Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Summary

Wow, 2012 sure went fast! I can't believe that the calendar says 2013 already, and I can't quite get used to the ring of the new year. However, it is a new year, which also means new things to come. For me, the first week of 2013 has consisted of both up's and down's.
New Years, however, was a nice, lovely but also a bit of a quiet affair. Not bad at all, I must say. Me and my dad spent the day watching movies on the telly, while my mum cooked up a real nice New Years dinner. I spent 2 hours on a blog post that day; the pictures took so darn long to find and edit. However, we had a lovely evening, but it wasn't a big bang at all. Actually, I didn't even stay up to see the fireworks, because me and my parents had to get up early the next day. I had a lovely evening, however.

But seeing as work, school and what have you already started (for most anyway) on January 3rd, it meant that me and my parents had to get up pretty early on Tuesday, so we could drive back home to Denmark. As with most old houses, you can't just scoot out the door and be on your way, and with all of the snow melting away that night, it meant that the basement was full of water, which needed to be dealt with. However, we managed to be on our way at last, and I was back home in Roskilde at around 4 o'clock. There were a bit to be done, so after I'd unpacked all of my clothes and other things I had brought with me to Sweden, I took down all of the Christmas decorations and then did the laundry.

My school schedule these next five months is pretty darn awesome. School Monday and Friday, and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have the days off. Pretty damn great.
But Wednesday weren't so great. I've had a toothache for the past few weeks, and so I decided to go the dentist on Wednesday. A pricey affair I must say. Nothing were wrong where I thought it would be, but in stead my dentist told me that I had a cavity, which only could be fixed by removing another tooth. Of course, she couldn't do it, so now it needs to be taken out by operation. It's not so much the pain I'm worried about, but more the pain I'll feel in my wallet. Safe to say I was a bit disgruntled for the rest of the day.

Luckily, Thursday my mood was a whole lot better. After his last exam, Kasper came by for a couple of hours. It was just absolutely lovely to see him again and catch up, and so we enjoyed a couple of hours with tea and talk. Later, we went to the mall where I got some nice things for my apartment. When Kasper left - I think he felt a bit bored by my shopping, haha - I visited a couple of stores and ended up buying a nice knit.

Friday was my turn to get back to school. I had a meeting with my counsellor for a big paper I'm about to write, but unfortunately the time meeting was at the start of my Psychology lesson. Safe to say my Psychology teacher didn't like that idea, and so I had to endure her wrath (insert frowning smiley here). However, I went to the meeting anyways, which was great, cause I got a lot of great counselling on my upcoming paper. I went back to Psychology fearing the worst, but my teacher had, apparently, cooled down a bit and didn't mention "the episode" further. After class I went to the library and borrowed books on the 1950's - which just happens to be my favourite era of everything and the subject of my upcoming paper.
The rest of the day I spent being in a fowl mood because of that encounter with my Psychology teacher, but luckily...

... by Saturday, the episode were almost completely forgotten. I had a lovely day yesterday. I'd decided to sleep in for a change, and therefore got up a bit late. After putting on my makeup, drinking coffee and watching The Simpsons, I decided to, once again, drive to the mall. My old DVD player - and by old I mean old - was singing it's last song, and so I thought I'd look for a new and fairly cheap one. Luckily I found one for a reasonably price, and when I got home I spent a little time figuring out where all the cables should go. I managed to find out in the end though, and the evening was spent watching DVD's and drinking tea.

So yes, my start of the year hasn't been absolutely fantastic, but it hasn't completely sucked either. I'm keeping my spirits high and hope for a better week next. Today my sister and her family are stopping by, and then the rest of the day I'm gonna clean the apartment and do my homework.
I know, I'm living on the edge, haha :)
Have a lovely Sunday everybody, and Happy New Year!

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