Thursday, April 4, 2013

Project of the day: Picture perfect

Yesterday I was at the dentist to have a wisdom tooth removed, but before I got the nerve to go (by the way, it wasn't that bad) I stopped by Søstrene Grene, which is one of my favorite shops. There I bought a lot of paint, some brushes and a palette, and of course a few canvases.
I used to paint a lot a few years back, but then I lost interest in it and gave all my art supplies away, and since I'm starting again, I had to invest and drop a pretty penny for new supplies. But luckily it's the start of the month, so I can manage okay, haha.
Anyway, if you saw this post a few weeks back, you might remember that I told you I wanted to get creative again. I don't want to paint master pieces or keep to a certain style - I just wanna have fun with it and paint whatever and whenever I feel like it. So when I got home from the dentist, I unpacked my new purchases and got started with painting. I really like the result, and I think the paintings I made are quite fun and happy - and a wee bit silly!
I let them dry off over night, and a few hours ago I found my tools - my beloved machine drill played a nifty part in today's project - and got started with hanging the pictures. As you can see in the bottom pictures, I haven't painted all of them. I was lucky yesterday in Søstrene Grene and found the other paintings with retro prints, which just fits fantastic in my apartment. Anyway, the whole project of hanging the pictures only took me an hour, and now that they're up, I can't help of smile whenever they catch my eye.

This is how the wall looked like when I started today's project.
I like the pinup pictures, but they've been hanging there for so long, and it was time for a change...

... so I carefully took them down 
- I had to make sure they didn't rip any of the tapestry off, as I'm notorious for doing that...

... and then I spent about an hour or so drilling holes in the wall and hanging the pictures
- I think it turned out quite nicely, don't you?

... and of course, an up-close picture of the pictures and paintings I've hung up.
There's almost no reason to say this as it is quite obvious, but I painted the one of the far left...

... and the one in the upper left and bottom right corners.

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