Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Summary

Last week I didn't have much to tell you. I was suffering from a bad case of being very unstimulated  due to the fact that I have so much time on my hands with my new school schedule. Now I'm getting the hang of it - sort of, anyway - and this week I've managed to keep myself busy.
Monday was a school day. I had Psychology which went okay - it's only for two hours on Mondays, so it's bearable, haha. Anyway, after class I did some grocery shopping, and when I got home from school, I enjoyed my apartment. That sounds kinda weird, I know, but the fact is that I had, the day before, done a little "wall and shelf makeover". It took a couple of hours, but I still, a week later, look around and can't help of smile at the new look. 

Tuesday I enjoyed a nice, relaxing day. I played housewife and made some pancakes, but I also made some home made organic apple cinnamon ice tea (phew, that's quite a sentence) which I did a post on. The day before I had bought a couple of glass pitchers, which very conveniently came in handy for my project. It's super easy to make, and if you want to try, then just click here and get the "recipe".

Wednesday I was supposed to have morning coffee with Maria, so I got up early and did myself up. But in the middle of putting on mascara, Maria wrote me a text and said that her car had broken down. Such a shame, and quite a hassle for her - side note; she did manage to get to school okay. Anyway, with her car not working and all, she simply didn't have the time to stop by for coffee, due to her calling AAA. Of course I understood, but that meant I had the day to myself. I did what I do most Wednesday, which was cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. Yes, I sure am living on the edge, haha. Anyway, I got myself worked up a bit later in the day, when my doorbell rang and it was the postman with a package for me. A couple of weeks back, I ordered this awesome tablecloth, but it wasn't supposed to arrive until late this month. However, it was a very nice surprise, and I just love how it looks. I wrote in my post about the tablecloth, that I was thinking of ordering matching pillows, which I ended up doing. I can't help of feel that my apartment just gets more and more perfect! 

Thursday was very quiet and uneventful. Not much happened; I did my homework, ran a few errands and did this post about how you can drink milk in a very retro way.

Friday I woke up to this, but also, it was a school day. I had a hard time getting up, but luckily I managed to wake up properly and then I went to school. It was actually pretty okay, and it sure went by fast. I had fun with the others, and in my break I took a quick stroll round town. I needed to buy a new hair colouring kit, but on the way to the beauty store, I took a quick look in the Danish store called Bahne, where I found this dessert plate. Now, I know it's a dessert plate, but I got the idea of using it as an ashtray. It looks really pretty and vintage like, plus it only cost me 3 bucks.

Saturday was very relaxing - in fact, it was too relaxing. Luckily it was the first time this week I was actually bored. I coloured my hair, watched a couple of Friends episodes, and in the evening I watched Austin Powers - I was just so in the mood for that movie, ever since I read this post on Doktor S' nail polish blog :)

Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands.
However, next Friday we all get instructions delivered at school,
so that we can write a big and important paper. Luckily we were able to chose the subject ourselves,
and surprise surprise, I've chosen to write about being a teenager in the American 1950's.
I'm actually looking forward to write this paper,
cause for once it's actually a subject that I find totally interesting.
Anyway, now I think I'll do my homework, water my plants and drink some coffee
- again, I know I'm living on the edge, haha. You guys have a lovely January Sunday


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