Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Summary

Well, it's Sunday again, but unlike most weeks, this week has been kind of hellish. A lot of it was spent at the dentist, and the other days were filled with toothache and a bad mood. But I'll get to that.
First, let's start with Monday. I was supposed to go to school and work in a group on a presentation, but I had a horrible toothache, so much so that I couldn't go anywhere and just had to stay home in bed.

Tuesday was pretty much the same. I actually missed the last session of German in Copenhagen, which really sucked. Once again I just stayed in and felt sorry for myself.

By Wednesday, I felt so horrible that I had to make an emergency appointment with the dentist. A little later in the day, I was once again in the chair, and they told me that it actually wasn't the missing wisdomtooth that hurt, but the tooth right next to it. Something about a huge cavity that needed to be fixed right away.

So when Thursday arrived, I once again found myself in the dentist chair. She had to start an emergency root canal, which wasn't that fun. Although it helped a bit, I still have to suffer and pay two huge dentist bills this month!

And then by Friday, I went to school for a couple of hours, and then a quick stroll around town with Julie, before I once again headed for the dentist. This time, however, was the worst one of them all - so far anyway. I was supposed to be in and out in about 30 minutes, but I ended up lying in that damn chair for 90 minutes! My dentist said she had never experienced a root canal so difficult, which means I have to come back for at least two more sessions.

I'm really getting sick if those damn dentists, and I won't lie, it has gotten to me a lot this weekend. I was supposed to go to Marie's birthday party yesterday, but I just felt horrible and couldn't go anywhere.

It has been a pretty lousy weekend; this whole tooth hell has really gotten to me. Although today my mood is a bit better than it has been for the past couple of days, so now I'll put on an episode of Sex and the City, make myself a strawberry smoothie and then take a shower.
I hope you all had a better week than I, and you all have a lovely Sunday now!

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