Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY vase or candlestick holder with lace tape

Hello Saturday, nice of you to drop by again.
Today I'm going to show you a very easy, very lovely and very creative DIY. 
You don't necessarily need lace tape; you can do this with other kinds of fabric - or even normal tape with colour or print. However, I think this looks absolutely adorable.

Yes, you will need a vase - or a glass bottle, if you're making a candlestick holder. The size of the vase - or bottle - really doesn't matter, just use whatever you think will look pretty. However, remember to check that you have enough lace tape or fabric, so you don't run out of material in the middle of your project.

That's right; it really is super easy, and doesn't take long. You just want to make sure, when you're cutting the lace tape, that it fits all the way around the bottle or vase - actually, you should add and inch or two extra, just to be sure. Remember to take it easy and make sure that the lines of the tape are straight, so that the ends match together.  

So there you have it - an easy and quick DIY on this lovely Saturday. 
Have fun, be creative and think differently!
See you tomorrow

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