Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I've been buying lately

Hello on such a grey and cold Saturday.

Well, it's March 1st and Spring was supposed to arrive today, but instead it's grey, cold and rainy out. It's okay though; I'm having a "me" day today. Last night I was at the annual Galla at my school, which was tremendously fun. It's so great to see friends in their smartest tuxes and dresses, and the vibe was fantastic. I've screamed my voice away though; I sat right next to the dance floor where the music was quite loud, and since I don't dance I was having fun catching up with old friends. Such a fun evening, but today I'm absolutely tired, so as said before today is just a nice "me" day. Coffee, TV shows and greasy pizza just makes for such a lovely Saturday.

But well, that wasn't actually what this post was supposed to be about.
I wanted to show you the things I've been buying over the last couple of months.
I'm always looking for that perfect bag, and I think I can honestly say I've found it now.
The big, slouchy one is from ModCloth. It was a little expensive, and since it's from the States I was unlucky and had it going through customs, making it even more expensive. However, I do really really really love it! It has a gazillion small and big pockets, lots of room for books and binders for school and a two-way option for carrying it around: A strap and handles, so I can mix it up or make it easier for myself when I'm carrying heavier things. You can find the bag here - it certainly has my stamp of approval!

I've already mentioned the clutch a couple of posts ago - actually I only bought it because it matched the ModCloth one, and because I needed a smaller bag I could carry around during the breaks at school. However, I've really grown fond of this little pretty thing, plus it's very handy. I've never been that in to clutches, but this one has won me over! It's big enough for all the essentials, but not so big that it's un-handy to carry around. I bought it at ASOS, and you can find it here.

And finally the cute ballerinas. I actually just got them in the mail an hour ago. I bought the last pair in my size, and the next day the price was reduces very heavily. A little sucky unlucky, but what can you do? They fit great, and they'll be absolutely perfect for the long awaited Spring we're supposed to have coming our way. They fit fantastic and I do so-so-so love the gold snouts. Also bought at ASOS, and you can find them here - although hurry, they're selling like hotcakes!

So that's a little of what I've been buying lately. I don't quite know what's up with the pink; it's never really been a colour I've preferred. But I'm just so-so-so happy to have a little colour back into my wardrobe, and come on... it is adorable!

Have a lovely Saturday - remember to spend the day humming happy tunes and smiling uncontrollably 

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