Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Summary

Hallelujah I am free again!
Hello, all of you lovely people out there, and hello Sunday. I thought we'd never get here, and the suddenly here we are - again!
Let me start off by saying that I know it has been very quiet here in the Blogosphere for quite some time now, but ah, it's that time a year for finals. And like most other students, I've also been having some. Last week I told you that I passed my German final with a C, and today I can tell you that I passed my Psychology exam on Friday, with a D. No, it's not a fantastic grade, but I did pass! And let me tell you, I doubted if I would.

You see, Thursday I went to the school to randomly pick the subject on which I was going to be examined on, and I ended up picking "Learning & Intelligence" - which was actually pretty okay. Now, it varies form subject to subject and the level you are taking it one, but this exam was a 24 hour exam. It's quite alright if you don't know what it is; it can be a bit confusing. Basically what it is, is that you go to the school's office and randomly pick out a subject - which is hidden in closed envelopes, so you have to rely on fate! Anyway, you pick an envelope and inside is the subject on which you will be examined in - the subject is something that's been taught in class during the year. And then you have 24 hours to prepare everything you know and write a very complicated synopsis - which, I have yet to come across, someone who knows exactly how to do that!
Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Normally I don't panic that much over finals, but this year but has been a bit different. I've found myself quite nervous quite often. Although the German exam last week was okay. But the one I was really nervous about was the Psychology one, and boy oh boy did I get nervous. I actually ended up crying in sheer panic and frustrations! So I ended up wasting 4 hours on panicking, but the I finally got down to business and got it done - and were done at around 10 in the evening. There, I decided I would be happy - and lucky - if I passed with a D.

And so Friday came. I was actually pretty relaxed, and even though my exam weren't until 12.30, I decided to drive to school about 10.30. Lucky I did, cause turned out that 2 people didn't how up for their exam. So I could get in and get mine done a lot earlier - at 11! A lot of my friends wouldn't have done that, they've told me, but I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. And so I did. I wasn't at all nervous; actually I didn't even get to finish, and then the exam was over. And yes, I got a D - which I'm happy about. D - or a 4, as it is on the Danish scale - is for the fair performance, which shows you have knowledge but display a fair few things missing. So that's okay! :)
After my exam it was Julie's turn - she also got a D, and then we went out celebrating our passed exams. We went to my favourite street café and grabbed a delicious bite to eat. We had a lot of laughs and I had a few ciggys, and then after we were done and said goodbye, I drove on home - and crashed on the couch, haha!
In the evening I had such a lovely time; I had an expensive bottle of alcohol free apple cider champagne in the fridge, which I had been saving for when I passed this years finals. So in the evening I poured myself a glass, lit a bunch of candles and watched back-to-back episodes of The Big Bang Theory - such a lovely evening!

But yes, now I'm all done with finals, so once again I have more time for fun and the blog. I actually only have one blog post in mind for next week, but let's see if something else won't come up ;)

Have an absolutely fantastic day everyone
and enjoy life - I will

This picture I took right after the exam 
- I usually never smile with my teeth on pictures, but I was very happy :)  

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