Saturday, January 12, 2013

H&M Discount Codes For January

It's getting quite the tradition that I do a monthly post with discount codes for H&M. This month is no exception, and as I do like both making a bargain and help others do the same, I thought I'd share some codes with you again.

Let's start with the one that gives you 5 off your purchase. I've been told it should work in all countrys, with the note that the fiver is dollars, pounds, euros or what have you. As always, this code is long standing, and it has worked for me for about 2 or 3 years now.
The code is: 1304

The second code I got for you, I just got in the mail today. As most of you know, the whole reason I started sharing discount codes is because I'm a member of a lot of stores, and from time to time they send me a flyer with a discount code for their website. H&M are quite good at creating new codes fairly often, and so there's always some kind of bargain to be made. The code I got in the mail today, gives you a 10% discount on your entire purchase. The note about this code is that it is only valid until January 20, 2013.
The code is: 0285

The last code I have for you today gives you 25% off one item of your choice, but this code unfortunately only works once, and that is when you sign up for H&M's Newsletter.
However, here's a little tip for you; if you're really short of cash and just can't wait to purchase that absolutely "one-thing-that-would-make-me-happy" item (come on, haven't we all had that thought?) you can cheat a bit here. Just create a new email account on another email site - like Yahoo, Gmail and what have you - and voilĂ , you get your discount.

Now go spend some money :)


  1. Thank you :) I have just filled my basket with £100 of stuff and it totals £60 (including postage) using all the diff voucher codes, now I am having an internal argument with myself to hit 'confirm order' mainly because the issues I have with the H&M delivery man they send (I wrote a whole post about it, I had an awful experience) and also I am trying not to spend at the moment, buuuut it is such a good bargain and such lovely things in my basket.... agh what is a girl to do?!?!?

    Janine xx

    1. Hey Janine
      Well, I know the feeling - I was suppose to save my money hard this month, and already I've spend too much haha. I say go for it - I mean, a great bargain is hard to come by. And think of all the lovely things you'll get ;)
      I'll definitely go and read your post later today; that delivery guy sounds horrible. However, I still say go for it ;) :)

      Thanks for your comment and for following f&f :)
      //Natalie Madeleine