Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Summary

What a fantastic start of December it has been. Last weekend I woke up to a white Christmas, and since last Saturday, the snow has just kept coming. I'm in a very Christmasy mood, but alas, it's not all fun and games. Tomorrow I have my Chem exam, which I'm super nervous about.
That's why I stayed home on Monday. I was supposed to go to Psychology Monday and Friday, but both times I stayed home and worked on the Chem exam questions.

Tuesday, however, was the very last morning coffee date with Maria - ever! Well, not exactly ever, but it was the last time we had a coffee date before going to class together. Since Chem is officially over (if I pass of course) on Monday, Maria, Kasper and I won't have any classes together anymore. It's going to be very weird going to school and not see them. However, the coffee dates with Maria will carry on - at least for another 6 months anyway.
After some reminiscing and coffee, Maria and I went to school, where we went through the exam questions in Chem. I started freaking out a bit, and so after a quick stroll round town with a friend from Chem, I went home and wokedworkedworked on my exam questions till I was blue in the face.

Thursday I got up early and, for the first time this winter, I had to take the bus. It was freezing cold outside and snow everywhere, and of course the bus was 25 minutes late. I ended up getting very cold and was late to class. Fortunately many people came in late because of the snow, and time in class was spent with assignments, questions and fun in the breaks.
After class, Maria, Kasper and I had a Chem-date. So we drove home to my place where I made coffee, tea and served Christmas cookies. We went over Chem fairly quickly, and ended up just chatting and having a blast.

Friday and Saturday were spent in a nervous state of mind. I've been switching between being totally nervous and shaking because of tomorrows exam, and then at rare moments being very calm. I don't quite know how I feel about the exam tomorrow. I'm very well prepared and know I'm not going to fail, but I also know that I certainly won't get an A. Now it just has to be tomorrow at 12 o'clock - then it's all over, and I can go on Christmas vacation with a clean concious.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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