Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Parcel

At the start of January, I took a stroll 'round all of the lovely things ModCloth have to offer. I'm crazy about that website; they have so many lovely vintage inspired clothes, but my absolute favourite place on the site, is their Home department. I'm crazy about everything and I just want it all. That will, however, cost me a pretty penny, so for now I have to buy one-two-three things at the time.
Anyway, I ended up ordering a couple of things. And then I just waited and waited and waited for my parcel to arrive, and then yesterday, it finally did. As you can see in the pictures below, I ordered a new iPhone case, an iPhone bunny (it's actually a stand for the phone) and finally some really nice drink coasters. It wasn't that expensive, but who says it has to be? I love love love all of the things, and just thought I'd show you

    Find it here

Find him here

Find them here

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