Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just another night almost a year ago...

... on July 2nd, 2012, I did an evening post while I was watching The Sound Of Music.
As I told you back then, I make it my business to watch that movie at least once a year. This evening I was listening to music on Spotify, and stumbled upon the soundtrack to this movie, and I just knew I just had to watch it tonight.
This is my feel-good movie. I always cry to that movie, I simply can't help it. It's not so much the story - although that is pretty fantastic too - but I guess it's just all of the memories that swell up when I hear the music. Like yodeling along to "The lonely goatherd" with my mum in the kitchen - or the fact that whenever I need my friend Maria's attention, I always burst into the lyrics "How do we solve a problem like Maria?"
Yes, a lot of great memories. And now it's almost a year ago since I watched it last.
A lot of things has happened in the 9 months that has passed, but almost only good things - luckily!
Just a few of the very visible things that has changed is the tablecloth, and unfortunately the dinner, haha. But otherwise everything is just a-okay!


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