Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Made Organic Cinnamon and Apple Ice Tea With Honey

Yesterday I bought two new glass pitchers with the idea in mind, that I wanted to make more home made organic ice tea. I made a lot of it back in the summer, but as the weather turned colder, I kinda stopped craving that sweet and ice cold drink. But when I looked through the catalogues and saw that there were glass pitchers on sale for 4 bucks, I couldn't resist.
And so I've just made me some lovely ice tea. It's an organic cinnamon and apple ice tea with honey, which just tastes so fantastic, and is very fitting for cold weather - I think it's the cinnamon that makes it taste more "wintery".
Anyway, it's very easy to make; all you need are some apples, some cinnamon tea and a little honey.
I prefer to do this with only organic ingredients, but you do what you prefer.

Pour some water in the kettle and turn it on. While the water is boiling, cut up 3-6 apples and throw them in the pitcher - or whatever you're using. Pour the boiling water over the apples, add some honey - as much or little as you like - and then a bag or two of cinnamon tea. Let it sit in the fridge for about 12-24 hours, then filter out the apples and voilĂ ; a nice and lovely cool winter drink for winter weather

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