Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Summary

Suddenly it was there, and then almost as - if not even more suddenly - it was gone. Yes, I'm talking about Christmas. I'm a sucker for Christmas, I just can't help it - I love it! I love it all; from Christmas trees to red candles and a nice cup of cinnamon tea. Christmas just isn't long enough for me, and for all of us, it ended at some point this week. But life goes on, and here we stand - another week has come and gone :)
Yes, Monday was Christmas day - and eve, for many of us. I had such a lovely Christmas with my parents in the Swedish country house. The day started with a nice breakfast, and the rest of the day was spent decorating our Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas TV and movies - and Disney's Christmas Special of course. The Christmas dinner was so delicious and lovely; I could eat that kind of food all day all the time, haha. Then it was time for presents. Even though my family and I had decided on no presents this year, there were still loads of presents under the tree. I got a lot of nice presents - my iPhone of course, and then some money and gift certificates, a little makeup and a lovely bottle of perfume. All wonderful gifts, and I think my mum and dad liked their presents as well.
Then it was time for the traditional Risalamande dessert, and then we laughed our asses off to a wonderful old Danish movie. All in all it was the perfect Christmas!

And then came Tuesday. We stayed in and enjoyed ourselves with lovely food and the pleasure of each others company. To be honest, I actually don't think I did much that day. It was just a total relaxing day after a lovely Christmas.

Wednesday we were supposed to go to Växjö to do a little post-Christmas shopping, but unfortunately we had to cancel the trip. I had such a painful toothache that I couldn't do much than just sleep and sleep and sleep. I woke up at around 3 o'clock and were rather "drugged up" haha - well, not really. I'd taken a couple of painkillers, but they really did the trick. After 16 hours of sleep I woke up refreshed (how could I be anything else, haha?) and fairly okay. I spent the day relaxing even more, and just watched a lot of The Simpsons, drank gallons of tea and coffee and in general, just had a lovely evening.

And then it was time for that Växjö trip. Thursday I felt okay, and so after a quick breakfast it was "on with the boots, back out in the snow" for a drive to the town. Our first stop (among many) was actually the Linné University in Växjö, which we drove by per my request. Now it's still only thoughts, but I'm seriously considering going to university in Sweden, and the Linné University in Växjö really has a nice campus and great courses. I still have about a year to figure it out, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have a quick drive-by and have a look.
After that, we went to what felt like every retail store in Växjö, but at least my parents found lots of things they needed - and didn't need, haha - and after a couple of hours we drove to the mall, where I got some nice sets of underwear. Lovely!

Friday, all the fun and games were over - well, not really. But I had a lot of German homework which needed to be done. As you know, I prefer to do my German homework while I'm up here, so that it's done and over. This time, however, I left it on the desk for a little too long, so it was really annoying to get started. Luckily it wasn't as bad as I'd thought, and I only spent a couple of hours on it. I didn't get it all done Friday, so I saved the last for Saturday and then just - yes, you guessed it - relaxed and enjoyed myself. I know I sound like the biggest slacker, which I guess I am, haha. But I mean, come on, if you can't relax between Christmas and New Years, when you actually do have vacation, when can you? ;)

But ah well, Saturday was spent with my head in the books and texts, where I didn't manage to get the homework done. I worked and worked and worked for hours, but for some strange reason, German just seemed a lot harder than usual. So no, I didn't get it done, so that's what I'm going to do today. Today it MUST be done, haha.

So yes, Christmas was here, and now it's gone.
Tomorrow's New Years, which I'm celebrating very low key with my mum and dad.
We're driving home the day after tomorrow, so I don't think we're going to stay up all night.
None the less it's gonna be a nice day - and the last day of 2012!
Kinda crazy, but that's how it goes I guess :)

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