Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Summary

Finally I got back to blogging again - it's not like I've been blogging every day, but it has come to a post or two (3 to be exact) this week.
Anyway, let's start at the beginning. Monday felt a bit ill and I accidentally overslept and missed Psychology. In stead I worked on some exam questions for Chem, and then just relaxed a bit. And then suddenly, the day was over.

Tuesday, however, a bit more happened. Maria came by in the morning for coffee, ciggys and a chat, and then we were off to school. Chem was actually pretty all right; we talked about the exam and went through some experiments which we need to include in the exam. After school was over, Maria drove me and Kasper home - Maria couldn't stay, but Kasper and I enjoyed cups of tea and shared a lot of laughs. We also went down to the basement so Kasper could see my gym. It's lovely to have a work-out-friend who I can compare (and compete) with.

Thursday I woke early, got ready and then drove to school. Once again, Chem was pretty all right. Like Tuesday, we went through the exam and did some more experiments. After school ended, Kasper and I took a stroll round town and enjoyed ourselves. We ended up freezing a lot because we had to see a flash mob some guys from our school did. It wasn't all that great, not at all like the fantastic ones you see on Youtube. But then again, it's always better to try then not to try at all.
When I got home I worked some more on my Chem exam questions, and then enjoyed the rest of the night with endless cups of tea.

Friday I went to Psychology, which was okay. Not so much to say about that. But it did start snowing, and that just put me in such a Christmasy mood. After running a few errands in town, I went home and decorated my apartment with a lot of holiday joy, and then...

... Suddenly it was the 1st of December. I woke pretty early for a Saturday, but it was so lovely to look out the window and see a thin layer of snow on the ground. It was almost like the weather knew Christmas had come to town :) I spend yesterday drinking coffee and tea, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. I also rode my bike to town and bought a few Christmas gifts - and a lovely big pink teacup for myself. In the evening I watched the Christmas television calendars on TV, which is always a great tradition for me. I've been watching Danish Christmas calendars ever since I was a little girl, however the last couple of years, the new, non re-runned shows just seem to get worse and worse. I remember as a child, the songs were comfy and all about Christmas, there was always snow, and it all just seemed more... well, child appropriate. I guess I'm getting old, cause it sure ain't like the good old days any more. But still, now it's Christmas and I'm filled with joy and happiness, so none of that really bother me any more :)

So that was my life this week. Lovely week, and now December has arrived.
However, I'll bet that next Sunday I won't be as cheery and cheeky, since my Chem exam is next Monday. But all in good time. Now I'll have a cup of Cnady Cane Lane tea
and enjoy the rest of this lovely Sunday.

Here's a picture Kasper took of me Thursday. 
I loved wearing a hoodie - I need to start doing that more ;)

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