Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do it yourself: Peppermint iced tea (with vodka)

It looks like Spring is finally here to stay - and you know what that means: It's getting hotter and lighter out from now on! Which makes for the perfect outdoor parties.
So why not try to do a little something different for your guests? A great way of adding a personal touch to the drinks is to make them yourself. This peppermint iced tea (with vodka, if you prefer) is a light, cool and refreshing drink for a warm evening, and it's the easiest thing to make.

All you need is:
Peppermint or green mint tea
A few fresh mint leaves
A sliced up lime
And, if you want to make it an alcoholic beverage, vodka or apple wine

This is very very easy to make, and it only takes about five minutes or so.
Just boil some water and let it cool off for a bit, so that the glasses or jars don't break.
Then add the minted teabag (if you can't find mint tea in your local grocery store, then try looking in health stores or a tea shop) and the fresh mint leaves. Slice up a lime and put 1 or 2 slices in each glass or jar, and then, if you want to make the drink an alcoholic beverage, add some vodka or apple wine.
If you don't want to make the iced tea an alcoholic drink, but rather just a cool refreshment, you can also add a little non-alcoholic apple or pear cider - it gives the drink a bit of a zing!
Then just pour the boiled water in the glasses and put them in the fridge for an 2 or 3 hours.

And that's it! Now go enjoy the sun and have a great Saturday

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