Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New in - CookCase iPad mini and iPhone cases

Back in February, my dear mum and dad bought me an iPad mini - and I'd recently bought an iPhone back in December. And then, a whole new addiction started; collecting cases!
When I got my iPad mini I wanted a classic case, so I went on Etsy to try to find something to my liking. There I stumbled upon CookCases, where I fell in love with almost every case in the shop. However I decided on a simple floral one, and bought a matching case for my iPhone too.
Unfortunately a lot of things happened; the first case I received was the wrong one, but the absolutely fantastic Kook Kai, the owner of the store, send me another one right away. That one had been broken in half during it's trip from Thailand to Denmark, but once again Kook Kai showed herself as a perfect seller and sent me yet another one! And luckily, that one was just perfect!

Now this is not a sponsored post or anything, but I was so impressed with both the service and the quality of the cases, that I thought I'd show them to you. So if you've got an iPhone or iPad - or both - then take a look at the Etsy shop here!

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