I'm always surprised when Sunday arrives and I'm starting a new Sunday Summary. The weeks go by so fast, and I sometimes feel that the only way of keeping track that yet another week is over, is to summarise them here. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that - most weeks - so many things happen, that it's sometimes hard to remember it all, but still... as I get older and older, it sometimes frightens me a bit how fast time flies. BUT! - that's a whole other issue which everybody, well most anyway, deals with at some point I guess. So let's stay happy here, and let me tell you a bit about the week I've had:

Monday was Easter and April 1st - which normally, in my family, is a big deal - well, it's mostly my dad that gets caught up in it, haha. But other than that, it was also the last day of Easter vacation, which meant that it was time to go home. So my mum, dad and I packed the car and drove on home, but made a quick stop at IKEA on the way. I got a few things; a new tablecloth, a retro iron basket and a matching candle stick - which I'm showing you next week! And then it was just out on the road again, and then by 3 I was back home. I unpacked my things and had a cup of coffee, but then the most unpleasant thing happened. I knocked on my neighbour's door with a question - and here it's important to mention that he's a tad old - anyway, we talked for about 20 seconds, and then he just collapsed. I freaked out for about 5 seconds before I ran back to my apartment and got my phone, called 911 (or 112 as it is the emergency number here in Denmark) and got an ambulance out here. They came after 10 minutes, so I had to stay with him and make sure he was okay and breathing - which luckily he was. When the paramedics came they took care of him, asked me a couple of questions and then drove him to the hospital. After that I called his grown daughter and told her what happened, which I think made her very glad. And after that I was pretty shaken up for a few hours. Not to make myself out to be some kind of big hero, but it's "nice" to know that I didn't - and hopefully wont in the future - panic and shut down in such situations.
- Side note: My neighbour came home from the hospital the next day, and he was okay again. So it's some kind of happy ending.

By Tuesday I was okay again, but really couldn't figure out what the day would bid me. I was supposed to go to the city to take my German class, but I think it was cancelled. I never really found out, cause both their homepage and phone lines were down, and my teacher had written an email a few days before, saying he was on vacation. So I decided to stay home, in stead of travelling to Copenhagen only to go back again. I cleaned the apartment - something it really needed - and unpacked the last few things from vacation in Sweden.

Wednesday Maria and I had coffee - we have to honour the tradition, haha! As always it was great to see her again, and even though we only had a couple of hours, we still managed to get a lot of talking done. When she had to leave for school, I hitched a ride to town, where we parted and I went to Søstrene Grene and bought art supplies before going to the dentist. I had to get a wisdom tooth removed - my first and hopefully last. I was pretty nervous, but as always I got worked up over nothing. The surgery was no big deal at all, and I was a-ok for the rest of the day. After the dentist I went to the drug store to get my prescription filled, and then I walked home in the Spring sun.
When I got home, I was very surprised that I didn't feel bad at all, so after a quick ciggy, I unpacked my new purchases and started painting.

And then by Thursday morning, the paintings had dried and were ready to be hung. I got up at 7 - on my day off!!! - so I had to wait a couple of hours to hang them, but then when I did, it ended up looking awesome - take a look for yourselves here!
The rest of the day I spent doing my homework, drinking a few cups of coffee and watching a whole lotta Beverly Hills 90210, and then when night came I suddenly felt very very awful. So that evening was cut in half, when I had to take a few painkillers and going to bed early.

By Friday morning I felt so bad that I couldn't even stand up without feeling dizzy. I had to knock back even more painkillers and spent most of the morning in bed. It didn't get any better, so I couldn't even go to school - which actually was a shame, cause I'm climbing the walls here; I'm so bored. Because of that stupid wisdom tooth I can't do anything; I can't take a walk or work out, I can't ride my bike to town to do a little window shopping... nothing! 
However, I've been keeping myself busy with a little bit of blogging, and Friday I posted two blog pieces with discount codes - one for H&M and one for Ellos.  

Saturday I didn't feel that much better, and I ended up sleeping till noon. I hate it when that happens. It did turn a little better for a couple of hours, where I managed to get a lot of things done; homework, blogging, doing the laundry and paint a bit. It was nice to get it done, but then by evening I started to feel sick again.
I've never had a wisdom tooth removed, but I'm so glad that my other 3 are fine - cause this toothache hell, I can sure live without!

But today is a new day, and I'm feeling a little better.
Luckily I managed to get everything important done yesterday,
so today I only have to do my homework for tomorrow
and then I have the rest of the day off.
You have a lovely Sunday now!

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