Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home Made Apple Sweet Icetea

A little late night blog posting never hurt no one, right? :)

The reason I'm writing late today is that all day I've been with Maria at Roskilde University for an open house. She's facing the uncomfortable choice of choosing where to study after VUC, and so when she told me that she was going to the open house at the university I'm planning on studying at in 2014, I afsked if I could come with her and check out campus for myself. Long story short, I'm so exited to go there when I'm done studying at VUC.

Anyway, bla bla bla, right? What I really wanted to show you today was this very nice tasting (and also nice looking) home made apple sweet icetea that I made yesterday and served earlier today when Maria and I came home from university and grabbed a ciggy outside in the sun.

There's nothing to this; all you need is apples, brown sugar, a mild tea (I used the organic brand Yogi's "Womens Tea") and, if you want, a pair of glass jars - you can get them for 2 or 3 bucks in most grocery stores.

  • Boil some water and slice up 1 apple in real thin slices and put half a sliced apple in each jar
  • Let the water cool of for 10 to 15 minutes so the jars won't break due to the heat of the water
  • Put some sugar cubes and a mild tea bag in each jar - side note; at this time of year, I prefer to use brown sugar in my home made iceteas, since it gives the drink a more "vintery flavour"
  • And then all you need to do is add water to each jar, put them in the fridge overnight and voilĂ ; home made apple sweet icetea served in a super nice way!


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