Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Summary

Last week's Sunday Summary was very very heavy, and not all that positive. I'd suffered through a hell of a week with tooth ache and dentists, and my mood really wasn't great.
But ah, what a difference a week makes! This week has been absolutely great!
Monday started with school, where me and my group had a presentation due for class. It all went okay, and after school I drove home in the blazing sunshine and enjoyed the rest of the day. I also had a long talk with Maria over the phone; I hadn't heard from her over the weekend, since she'd been in Ireland visiting her brother. We arranged a whole girls day on Thursday, but I'll get to that.

Tuesday I expected to be down a bit, since I had yet another dentist appointment, and I didn't really expect good results. Last Friday I was in the chair for 90 minutes getting a root canal, and it just wouldn't go as planned. So by Tuesday, I hoped for the best but planned for the worst. Luckily though, everything went great , and even though it was a bit of a hassle, it looks like we're finally almost there. I just have to go back again the 30th to check if everything is okay, and if it is, it looks like I'm finally over this whole tooth-hell! Lucky thing is, that I, fortunately, don't fear being at the dentist.
When I came home I was in the greatest mood ever, so by evening I decided to watch my all-time favourite movie - Sound of Music of course - and did a little post about it. Actually I did the same kind of post last year, so I thought it would be funny to do one again this year

Then Wednesday came, and I finally got to see Maria again! She told me all about her trip over a cuppa coffee, and then a little later she drove on over to school, and I had the rest of the day off. I did a little cleaning, read up on all of the blogs I'm following and I made a new Yum-Yum post, where I told you how you make red apple iced tea with caramel rum. A little later in the day my mum called and asked if I wanted to meet up with her in town, so I quickly jumped on my bike and drove to meet her. We had a lovely time browsing the shops and sitting outside in the Spring sun, and then a little later my dad picked us up and drove me home.

TGIWT - thank good it was Thursday! Cause I'd been looking forward to that day since Monday, where Maria and I had made the deal of having a girls day all day. So by morning Maria came by, and we drank coffee, smoked ciggys and drank home made strawberry smoothies. We had such a fun time, and luckily the weather was okay, so we drove down to the harbour and walked Maria's dog Sofus, all the while smoking more ciggys and eating very expensive Oreo ice creams. Then we drove on back home where I made salmon sandwiches, and then a little later, Maria was on her way back home.

Then by Friday, there was some kind of disconnect between my mind and my body. My mind was all ready to go to school, but my body just wanted to crash - and so, unfortunately, my body won. I slept for many hours, and when I finally woke up at around 6, I enjoyed the night with a couple of Adam Sandler movies - yes, I know they're kinda silly, but they always make me laugh - and then a couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives.

Saturday was sunny and warm, so a little while after I woke up and made my face, I went out for a long walk. Then I was very lazy for a couple of hours, just lying on the sofa and watching Desperate Housewives. Then I finally got up, cleaned the bathroom - and I'm talking the whole shebang; washing the tiles, getting in to every corner and so on. I always hate my teeny tiny bathroom, but yesterday I was glad it wasn't any bigger, haha. Then I did a little pillow talk here at the blog, and in the evening I watched a couple of Twilight movies. It's been so long since I've watched them. I don't quite know how I actually feel about that whole Twilight franchise. I mean, on the one hand I think they're really dumb and sappy romantic, not to mention that I always get soooo annoyed by Bella/Kristin Stewart... on the other hand I've always loved the whole Vampire thing. So I remain, as I've always been, torn when it comes to Twilight.

And already it's Sunday again! I'm spending the day with the Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane, catching up on some homework and then... who knows!

I really hope y'all had a lovely week in the Spring sun

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