Friday, April 5, 2013

H&M discount codes for April

It's been a while since I've done a discount post, but it was a little more difficult to do on an iPad, than I expected. But now I have my old computer back, so blogging is suddenly a lot easier.
Anyway, I know I've let you down for a while with the H&M discount posts, but I finally have some new codes for you today - such a nice weekend treat, don't you think?
Drum roll please...

Let's start with the one that gives you 5 off your purchase. I've been told it should work in all countries, with the note that the fiver is dollars, pounds, euros or what have you. As always, this code is long standing, and it has worked for me for about 2 or 3 years now.
The code is: 1304

The second code gives you a 10% discount when you spend over £6 - make sure to check with your currency - and it works on the entire range.
The code is: 0406

Then there's a new great code, which I hope works - I haven't had time to check it out yet, so if it doesn't work, please write a comment to this post and let me know.
Anyway, it supposedly a 25% discount on the highest priced item in your basket. As a side note I should mention, that this code should work until August 1st, 2013.
The code is: 0241

The last "code" - or rather tip - I have for you today gives you 25% off one item of your choice, but this code unfortunately only works once, and that is when you sign up for H&M's Newsletter.
However, here's a little tip for you; if you're really short of cash and just can't wait to purchase that absolutely "one-thing-that-would-make-me-happy" item, you can cheat a bit here. Just create a new email account on another email site - like Yahoo, Gmail and what have you - and voilĂ , you get your discount.

Happy shopping!

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