Friday, December 14, 2012

Hjemmelavet Chili Snaps

If you're wondering what the title of this post means, it says "Home Made Chili Schnapps".
Last week I found a nice recipe for making home made schnapps with chili and brown sugar.
I don't drink, but I thought it would be fun to make and also would be a great extra Chrostmas gift for my parents.
Here's what you do:
(You can also do this with Vodka)

Pour the schnapps (or vodka) in a big, clean jar or glass bottle.
Make sure there's enough room so you can add the ingredients and the alcohol won't pour over the edge.

Take two chili peppers and cut them all the way through. Then remove the seeds.
Now drop the chili into the alcohol. (If you want it extra hot then add more chili peppers.)

Now take two small cups of brown sugar and add that to the mix.

Now close the jar or bottle very tight and put it somewhere dark - for example the fridge or somewhere chilled.  

Let the mix of alcohol, chili and sugar do it's own thing for 4-7 days.

After about a week, you should shake the jar or bottle for about a minute so the last sugar mixes with the rest.
Then filter out the chilis and pour the mix in a new, nice and clean bottle.

For the last finishing touch, add one last whole and uncut chili to the mix.
Put a nice label on it and maybe a bow, and wupti-la-di-da; you have a nice and cheap home made present for someone you love.

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