Monday, December 31, 2012

A Lovely Year In Review

And then it was the last day of 2012. The world didn't go under, and tonight we party and drink champagne (cider for me, as always). Yes, 2012 is almost over, and what a year it has been. Where does the time go, I wonder? Well, let's have a look then!

The start of the new year started great. Back in January I had my 60's craze, and there were quite a lot of outfits at the blog. Also in January, I won tickets to a private hearing of Spleen Uniteds new album at the Planetary in Copenhagen. I went with my oldest friend, Sofie. The two of us have always been crazy about Spleen United.  

When February arrived, I was still crazy about the 60's. I also got my Klean Kanteen, which was a very great buy, as I use it every day. I also got my passport renewed for a trip to Berlin with my History class - unfortunately, the trip never happened.

March held a lot of great things for me. My style turned a bit more Hippie at times, Spring was slowly beginning to show it's pretty face, I wrote my 350'th post and I celebrated 1 year sober.

In April I remembered my love for Rocakbilly like clothes and started to wear my leather jacket and red lipstick again. I also got a haircut (my hair sure was short back then) in Sweden, and I slowly started getting ready for exams. 

May bid me sun, exam studying and then, by "mistake" I ordered a backback from Lazy Oaf, which I never again used. 50 pounds lighter, but still a pretty good month. I also spent some time studying for my exams in Sweden.

In June I went to my exams - which I luckily passed - and I had fun with the gang, drinking coffee and chilled tea in the summer sun. I did a few Tutorials and I also did my first YumYum post.

A lot of things happened in July. I enjoyed the Summer with friends and girlfriends. I had a summer party for the gang, where we enjoyed ourselves outside in the summer sun. I went to Sweden with my parents. And also, around that time the blog started changing a bit from almost only outfit posts, to more and more posts about my home.

August started out with a big Burlesque party in Copenhagen, which I attended with Marie and a couple of other girls. I also bleached my teeth, and the school also started in August, which meant 5 months of battling with Chemistry. 

In September I celebrated my birthday with Marie and Maria. I made myself a lot of home made apple iced tea. I also attended a meeting about the buses in Roskilde and lastly, I watched the weather change from Summer to Fall.

In October I did a lot of posts about my home and purchases for my home. I also spent some vacation time in Sweden with my parents, and continued on struggling with Chem at school. 

At the start of November I had a Halloween party for the gang. I also watched Twilight with Maria at the movies. And then the weather really started getting cold, so it was the start of a season of warm clothes.

And finally December. I went all out with celebrating the Christmas season. I was also at my Chemistry exam, and unfortunately failed, which I still quite haven't gotten over. Finally I celebrated Christmas with my parents in Sweden.

Who knows what 2013 has in store for all of us? 
I just hope next year will be as great as this one was.
Happy New Year everybody :)

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