Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Summary

Yet another week has come and gone, and once again here we are... Sunday.
My week has been great - the perfect combination of staying up late, sleeping till noon and relaxing, and then there has been two awesome days filled with fun times, friends and laughter.

Tuesday my friends Preben, Vineet and of course Maria finished with their last exam, which was Math on an advanced level - phew! They all did great, and the day before, Maria had invited me to come on by and have a few beers (of course no beers for me) and hang out after they were done. So that's what I did! We hung out on a bench in the school yard for a few hours, just laughing and having the time of our lives.

Then Thursday was graduation day for a lot of my friends. We were supposed to see them graduate at the Hotel Prindsen, and then move on over to our school to celebrate further. Maria usually drives to everything, but Thursday she'd like to have a drink or two, so she took the train. I was supposed to meet her at the train station, but her train was delayed for 45 minutes, so that kinda sucked. But it didn't matter, cause when she finally arrived, we walked over to the Hotel Prindsen and met up with some of our friends. Unfortunately, because we were so late, we didn't manage to get a seat, so instead we decided to just walk over to the school and start celebrating. Which we did! Little by little people started showing up, and I got the chance to wish all of my graduation friends congratulations.
Anyway, the gang and I had such fun just sitting outside and chillin', the others drinking champagne and beer - alcohol free cider for me. Maria and I went home at around 9, and then for the rest of the night I just relaxed and took it easy.

So that was what happened this week.
As I said, a lot of relaxation and a lot of fun. 
Have a lovely Sunday y'all

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